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Flashback: WWE Over The Limit 2011 Results – Orton Retains, Miz Quits

Cena vs. The Miz I Quit Match set for Over the LimitThe WWE followed up its Extreme Rules pay per view with Over the Limit 2011. For about 140 minutes I felt like I was watching one of the best WWE shows in a long time. Then it was time The Miz vs. John Cena in an I Quit Match.

Here is my ongoing WWE Over the Limit play by play, written as the show took place.

R Truth vs. Rey Mysterio opens the show. R-Truth hits the ring and cuts a promo. Truth is getting a lot of heat, tons of “What?” chants. Truth’s promo was pretty funny but it dragged a little bit for an opener. He talked of a conspiracy, dancing, parking, and told “little Jimmy” to shut up. Truth was pretty funny when he accused the fans of trying to make him go “cuckoo!”

[adinserter block=”2″]The match didn’t open well for Truth. Both guys mistimed the opening spot which will likely be blamed on Truth. Mysterio hit a rana to the floor early. Mysterio was caught in a Tree of Woe getting back into the ring. Booker T is a little verbose in the opener here. Mysterio reversed a charge into the turnbuckle but wound up being thrown to the floor of Truth. Cole pointed out Truth’s aggressive nature.

Truth slowed the action down in the ring. Truth is in control so much that I am expecting him to go down at this point. Rey works out of Truth’s hold. Truth hits a sit-out gourd buster on Mysterio for a two count. Truth continues with his aggressive attack as Cole and Booker argue at ringside. I am ready to mute the commentary and we are only five minutes into the show. Cole now threatening Lawler, telling him that he is nervous.

Truth sets up Rey on the top rope. Both guys are fighting on the second rope. Mysterio hits a bulldog from the second rope for two. Mysterio hits a cross body off of the rope for two and Booker loves it “when Rey Mysterio do that move right there.” Mysterio gets caught with a twisting elbow from Truth, Truth gets a close two count. Both guys go for big moves and are countered, Truth winds up dropping Rey on the ring apron and clotheslining him on the floor. The announcers are saying it is over for Rey.

Truth hits a Downward Spiral and pins Rey clean. Big win for Truth and a real shocker the way it went down. The announcers start talking about how impressive Truth looked. The creative team is obviously investing in Truth because he went over as clean as can be. Truth drinks some water after and then nails Mysterio with the water bottle.

The Miz is up next interviewed by Todd Grisham. I liked this promo a lot. The Miz brought up Cena’s past I Quit matches and how he differs from past opponents.

Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the intercontinental championship. Wade Barrett announced first which is kind of odd for a champion. Man, Cole is a real distraction throughout a pay per view. I hope his heel run or at least the majority of it is over tonight. He is really unbearable. Ezekiel hits the ring and is just oozing out of his body, the guy is jacked!

Barrett and Jackson trading some power moves back and forth. Neither guy is getting a clear advantage. Jackson throws Barrett over the top in a show of strength. Jackson is really being showcased here. Jackson hits a huge clothesline and pounds Barrett in the corner. Jackson continues to dominate and hits a big elbow drop. Barrett plays possum and winds up throwing Jackson shoulder first into the post.

The announcers continue to put over Barrett’s intelligence. Barrett working hard on Jackson’s shoulder and proceeds to drop a flying elbow off of the second rope. By the way speaking of elbows, thus far no Randy Savage tribute. Barrett grabs a chinlock to slow down the action. Cole continues berating the other announcers.

Barrett sets up Jackson for Wasteland, Jackson gets out of it. Barrett nails a pumphandle slam for a two count. Jackson responds with a right hand that sends Barrett flying to the floor. Jackson throws Barrett on the top rope and back in the ring. Jackson hits a couple of shoulder tackle takedowns and then just continues to nail a series of power moves on the champ. Jackson hits five consecutive bodyslams on Barrett. Jackson puts Barrett up in a torture rack and the Corre hits the ring for the disqualification. The Corre continue beating on Jackson as Barrett miraculously recovers from five bodyslam and joins the beat down. Jackson officially awarded the match on a disqualification.

