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WWE RAW: General Thoughts Moving Forward

The WWE might finally be on to something following a solid “RAW” program this past Monday. While not everything messed (Big Show/Ryback/Miz), there were some strong points that lead me to believe the Battleground pay-per-view could be a nice springboard as the company gears up for SummerSlam in August.

[adinserter block=”1″]If the WWE was going to try and minimize the importance of Brock Lesnar following the beat down he received from Seth Rollins two weeks ago, the writers and creative team immediately rethought its strategy and built the big man up even bigger than he was with his performance at The Beast in the East show and then Monday night where he took out a car in the process of proving his dominance.

There is no other competitor like Lesnar. If I can make the comparison in dominance only, he is every bit a match-up problem that Andre the Giant was decades ago – where the WWF and other promotions would bring the colossal fan favorite to march through the territory’s top heel.

After seeing Lesnar march through all three members of The New Day and then continue to march toward a WWE World Title match with Seth Rollins, it is clear the company has its sights on Lesnar as the lead dog toward the end of the year.

Here are a few thoughts about RAW heading into the remainder of the week.


The one thing I have missed in the business is how wrestling of old told us a story, how it built an arc and how it kept fans engaged. That is changing a bit. While we all may not like the storylines in some cases (refer back to the Intercontinental Title situation), there are some really good feuds that are developing and are sustaining. Kevin Owens and John Cena may be the best of the bunch, and possibly the best since CM Punk was WWE Champion.

Owens is quickly becoming the best heel on the roster. Cena’s stronghold on the US Title continues to elevate the former NXT Champion. This right now is the best reason to watch on Monday nights.

RUSEV vs. Dolph Ziggler – SERIOUSLY?

The union of Ziggler with Lana is about as real as the relationship of Vickie Guerrero and Edge or Torrie Wilson and Tajiri.

But once the Cena/Rusev feud was over, who was there to take on the mighty Russian? Ziggler’s persona and his Shawn Michaels-like playboy character was the perfect match for the stunning blond. The only problem is there is no chemistry there at all. Summer Rae was added to the mix – possibly to help Lana make the transition to a ring competitor. This is just bogus and a real slap in the face for both WWE superstars.


The WWE has Roman Reigns locked into a mind war with Bray Wyatt so the thought of the wild Samoan engaging in a feud with the Money in the Bank winner makes no sense. But the match between Reigns and Sheamus Monday night was a solid show.

Then there is Orton, who returned from time off to break up the fracas with the two big men. The Orton Sheamus feud has been lived and relived. It proves two things – Orton has no real place in the company right now and Sheamus is biding his time until he can cash in his MITB briefcase.

The fans have been lukewarm to this feud before. Let’s see how they respond this time.

[adinserter block=”2″]REMEMBER 19 YEARS AGO

I will end this blog with a salute to the biggest event in professional wrestling history. Yesterday was the 19th anniversary that Hulk Hogan came down the aisle in Daytona Beach and turned his back on the wrestling fans, joining the New World Order. As a fan who was there to witness it in living color, it wasn’t as much of a total shock as some might have thought, but it did impact everything in the business.

Until the concept of the Wolf Pac got out of hand with different brands and too many members, the idea conceived by Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff was and still is the greatest turn this business has ever seen.

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