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WWE RAW 1000th Episode Preview & Predictions

Degeneration X RAW 1000Tonight marks a historic night in World Wrestling Entertainment history. The RAW 1000th episode will go live where it began and the WWE will celebrate with a star-studded event headlined by a big championship match.

I don’t think I have ever previewed a WWE television show in all of my five years of blogging whether it be here or elsewhere. However, this 1000th RAW is not just any other WWE television show. It is big, really big, and well deserving of a quick rundown with predictions on matches, angles, and surprises.

[adinserter block=”2″]Before I get into the show I wanted to offer some real brief thoughts on WWE hitting the 1000th show. I remember watching wrestling as a kid on Saturday mornings and always wanting more as the show ended. 30 years later pro wrestling fans are hit with a ton of hours of programming every week featuring main-event matchups. Boy the times have changed. I don’t know if I grew up watching today’s wrestling how big of a fan I’d be. I think at some point I would get bored because there is nothing left once you finish a few weeks of television shows. So the fact that the WWE has held on to enough interest to bring fans a 1000th show with no end in sight is quite an accomplishment. We can all debate about whose era of wrestling was better but one thing I can’t argue with is that the last few generations of fans have gotten more wrestling on free TV than anyone ever did in past eras. The WWE must be doing something right in either keeping those eyes coming back or bringing in enough new viewers to supplement the fans that grow out or lose interest in WWE wrestling.

One final quick plug for yours truly. I spent a ton of hours looking back at the Top 50 RAW matches and listed them here with video. Check them out and if you think I missed one, leave a comment and let me know.

The Degeneration-X reunion/Brock Lesnar – I don’t want to take the air out of anyone’s balloon here but I think it is almost comical that they are promoting a “reunion” of two guys that just appeared on RAW weekly together a few months ago. Nonetheless, Shawn Michaels and Triple H will be reunited for the 1000th RAW and are kicking off the show. I would expect a lot of corny jokes, maybe a jab or two by HBK to Triple H about losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28, and a look back at some of their antics. That is where the routine ends with this reunion.

There are a lot of rumors of an all-out DX reunion featuring Billy Gunn, Sean Waltman, and the Road Dogg. So if Dogg and Gunn show up and wrestle DX do they still get Dixie’s money? Anyway, Chyna is likely to be the odd one out here because I’d be shocked to see her given a live microphone anywhere near a WWE show. It is kind of a shame because she was a big part of the Attitude Era DX. I’d also expect an uninvited guest named Paul Heyman to show up and ruin the party.

The betting line here is that Brock Lesnar shows up and lays out Shawn Michaels or takes him out with a kimura. That is too easy and the WWE has three hours to fill. I think Heyman shows up and gets the ball rolling as the WWE stretches this deal with Lesnar out until 10 PM. That is when the real fireworks begin! Maybe throughout the night they cut to the backstage area and show the different members of DX laid out holding their arms to build to Michaels getting it at 10 PM? Either way I think this is much more than the usual goofy DX segment and one way or the other we get some fireworks here which results in Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H becoming official for WrestleMania.

The Daniel Bryan and AJ Wedding – I have to admit that as much as I despise a lot of the corny stories and angles coming out of the WWE the last few years, I am really enjoying this one. I just think Daniel Bryan is probably the most entertaining character in and out of the ring in pro wrestling today. He is tremendous in this role and AJ is pretty good herself considering the overnight mega-push she’s received.

The bad news here is that this thing seems to be revolving around Kane. How many weddings is this guy going to ruin? It’s a tired angle but it appears that is the direction they are going on Monday. Even with the predictable Kane interference, I still think the vignettes and actual wedding turn out to be a lot of fun to watch thanks to Bryan. The more Daniel Bryan the better…Yes, Yes, Yes!