Mason Ryan and CM Punk find other members of Nexus laid out by The Big Show and Kane. Punk tells Ryan it’s a good thing and he has them “exactly where I want them.” Ryan asks Punk, “Do you even care about these men?” Punk says yes but cares about winning the tag team titles. Punk tells the wounded members of Nexus to walk it off.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero grabs a headlock to start, Cara reverses into a hammer lock and then a headlock of his own. Chavo now going to work on Cara’s arm. Cara gets out, charges Chavo, who reverses it and yet hits the floor anyway. Cara over the top rope with a corkscrew Plancha to the floor.

Cara going to town on Chavo on the floor. Cara then throws Chavo back in the ring. Cara hits a Moonsault Press off of the top for two, Chavo kicks out. Chavo moves out of the way and hits a running knee into the corner on Cara. Both guys going back and forth with the advantage. Chavo slows it down with a sitting step over toe hold but not for long.

Cara hits a flying Senton off the top to the floor on Chavo. Cara is just putting on a clinic, while Chavo is having the best match he has had in years on WWE television. Cara hits a rana on Chavo from the top rope. Cara hits a springboard elbow. Cara hits a springboard body press for two. Cara reverses a Gory Guerrero Special. Cara hits a real sloppy series of moves for the win. This was a fun match but really nothing more than a glorified squash for Cara.

Alberto Del Rio drives into the ring. Alberto says he wants to talk about destiny. Alberto talks about Canadians illegally crossing the border to a big boo. Del Rio says he isn’t upset about not being in the WWE title match and says he could easily make The Miz or John Cena say “I Quit” with the cross armbreaker. Funny stuff here as Del Rio plants the seed for his feud with John Cena and what looks like an eventual babyface turn by The Miz. Del Rio is cut off by the Big Show and Kane.

The Big Show and Kane hit the ring, do their entrance, and grab the microphone. Kane says he is angry that the Rapture didn’t come yesterday which gets a big pop. Kane threatens Del Rio and tells him to leave the ring. The Big Show promises Del Rio a punch in the face. Del Rio retreats.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan enter and the tag team championship match begins. Punk and Kane rekindle their ECW feud and start out first. Before locking up Punk tags Ryan in. Ryan and Kane lock up and Ryan powers Kane to the mat. Ryan is just a beast! The crowd yells “Batista!” and Ryan. Ryan continues to showcase his power against Kane. Ryan tags in Punk to a big pop.

Kane cuts off Punk immediately and tags in Show. Show with a big chop on Punk as Punk is practically crying (Punk is probably the best seller in the WWE these days). Show just standing over punk and chopping the former world champion. Punk tags out and Ryan comes in. Ryan takes down the Big Show immediately and tags Punk back in. Punk goes for a cover and is powered out. Punk winds up in a big bear hug. Show tags in Kane.

Kane hits a big boot. Believe it or not this is a really good match, so far the best on the show. Kane hits a sideslam on Punk. Kane goes up top and nails Punk with a clothesline. Ryan tags in. Ryan and Kane on the floor. Ryan rams Kane back-first into the ring. Both guys go back inside of the ring, Ryan gets a two count. Punk tags in and goes to town on Kane with kicks and punches. Punk hits a running shining wizard on Kane in the corner, although Kane recovers quickly. Ryan tags back in, I like how Ryan and Punk with lots of quick tags. They look like a real good tag team here, working very old school.

Ryan with a bear hug now on Kane. Ryan just throwing Kane around like he is a cruiserweight. Kane hits a suplex on Ryan to stop his momentum. Punk cuts off Kane before he tags in and kicks the big man. Punk goes up top and pays tribute to the Macho Man with a flying elbow that misses. Ryan and Show now in with The Big Show all fired up. Nexus wind up double clotheslined by Show, Kane clotheslines Punk over the top rope. Ryan falls victim to a double chokeslam and is pinned for the 1-2-3 by the champs.

