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WWE Post Survivor Series 2014 Perspective

So the 2014 Survivor Series is history and as Joel Gertner would say, “Well, well, well…” So Sting has finally arrived in the WWE. Team Cena wins. New tag champs. And a Roman Reigns cameo. And all of this was free thanks to the November Special promo offer. I wanted to do an article within the past couple of weeks but I thought it would be best to wait until after the Survivor Series to get a better picture of which direction the WWE superstars will be going as 2015 approaches.

[adinserter block=”1″]Of course, Sting was the big news from the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Didn’t expect to see him until early next year but why not plant the roots late in the year during the NFL season to grab some eyes away from Monday Night Football. I’m now hooked on it more so to the point that I will be clicking back a few times more than normal. It felt like Sting had been on the wrestler in history to never sign with the WWE. His appearance came to a huge pop but a little surprised he confronted HHH. What does that tell at first glance?

I’m looking at a Sting/HHH fight at WrestleMania which may quell the rumor of a Sting/Undertaker match. If that’s the case, then Undertaker hasn’t retired and will lead into Lesnar/Taker 2 for WrestleMania 31. Even though Sting is scheduled only one WWE match I could see more than one match in his future. He’s too big a star not to be used and the WWE brass would get a lot of Pay per view buys if he wrestles in the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania with an outside shot as Summerslam for his final match.

Dolph Ziggler – Kudos to him for a well-deserved night of work for this superstar. He was in the Survivor Series match through the end. I don’t know what the deal is as to why he hasn’t gotten another chance at a WWE title reign. He’s popular and more importantly he’s a hard worker in the ring. He’s come a long way from the Spirit Squad and made a name for himself. I admit I was wrong when branched out into Dolph Ziggler thinking he’s annoying and won’t gel with the fans. He’s to hoping a strong 2015 for Ziggler. On a side note, I just realized that Dolph’s never lost a Survivor Series match; impressive.

Tag-Team Scene – I love Goldust & Stardust. They brought life back into the tag-team division but hopefully The Miz/Damien Sandow tandem works out. I’ve been tired of The Miz recently ever since he lost the WWE title years ago and I feel that his star has been fading. Maybe this will add life to his career.

Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt – Will we ever be disappointed with this feud? The two came out with guns a blazing and with expected pop of a great match. The disqualification was a weak decision but I get it as this feud can carry over into 2015; heck even all of 2015 and we wouldn’t be disappointed.

[adinserter block=”2″] Cena – So Team Cena won the Survivor Series match. Where does John Cena go from here? With the RAW headlines dealing with The Authority and other side feuds the WWE has completely forgotten about the WWE Title currently held by Brock Lesnar. This needs to change ASAP because the title is losing its relevance and it’s a sad state of affairs that the Money in the Bank briefcase angle has taken the spotlight more so than the actual belt. It’s not Seth Rollins fault. He’s definitely worth the push but the higher-ups need to get their goods in order and the first thing they need to do is to get Lesnar on TV every couple of weeks. He doesn’t have to wrestle but at least keep us notified that he’s the current WWE champion. The Randy Orton/John Cena matches have been very entertaining over the past couple of months but enough already. Move onto Seth Rollins. He’s due to cash in on the briefcase and win the title; hopefully by the end of the year to garner interest into the Rumble or win at the Rumble.

The Survivor Series is history and it’s time to keep an eye on the final month of 2014 and see what to expect at the Royal Rumble. The Survivor Series has established roots for new feuds while wrapping up others. I’ll be addressing these items in future articles. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be safe and be good.

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