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WWE Post-SummerSlam RAW Recap and Thoughts

Alright CCB fans, I’m getting closer to the present as I watched the post Summerslam Raw last weekend after catching up on a slew of personal business. Yes it’s late but I wanted to write about it because the day after Summerslam Raw is second in importance after the day after Wrestlemania Raw. The post Summerslam Raw officially closes some summer feuds while offering a fall preview of what to expect. I would like to think that’s true as Vince McMahon likes to plan six to nine months in advance back in the day but today it feels like an on the fly thing. But regardless of how they work, last Monday’s Raw is a fun recap of a great Summerslam and hopefully carrying that momentum in the upcoming months.

Rollins & Statue & Sting – Never thought the statue idea would’ve made it past Summerslam. I would think asking for a statue was the kiss of death to losing a match. Surprising Rollins and us fans in the middle of the WWE Universe, literally, for the Sting unveiling was a nice surprise. Guess that one contract match had stipulations that the contract can be extended. Being a consultant, I can relate to that. The question is does Sting get the one belt that has eluded him all along? If so, does he carry it for one day or one month? Or is he a credibility builder for Rollins to create his legacy? Maybe it’s a combination of both but I want to watch more.

Heyman Rant/Lesnar Squash – Of course they’d be pissed. Nice to give the timekeeper a few seconds of face time thinking he would’ve gotten squashed by Lesnar. Lucky for him, Bo Dallas accepted Lesnar’s punishment. Love the crowd reaction! I think Dallas was the perfect victim because he looks like he can annoy anyone just standing there smiling not saying a word.

New Day/Dudleys Return – Whoever’s brainstorming the New Day stuff is awesome. Xavier Woods playing the trombone had me laughing throughout the match. Love it! I want more of that! Dudleys returning to the WWE in Brooklyn? Couldn’t have planned it any better. Welcome back Dudleys and tables!

Reigns & Ambrose/Wyatt Family – So the Wyatt family grows, literally in big man and former NXT star Braun Stowman. He’s a monster throwing around Ambrose and Reigns like rag dolls. I can hear Gorilla Monsoon saying in the announcer’s booth in the sky referring to the Wyatt family, “That would be an interesting family reunion.” We’ll see where Stowman goes within the family business. Poor Reigns, even the day after major pay per view Raws he still gets booed. Turn Reigns heel! Fans will love him if he does.

Miz TV/PCB Interview – Fast Forward watching hot divas while ignoring The Miz. A few more weeks until Nikki Bella gets her title reign record and then lose it.
Stardust/Barrett/Neville – After dealing with the frustration of losing to Stephen “Flash” Amell, Stardust vented by attacking Barrett; which is fine as these two guys are better off wrestling on their own. Liking the Neville/Stardust program as the future is bright for these two guys. I hope Barrett continues his reign getting another push. But we have to recognize Barrett hasn’t been injured in a long time and that’s an accomplishment.

Stewart/Flair/Cena – Gee I hope Stewart doesn’t get the attitude adjustment after costing Cena the WWE title. Nevermind, the Nature Boy prolongs that with his presence. Stewart explained why he did it, Cena understands and all is well. Oh no! Cena lays the attitude adjustment on Jon Stewart; didn’t see that coming! See ya Jon! Thanks for your time!

Ryback & Orton & Ziggler & Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens & Big Show & Rusev & Sheamus (& anyone else we missed from Summerslam) – Entertaining match with the faves winning it. Match over, pile up on Big Show! WWE summer season officially comes to an end as the combatants either continue their current feuds or move on to new ones.

I’m officially caught up. Thanks for your patience as I’m caught up with the wrestling world! Next article will deal with the present tense.

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