This was a really good match, much better than I thought. If you like tag team matches, it was very old school and had a lot of good crowd heat. I don’t know if Punk is leaving or not but he and Ryan looked real good together.

A mock press conference for Capitol Punishment is played which shows fake WWE questions asked to President Obama with Obama answers spliced in. Really.

The Bellas hit the ring. Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly for the Divas championship is up next. Can we fast forward to Kharma hitting the ring? Kelly up top hits a flying body press for two. Kelly with the “stink face” on Brie which isn’t quite the same coming from a 120 pound model. Kelly winds up on the floor and is getting it from Nikki and Brie. Kelly is screaming like she just missed a flying body press on A.J. Kirsch.

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Brie now with a deep armbar on Kelly with by the looks of it tells me that Arn Anderson laid out this match. Kelly finally hits a Thesz Press. Kelly going nuts on Brie and hits a bulldog. Lots of screaming from the challenger. Nikki rolls in and pulls a Killer Bees switch on Kelly. The fresh Bella hits an X Factor on Kelly for a quick win.

Michael Cole is getting up and tells the crew he needs to get ready. He is now mocking Lawler by showing him his shoe. The good news here is he won’t be around to bastardize Christian vs. Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs. Christian for the WWE world heavyweight title is next. There are only three matches left and a lot of time left on tonight’s show so I hope that these guys get a good 25-30 minutes. Josh Matthews questions whether Christian was a “fluke” champion, although Booker dismisses the theory. Maybe it is me but this one has a big time feel to it, at least starting out it does anyway.

The usual back and forth early from both guys. Each guy looking to feel the other guy out as you would expect. Slow action with a few fast spurts early on. So far, so good.

Things are starting to heat up. Orton hits a big standing drop kick. Christian catches Orton with an elbow and goes up top. Christian sitting up top as Orton punches from the ring. Orton with a giant Superplex on Christian for a two count. Both guys up, Christian gets a close cover with a backslide. Orton catches Christian with a few clothesline, but is cut off by a Spinebuster for two. So far this is everything you would have expected.

Both guys up trading punches. Christian hits an Impaler for a close fall. Christian goes up to the second rope, Orton catches him, and both guys trade covers. Orton slows down Christian and goes for an Olympic Slam, Christian gets out of it. Christian snaps Orton’s neck off of the rope, hits a splash off the top rope, and gets a two count on the champion.

Booker points out that the guys are a little fatigued. The crowd seems split. Orton plays possum and catches Christian with an uppercut and Back Breaker. Orton hits a jumping knee drop on Christian for a near fall. Christian going for the Killswitch, Orton goes for the RKO, Christian goes for the Kiillswitch again, and Orton finally catches him in a half of pendulum/Boston Crab. Christian finally breaks on the ropes.

Orton stomping on Christian at this point, Christian really selling the submission. Christian gets a real close fall on a sunset flip from the second rope. They played off of the finish in their first match with this one. Great psychology! Orton back up and nails a DDT on Christian who kicks out. Orton looks real frustrated at this point. Booker is all over the place here on commentary and forgot at one point that Lawler and Cole left.

The Viper coils! Orton pounding the mat, Christian shoves Orton off of an RKO attempt. Christian is feeling it and calling for the spear. He is channeling Edge or as Kurt Angle would say, stealing Edge’s finisher. Orton catches Christian with a Powerslam off the spear attempt for two. Orton sizing up Christian for the punt but holds back after having second thoughts, and after another thought he goes for it. Christian spears Orton on the punt attempt for a super close three count. This is fantastic!

Who said that the WWE was getting rid of wrestling? Christian and Orton trading finish attempts, RKO, three count! Christian just sitting in the ring disappointed. Orton checks on Christian. Christian pushes Orton off and leaves to a chorus of boos. Christian comes back, he and Orton go nose to nose, Christian offers his hand.

I can’t say it enough, this was a great match. I would give this Match of the Year for the WWE at this point, even over Triple H vs. The Undertaker. For all of the psychology Triple H vs. The Undertaker lacked, Orton vs. Christian had it. I can’t think of a better match that Randy Orton has ever had.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole. Looks like Cole and Lawler are getting the usual Divas’ spot between the two main events.

