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WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Post-MITB Potential Scenarios

Now that we know all of the participants in the WWE title match at Money in the Bank, we can make our best guess as to who is going to win. I am sure we all have our lists of who we think is going to win, and who we WANT to win. A bigger question than who is going to win may be what will the direction be following MITB? I can think of a scenario for 5 of the 7 participants in the WWE Title match. I will warn you now; you probably will not like some of these.

[adinserter block=”1″]John Cena– I know, this is the scenario that we all want to see the least. Realistically, there isn’t a creative scenario for a John Cena title run over the summer. But, because he is John Cena, he has to be considered a favorite to win the match. If Cena wins the title, it will allow Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins, and Orton to continue their feud. I can see Cena defending the title against Wyatt at Battleground, I told you it wasn’t going to be creative. I see no other opponent for Cena, unless they want to feed Rusev to the dogs already. This will also set up a potential SummerSlam rematch with Daniel Bryan.

Randy Orton- In my opinion, this is the most likely scenario. Orton wins the title, and Daniel Bryan comes back in July to take the title back. Bryan will then go on to face Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam. Once Orton drops the title back to Bryan, he can continue his feud with The Shield, and possibly a returning Batista.

Roman Reigns– If Reigns wins the title, it is a clear indication that the company is ready to push him to the moon. This move would inject some new life into the storylines as there are plenty of opponents lined up for Reigns. Potential title matches for Reigns include Orton, Rollins. HHH, Wyatt, and Brock Lesnar. A short title run for Reigns could be disastrous; therefore, I think the company has to go all the way with him. If this scenario takes place, it will be interesting to see what direction the company goes with John Cena and Daniel Bryan

Antonio Cesaro– The Paul Heyman factor makes Cesaro a possible candidate to win the title. Heyman has the promo ability to carry a main event program, and Cesaro is more than capable in the ring. If the idea is to put the title on a heel not named Randy Orton, Cesaro could be the guy. A drawback I see to this title run is that it will be short. Daniel Bryan would likely come back and win the title in July. If Bryan is not able to come back until SummerSlam, it seems unlikely that the company will have the confidence to go with a Bryan/Cesaro main event at SummerSlam.

Bray Wyatt- This scenario would be similar to that of Cessaro. Wyatt has proved more than capable of performing in a main event angle. If Wyatt wins the title at Money in the Bank, I can see him defending the title at Battleground against Daniel Bryan. There is a built in storyline with Wyatt and Bryan as Wyatt defeated him at the Royal Rumble. Wyatt can also defend the title against John Cena in July if Bryan is not ready. Much like Cessaro, Wyatt’s title run would likely be short lived, and that might not be the best idea.

Sheamus- I see no potential scenario for Sheamus winning the title, which means he probably will.

[adinserter block=”2″]Alberto Del Rio– If Del Rio wins the title, the company has lost their minds.

This is going to be an interesting PPV because it is going to give us an indication of the company’s short term future. Is the WWE going to go in a new direction and put the title on the likes of Reigns, Wyatt, or Cesaro? Or are we going to get the same old status quo? We will find out soon enough, but if John Cena wins the title on the 29th, I can already hear the collective groan from the “WWE Universe.”

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  1. Sheamus is definitely a sleeper pick. I just couldn’t think of what would happen going forward if Sheamus won. Does he face Bryan in July in a face vs face match? If Bryan isn’t ready, who would Sheamus defend the title against in July? Also, would Sheamus be the champion going into SummerSlam? I just can’t see them putting the title on Sheamus, but hey, I have been wrong PLENTY of times. When I wrote this piece, I was leaning towards Orton. Now my gut instinct is telling me Reigns or Cena. At least me we have some intrigue going into the PPV

  2. It’s interesting to see everyone perspectives. I am going with Sheamus because I think that it makes the most sense short term. The US title makes it more complicated, but I think you move forward with him. He can lose to Bryan and it won’t matter, there is history there. Cena and Orton have become stale gimmicks and need to be refresh. For the other 3, it’s just too early. And Del Rio doesn’t really exist.

  3. Even though titles have been united, they still show two titles. I can see that Reigns and Orton both climbing up on ladder at the same time and both get one title.


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