The Rock is live – The Rock will return to RAW for the RAW 1000th episode. The Rock has been in hiding since the day after WrestleMania where he made his intentions clear that he wanted another run with the WWE championship. I have heard a lot of rumors about The Rock possibly interfering in the main-event. I don’t think that happens. I think The Rock does his usual great live interview and drops a bombshell on Monday. He challenges the winner of Cena vs. Punk for SummerSlam! There was buzz awhile back about The Rock wrestling at SummerSlam but that seems to have dissipated. This is probably the boldest prediction of the blog as I don’t have any inside knowledge here steering me towards this prognostication. I am going on a gut feeling and after a week of celebrating my birthday, my gut is pretty darn big so I’m going with it.

My second guess is that The Rock declares himself as the first man to enter the 2013 Royal Rumble. Either way I think there is a purpose for The Rock coming back and fans are left with a bit more clarification of The Rock’s next move on Monday night.

A permanent RAW G.M. will be announced – I am getting a little tired of predicting these RAW G.M. angles because quite frankly they always disappoint. I can’t think of any other than Sheriff Austin living up to expectations. Additionally, Hornswoggle being revealed as the anonymous G.M. really hurt the interest fans have in this character to begin with. So who is it going to be?

Rather than get fancy and make fun predictions I am going to keep it simple. I think either Vince McMahon becomes G.M. or somehow or another we are back with John Laurinaitus. Vince just seemed to have too much fun a few weeks back when he was running things and the WWE love to screw fans by abandoning stipulations. I’d be shocked if it were someone other than either one of these guys.

If the WWE were not in entrenched in a lawsuit with TNA Wrestling I’d easily go with Ric Flair. He’d certainly make the most sense and would be a lot of fun to watch week to week in the role. Yet between Flair’s recent domestic incident and the lawsuit, I don’t think there is a good chance we see the Nature Boy back anytime soon…and that is unfortunate.

CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE championship – Here we go! The WWE is giving away one of its elite matches for free on live television. I wrote extensively on it last week and I thought at the time that there was no way that this ends on a screwjob. I got a little pushback on that from comments and that is fine. I still feel the same way, although the possibilities of something different are a bit greater than last week. I should also be a little more specific in that I could see a screwy finish, but I don’t think it ends without someone getting a win by pin or submission.

There is a ton and I mean a ton of buzz right now about CM Punk turning heel. It is almost too easy to predict because there have been so many leaks and innuendos made by even Punk himself on Twitter. I am not a big Punk fan so whether he is a heel or a babyface really doesn’t matter to me. But I will say this. The second Chris Jericho turned babyface last week I thought to myself that someone big must be turning heel. With Jericho as a face, that would leave The Big Show as the top heel with Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio in supporting roles. Someone big has to be turning to fill Jericho’s shoes and that could only be Punk, Cena, or Randy Orton. Orton won’t even be on RAW to kick off his angle so the thinking would be Cena or Punk. There is no way Cena is turning so why not Punk?

The only thing that makes me think twice about this is the same reason the WWE won’t turn Cena. The WWE doesn’t want to risk the merchandise dollars that Cena brings in to the company. Okay that is fine, but what about Punk? Punk is reportedly the number two star in the company when it comes to merchandise. If he is still this hot, would the WWE want to risk those numbers? It isn’t as if a heel can’t sell merchandise (N.W.O.), but it is a point to consider.

[adinserter block=”1″]With that said, I am going to go back to my thoughts on The Rock. If The Rock is challenging the winner for SummerSlam, I think it is Cena. I think Cena wins this one but not without controversy. My hunch is somehow or another The Big Show interferes against Cena but winds up helping Cena win the belt. This opens up Show vs. Punk for SummerSlam. More importantly, it plants the seed for the Punk turn that comes at SummerSlam when he costs Cena the belt against The Rock. I can see the WWE booking Punk’s turn similar to Bret Hart’s in 1997 on the basis of Bret constantly getting screwed and whining before he did something about it. I’d be really surprised if Punk turned during or after the match. The turn has started but I think it simmers a bit before it boils over.

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