Michael Cole comes to the ring in his suit with a limp. Cole tells the crowd he is medically prohibited from competing and asks for compassion from Jerry Lawler and the fans. Didn’t TNA just do this angle last week with Karen Jarrett? Is it me or is there something a little weird about two men getting excited about wanting to stick their foot in the other’s mouth? Anyway, Cole says that his doctor has diagnosed with him Athlete’s Foot and reads a doctor’s note. Cole shows the note to his doctor. The referee rips up the note and Lawler nails Cole with a right hand.

Cole crawls away from Lawler and is stripped courtesy of the King. The King rips Cole’s suits apart. Lawler hits Cole in the mush with a dropkick. Cole is begging off. Cole catches Lawler off guard and throws the King into the steps. Wow, are we really having an actual match again? Cole shoves Lawler into the barricades. Cole starts removing his sock to reveal a disgusting looking foot. Cole’s foot is all yellow and made up. Lawler throws Cole into the Cole Mine and breaks it.

Both guys are back in the ring. Lawler on the second rope, pulls down the strap, and drops the fist for three. Nope, no long match tonight! This was the squash that WrestleMania probably should have been, or close anyway. Lawler now removing his old boot but is having second thoughts. Wait a second. Lawler is waving out Eve Torres. Is Cole really going to be “forced” to kiss Eve’s foot? Torres hits a Moonsault instead. Now Lawler removes his boot. Is J.R. in the house? Yep, and they even have his Titan Tron ready how “prepared” is that? Cole is begging for mercy. Ross pulls out some barbecue sauce and gives Cole a BBQ bath. Cole crawls out of the ring. Is Stone Cold around?

Cole tells everyone they are losers from the entrance ramp. Cole tells Jerry that no matter what he does to him, he never did, and he never will kiss his foot. Cole says, “no way!” No Stone Cold, it’s Bret “The HItman” Hart! What a surprise! Hart puts Cole in the Sharpshooter. Lawler shoves his foot in Cole’s mouth as Cole is in the Sharpshooter. Lawler and Hart embrace. I guess Bret forgave all of those jokes about Stu and Helen.

The Miz vs. John Cena in an I-Quit Match with a lot of time left on the show, 40 minutes to be exact. Ugh, could you imagine a 40 minute match between these two? Josh Matthews is still talking about “invitations” from the Pentagon in regards to Capitol Punishment. What a great way to get your announcer over by making him seem like an absolute moron. Alex Riley with The Miz, who I thought got drafted to SmackDown. Jim Ross joined the announce booth for this one.

The Miz grabs the microphone and tells Cena that since the match is essentially no disqualification that Alex Riley can wrestle too. The Miz offers Cena a chance to quit, he says no, and it looks like we have a handicapped match on our hand. Cena cleans house and hits a gutwrench suplex on The Miz. Cena goes for the STFU and is cut off by Riley. Riley now all over Cena.

Is The Miz that smart or is John Cena the dumbest babyface of all time? You decide. Cena dumps Riley over the rop and takes The Miz down with shoulder tackles. The Miz is just getting squashed. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle, goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but The Miz reverses. The Miz finally hits some offense, well not for long. Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment out of a Skullcrushing Finale. Riley in with the brief case on Cena. Riley appears to be calling the shots at this point. Riley and Miz slam Cena off the top rope.

The guys dump Cena to the floor. The Miz and Riley ram Cena’s back into the barricade. The ref keeps asking Cena if he quits. Brock Lesnar and BJ Penn got more respect during their beatings from the UFC referees. The Miz and Riley now remove the monitors from the announcer’s table and use them on Cena. Cena fights back, The Miz reverses, and Cena’s body “explodes” into the steel steps as Jim Ross says. The Miz hits a DDT on the steel steps. The Miz tells Cena that Riley will slam the steps into his ribs if he doesn’t quit and Cena tells him to “go to hell.” Cena gets the steps as a fan yells in the background, “you’re really killing him!”

