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WWE: Paul Heyman Talks MSG Memories and Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar

There probably isn’t a better WWE talent to interview than Paul Heyman when you want to talk Madison Square Garden. Heyman talked to the Sporting News about this weekend’s homecoming and addressed WrestleMania’s yellow elephant hanging over WrestleMania 32.

My old podcasting buddy Brian Fritz had the honor of talking to Brock Lesnar’s advocate about a variety of topics. Of course the overarching theme of the conversation centered on Madison Square Garden, the history, and the WWE Network telecast on October 3. Heyman described his emotions the first time he attended a WWE show in the Garden.

[adinserter block=”1″]“I couldn’t catch my breath. Madison Square Garden to any New York kid is the center of the universe. Even going there as a fan is like stepping up to the plate at Yankee Stadium. You know you’re in the grand cathedral. This is a very special place to be and the congregation of fans that join you — for whichever event you’re going to — are all there to witness magic happen in what is rightfully known as the World’s Most Famous Arena.

I don’t anyone that just shrugs their shoulders and says, “OK, the Garden is just another arena”. I don’t know anyone that would consider it just another night. It’s not just another night. It is an extraordinary opportunity let alone a privilege to be able to ever say in your life I performed in Madison Square Garden. And it’s not just the history. It is center stage in the biggest media market in the world. It’s center stage in New York City. While New York City away from people in New York may be cast as a villainous city, it’s playing Broadway. It’s hard for me to convey to a non-performer what it means — that doesn’t mean you, it means the readership — what it means to actually step into the spotlight in Madison Square Garden.“

If you don’t think this Saturday’s event in the Garden is special for Heyman you don’t know Paul Heyman. Fritz also asked him a very interesting question in regards to working with Brock. Fritz asked him it has become complacent for him.

Working with Brock Lesnar is a daily challenge because every Monday night that we’re on television, I feel compelled to deliver, at least from my end, the best performance I’ve ever put on. I’ve often said and I know I’ve said it to you several times in the past that I consider every Monday to simply be an audition to appear the very next week on television. I look at every promo I do as a command performance to do better than I did the previous week if not deliver the best promo of my life. And that’s because I’m working with, truly, a once-in-a-lifetime athlete who is driven to put on his best performances every time he steps into the ring. We push each other and drive each other to go past and limits we may have as performers so that when I go out there I’m just expecting of myself the best performance of my career on every promo, I know Brock expects that of me too. And I know that when he steps into the ring, he doesn’t just want to deliver the best match of his career every time he steps in there, he knows that that’s what I’m looking for him to accomplish for himself, for his family, for our act as well. So, it would be very difficult to even imagine a time of complacency with the Brock Lesnar – Paul Heyman dynamic because we’re both very inspired, very motivated, obsessed even because we’re both looking at every opportunity to appear as being a career-defining moment until the next time we appear. My next performance has to be better than tonight’s performance. And my performance after that has to blow my next performance away. And just for the record, Brock Lesnar is a big part of that because’s that what the man expects out of me as well.

Fritz and Heyman also discuss the yellow elephant hanging over the WrestleMania 32 hype, Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin. Austin says it isn’t happening yet fans are hoping for a different result. Heyman and Fritz toss around the subject a bit before Fritz flat out asks him what the odds are of the match being signed.

[adinserter block=”2″]“If there was a way to make this match happen, it would have happened right after that podcast. And the answer that was pretty defined was this match ain’t gonna happen. So, at that moment I knew don’t even think about it anymore because I can’t make that fantasy come true. So my thoughts to WrestleMania become what fantasies can I make true? What fantasy can I imagine and then present the audience with that compelling vision so that the audience buys into it and they salivate at the chance of being there live or subscribing to the network to see it play out in front of their very eyes that the fantasy, the dream becomes a reality at WrestleMania.

I’d highly recommend checking out the entire interview over at the Sporting News. Heyman and Fritz talk much more about Lesnar’s role in WrestleMania 32, the Big Show vs. Lesnar match at the Garden, the Stone Cold Podcast fallout, and more. Follow Brian on Twitter over at

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