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Inside The Wheelhouse: Who could the WWE RAW GM be?

The RockIn the internet age of wrestling it has been very hard for the wrestling companies in the United States to be able to keep some sort of “surprise” from wrestling fans. Currently in World Wrestling Entertainment we have two storylines, coming from the RAW brand that has many wrestling fans buzzing on who or what the end result might be. One of those surprises that have many wrestling fans talking is who is behind the “Nexus” stable, while the other, which is the focus of this very blog, is who will become the new RAW General Manager.

There hasn’t truly been a long tenured RAW General Manager since the days of Eric Bischoff in the mid-2000. Since then there has been a rotating door of General Managers, some that have lasted literally a day and some that have lasted just a couple of months. Most recently the WWE brought back the RAW GM position after a year when it was mostly maintained by “guest hosts” and had given that role to Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Hart’s time as the new RAW GM was cut short due to his insurance policy with the Lloyds of London and that left the WWE scrambling for a new RAW General Manager. Since then many Wrestling fans have chimed in with their own thoughts on who I think the new RAW GM may actually be. I have decided to put together a brief list of names of people who I think may be filling the “Anonymous” RAW GM position in the coming weeks.

[adinserter block=”1″]Abraham Washington – This is probably the more likely case for the RAW General Manager position right now because of how long his name has been tied to the position to begin with. Originally he was penciled in for the position before the WWE Creative team (thankfully) decided to put Bret Hart in that position instead. Now with Hart out as the GM, many wrestling skeptics believe that it’s only a matter of time before Washington makes his return to WWE TV as the new GM of RAW.

Washington showed on the WWE/ECW that he could talk on the microphone very well and could be entertaining in a heel sort of way with the fans. But to put such a young talent, who didn’t receive that much notoriety on the company’s third brand is a little shaky from a fans standpoint. At best he could serve as a good Asst. General Manager so he becomes more introduced to a broader fanbase with the RAW brand then he would with the ECW brand. I feel like Abraham Washington is the creative team’s Plan B in case their Plan A doesn’t pan out for the eventual GM position.

Paul Heyman – I mentioned on “The Still Real to Us Show” a couple weeks back that Heyman would be the perfect leader for the Nexus stable. It would go perfectly with the real life character that he portrays and he would be the perfect mouthpiece for the stable. If the WWE doesn’t like the idea of having a mouthpiece or someone to be the brains of the Nexus stable then he would fit perfectly in as the RAW GM.

If the WWE wanted to give that old feeling of “anything can happen in the WWE” feel to their fanbase then taking a guy who has been rumored for weeks as being heavily pursued by TNA to become the head of the creative team and signing him back as a talent would be a move that would shock the wrestling world. I don’t see this particularly happening, but if it did come true the cool factor of it taking place would be pretty awesome.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Piper has been in these types of positions before in the 90’s when he was the fill-in President for the “injured” Gorilla Monsoon in the then-WWF and in-charge of the “Championship committee” in WCW. We all know how good of a mouthpiece Piper is and always will be, him as a RAW GM would be exciting for all various fans from the 80’s, 90s and today.

[adinserter block=”2″]When both the WWF & WCW gave Piper these roles as an authority figure he used the opportunity to shine as he always did and entertain as he always will. Piper can’t wrestle anymore but he sure can talk. Having him in the position would be quite a shock to wrestling fans and one that I feel many fans would be alright with due to his background as a character in these various roles.

James J. Dillon – Like Piper in the 90s, WCW used Dillon is a similar role with the company to help tie in some old school fans to their newer product. Dillon was the mouthpiece for the greatest stable in wrestling history with the 4 Horseman and can most certainty do a good job to this day if given the chance again. The WWE has been feature Dillon lately in their various serious on the “On Demand Service” which shows they have a pretty decent working relationship with one of the greatest managers of all-time.

You have to also remember that we are about five months out from the “Road to Wrestlemania” taking place yet again and this year the road leads to the former stomping ground of WCW, the Georgia Dome. Add the rumored plan that the 2011 Hall of Fame class will be WCW based and you have to figure that somehow, someway JJ Dillon will fit into those plans. It’s a long shot and one that many not go over well with the fan base like various other legends but bringing Dillon in to work again wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.

The Rock – Remember about six months ago, right around the first of the year when rumors were swirling around that The Rock would be back in the WWE to do something special come SummerSlam time? That it was all but sealed and delivered that we would see The Rock pop into a WWE ring to do something for a period of time with the company that first introduced him to the world of Entertainment? We heard it from the mouth of The Rock himself and it was even reported by the great Wrestling writer Dave Meltzer. It was a given that The Rock would be back this summer in the WWE.

Well unless you haven’t walked outside, changed your calendar or watched TV in quite sometime, but we are in the summer of 2010 and the rumored time period of The Rock’s return to the WWE. Having the RAW GM currently e-mail in his actions during RAW and for Michael Cole to read them would actually make sense being that “The Great One” is out filming or promoting some sort of movie for the time being. Call me crazy but I think it could work.

I have always been a huge fan of The Rock and I feel like him being the RAW GM for a limited period of time would be something many fans would enjoy and something that The Rock hinted towards when discussing what he would be doing this Summer. The reaction, the pop and the surprise of The Rock coming through the curtain to be the surprise as the new RAW GM would have the wrestling world buzzing. He has been quite quiet lately when it comes to the Wrestling front and the buzz about him coming back this summer has died down. This would be the perfect time for the WWE and The Rock to deliver.

Those are some of my thoughts on who the new RAW General Manager could be and I’d love to hear your thoughts when we discuss this topic on this week’s edition of The Still Real to Us Show. You can send us an e-mail at and give us your thoughts on who you think will be the new RAW General Manager and why! Then go ahead and download the show this Thursday July 8th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT to find out if your pick made it to the air!

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  1. Stephanie makes the most sense to me. They keep refering to the gm as a male so it would make for a bigger "surprise". It would also make for a great story line if HHH came back as the one behind the nexus. The Nexus would run RAW. And that, as Wade Barrett would say is the bigger picture.


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