[adinserter block=”1″]The Miz continues threatening Cena. The Miz beats on Cena with a cane that is really bruising Cena’s stomach up. The Miz pounds a little more on Cena who won’t quit. It looks like my prediction of the match booked to get The Miz over as a tough guy was half right, unfortunately it is Cena getting the unnecessary push here. Cena continues refusing to quit. Something is missing in this match here, it isn’t clicking for me.

The Miz and Riley beat on Cena as he crawls up the ramp. Cena selling a suplex on the floor a lot harder than the DDT on the steel steps. Go figure. The Miz punts Cena off of the stage a full four feet to the floor. Cena teases that he is going to quit but comes to his senses. The Miz asks Cena to quit before he whips him. Cena tells him he has no nuts. The Miz starts whipping Cena with a belt. At this point I am waiting for The Miz to drive a tank over Cena, ask him to quit, and Cena say no. The Miz continues whipping Cena who continues refusing to quit.

Cena finally drops Riley and The Miz with punches. The Miz with a chair to the back of the champion. Cena recovers and throws Riley into the referee. The Miz hits the Skullcrushing Finale on Cena through a steel chair. The referee is still down. The crowd is really not into this one, not nearly like they were for Orton vs. Christian or Lawler vs. Cole.

The Miz asks a kid in the front row if he wants to Cena quit, he says no. The Miz hits Cena with a microphone to the head. This is just getting ridiculous at this point. Cena is just taking everything and anything and still hanging around. The Miz continues asking the boy if he wants Cena to quit, the kid says no. The Miz continues laying the smack down on Cena.

The Miz tells Cena he isn’t going to stop and that he can’t win. Cena tells The Miz that the fans are smarter than him. No reaction at all from the crowd. Yes, at this point TNA had a better world title match on their last show than the WWE.

Cena is asked if he quits and a taped “I Quit plays over the loud speaker. Check out my Over the Limit preview. My Still Real to Us podcast partner Jeff Peck predicted this exact finish last week. The tape comes from RAW and is a play off of the Mankind vs. The Rock 1999 Royal Rumble match. Wait a minute, the referee gets a phone call and reverses the decision. The ref plays the tape back to The Miz from Riley’s cell phone and tells The Miz that he is restarting the match. Do I really have to see this twice?

Riley hits The Miz with the belt. Cena then nails an Attitude Adjustment on Riley through the announcer’s table. Cena has recovered. He is either Superman or the Terminator. Cena is removing his own belt and is about to pay back The Miz with some whips. Cena is whipping The Miz all over the place. The Miz runs away. Cena applies the STFU on The Miz on the floor. The Miz quits, it is over!

Overall this was one of the better WWE pay per views of the year and arguably the best. The final match really hurt the show. In my opinion Over The Limit was well on its way to Show of the Year up to the main-event. Unfortunately Cena vs. The Miz was just bad, not WrestleMania 27 bad, but bad enough. Thank God this one is over!

Full WWE 2011 Over the Limit Results…
John Cena defeated The Miz in an I Quit Match
Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole in a Kiss My Foot Match
Randy Orton pinned Christian
Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly
The Big Show and Kane defeated Mason Ryan and CM Punk
Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett via DQ
R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio

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  1. Kevin

    Thanks lol. Well it sounded like they were putting over the idea that she was playing mind games by not showing up. I think its part of the angle that you never know when shes showing up.


  2. "Kelly is screaming like she just missed a flying body press on A.J. Kirsch"


    Interesting that they didn't have something for Macho Man besides Punk trying for the elbow. It's probably what I commented on the Macho Man article. They already had all the big spots and timeline worked out for the PPV and wanted to wait until Raw, where their whole audience would be, as opposed to just a portion of it on a nothing PPV. If Vince doesn't do something tonight, he's just a pr*ck.

    Also interesting that they didn't have KharmA do something. Aren't they trying to push her? They could eliminate the whole Diva division and I don't think anyone would care, and they leave out the only interesting thing happening in it? Strange.


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