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WWE Power Series: Triple H DVD Review

This is the other installment of WWE’s new line of fitness DVDs and, much like Steph’s DVD was geared toward women, this one is geared toward men. This time, Triple H is in charge, flanked by several NXT workers, and he takes you through six total workouts (a warm-up stretch session, two upper body workouts, two lower body workouts, and a cardio session). Again, as long as you have a few dumbbells handy, these are all exercises and workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

[adinserter block=”1″]Overally, I think the quality of the Triple H DVD is better than that of Stephanie McMahon. Although Trips credits a lot of this workout to Joe DeFranco (as did Steph), the fact remains that, prior to pro wrestling, Trips was a competitive bodybuilder as well as a personal trainer, so he has pretty extensive knowledge on this subject, and it shows.

Trips goes through every single workout in detail, not only showing you how each exercise is meant to be performed and explaining the form, but he also goes on to explain what each exercise does and how exactly it benefits your body, something very much lacking in the DVD from his better half. Due to his knowledge, Trips comes off as very professional and very knowledgeable, taking his time to explain everything while still moving the workouts along at a brisk, comfortable pace.

While many of the exercises here are the same as what’s on Steph’s DVD, Trips’ workouts are more power-based and focus on strengthening the areas as well as improving mobility, something he understandably has had issues with in recent years. He also takes a little bit more time to explain proper form on each exercise without really slowing the DVD down. Although it is considerably longer than Steph’s, it’s for a good reason. It helps that the NXT workers flanking also understand proper form, which couldn’t be said about several of Steph’s “divas”.

Now, although Trips knows what he’s talking about, and is still in very good shape, seeing him do several of these exercises is difficult to watch. Thanks to years of abuse and several surgeries, Trips’ legs from the knee down appear to be in really bad shape. Now, he’s still got a lot of strength below the waist and obviously takes care of his entire body, but the years of abuse are extremely prevalent, and it gets hard to look at.

Overall, the variety of exercises here are good, and while they can provide a challenge, are still easy enough that just about anyone should be able to do them, provided you have some basic dumbbells and enough personal space. There are different variations on exercises for different skill levels as well, which gives beginners something to build up to and more advanced workout enthusiasts a way to nail down their form.

If your options are limited (no gym membership, etc.), you’re looking to add onto your workouts or are even just looking to get a jumpstart into physical fitness, there are definitely worse options to go with than this.

[adinserter block=”2″]WORKOUTS:

Warm-up (6 min):
Power up and prepare to sweat in the elite WWE Performance Center with moves like seal jacks and Cossack stretches to prevent injury and improve performance.

Upper Body 1 (16 min):
Pound out power circuits of serious strength moves like dumbbell rows and Zot curls that use progressive reps to shed inches and lay down Superstar muscle.

Upper Body 2 (18 min):
Develop muscle endurance with functional bodyweight and dumbbell exercises like high-tension planks and shoulder shockers to build both stamina and mega muscle.

Lower Body (30 min):
Experience muscle-mass mania with killer moves like single-leg Romanian dead lifts to improve balance, function, and strength with this intense 3-set system.

Muscle-Building Cardio (12 min):
Give those extra pounds a serious smack down with 4 high-octane rounds of this cardio-strength circuit designed to pump the heart, shed fat, and carve lean muscle.

Mobility (14 min): Improve flexibility, reduce soreness, and recover from workouts faster with DeFranco s signature Agile 8 series of stretches and mobility drills.

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