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Inside The Wheelhouse: Who should the WWE push? (Smackdown! edition)

Alberto del RioThe WWE has been on an attempt of a “youth movement” for the past year or so and it’s been a pretty decent attempt to prepare the WWE for their next generation of wrestling. It has established a foundation of future stars with wrestlers such as Sheamus, The Miz and Wade Barrett. It has given the future of the WWE a great amount of potential for years to come.

But the real question is who should the WWE give the ball to for the future of the company like they have with guys like Sheamus, The Miz and Wade Barrett? What wrestlers on the RAW and Smackdown brands have the potential of being future mega stars in the company like the WWE has marked with those three young wrestlers? Who can be given the ball and run with it to take the WWE into their next chapter of wrestling eras?

We have seen these foundation building movements happen before in the WWE where the company started elevating younger, fresher wrestlers to be the future of the company. We saw it in 1993-1994 (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon), in 1997-1998 (Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley) and in 2004-2005 (John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton). It looks like 2010 they are doing it again as they head into 2011.

[adinserter block=”2″]Looking at the WWE Smackdown! brand roster there is a decent amount of wrestlers that have future “WWE main eventer” written all over them. It helps when they perform on the WWE brand that is more about “wrestling” then the “entertainment” aspect of the WWE programming. With the right push and right fued these wrestlers can join the likes of Sheamus, The Miz and Wade Barrett as wrestlers that are going to be future stars in this company. It’s time for the WWE to continue building the foundation of their “youth movement” for the good of their future.

Alberto Del Rio Anyone who watches Smackdown shouldn’t be surprised with this assumption of a future WWE star that needs to be pushed. It’s safe to say that he has already received an amazing push since he was introduced into the company and is poised to close out 2010 with a monster rookie campaign. I will be shocked if Del Rio does not hold a World title in 2011.

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He is the future face of the Smackdown brand and is the complete package. He is a great wrestler, can work on the mic and has a great gimmick that still can cause a reaction from the WWE audience. He is a believable character in the eyes of the fans and is a future star no doubt. It appears that his only drop off point may be what goes on behind the curtain for Del Rio.

Kofi Kingston – I have been a huge fan and supporter of a Kingston push in the WWE since it appeared he was given the chance for a push last November with his brief feud with Randy Orton. They gave him a huge spot on Monday Night RAW in their home base of Madison Square Garden where he leaped onto a prone Randy Orton, giving us one of the biggest spots on RAW for 2009. He was starting to get accepted by the fanbase due to his in-ring ability and likeability. Then the WWE pulled the rug right out from him.

There are rumors that there was some viper like person that was the reason behind his immediate stop to his push and it sucks that person would do such a thing to a talented wrestler like Kingston. He has Shelton Benjamin like potential, he can be a main eventer due to his amazing in-ring ability but he may not live up to his potential and be future endeavored eventually. I hope the WWE at least gives Kingston a decent shot to run with the ball to see how far he can go with it.

Jack Swagger Talk about a failed World Championship run. Swagger who has been poised to be a future World Champion was given the World Title way too early and it hurt him more then it helped him. He is a wrestler that is currently suffering from the same thing some wrestler named “Randy Orton” saw in August & September 2004 when the WWE put the title on him way to early in his young career. He has lost a ton of heat and hopes to gain it back in the last part of 2010 into 2011.

There is no question that Swagger has the talent to be a great in-ring worker. He has an amazing background in amateur wrestling and has the ability to be similar in career paths like Kurt Angle. Once used correctly, with enough build for his character, the guy can be a mega star in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dolph Ziggler – Ziggler has dealt with similar career pushes like the other two discussed already for the Smackdown brand; two guys that received great pushes but quickly had the rug pulled out from under them. It appears that Ziggler is once again in the great graces of the WWE creative team and has been able to receive a pretty decent push the last couple months as the WWE Intercontinental Champion. It also helps when you are involved in a storyline with Vickie Guerrero, who could be one of the best heels in the business today.

He is a complete package that the WWE is looking for, he can wrestle and he can cut a promo. His gimmick has been successful in that the fans don’t like him at all and he gets a reaction out of the crowd. He needs to continue to hold onto the IC title and hopefully get into a program with a veteran that can elevate his game. With Edge back on the Smackdown brand and working as a tweener it wouldn’t be bad to tie in the Vickie Guerrero background to have a nice program between the two.

Drew McIntyre – Vince McMahon and got on WWE programming to proclaim McIntyre as “The Chosen One.” An amazing push to receive from the company’s most hated character and quite frankly, as we all know, when Mr. McMahon says something it usually happens. I guarantee it.

McIntyre had a tough time to be accepted from the audience for quite sometime which probably had a say in any potential pushes creative had planned for him in 2010. Had he had a better run in the start of 2010 we may have seen a World Title run or even a Main Event program for the young superstar. He appears to be being received better by the audience and on the right path to help his game get elevated now teamed up with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes – He is one of the most underrated promo guys in the WWE today and also has a great gimmick right now. I have always felt that Rhodes has been one of the most underrated overall performers on the roster and was overshadowed by Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase’s potential when he was part of legacy. He is now on his own, away from the Legacy members and looks to be ready to climb the ladder on the Smackdown side of the WWE.

The WWE has put him back in a Tag Team with another young superstar that has struggled the past year, Drew McIntyre, and it looks like this Tag Team run will help freshen up their roles in the WWE. It’s the same formula the WWE did with The Miz & John Morrison when they wanted to continue to build their characters. It’s easy when you’re the son of “The American Dream” to have a wealth of potential on your side.

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  1. I wonder if del Rio could be the guy who brings back the good ol' days of the intercontinental belt with a real extended run, a la Mr. Perfect back in the day.


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