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WWE – Office Hours with The Professor

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In my “real” life, I’m a college professor. Part of my job is to hold office hours each week so the students can drop in and check on their progress, explain why their homework wasn’t done, and ask me questions about things they didn’t understand from the lecture that week.

Since I started writing for The Camel Clutch blog, I’ve received a number of questions from readers. I thought that the best way to answer them would be to go back to what I know.

WWE Office Hours

Little Jimmy from Parts Unknown asked, “How could WWE make sure that superstars called up from NXT get over with fans?” – That’s an excellent question, Jimmy. The first idea would be to actually put them on television. For every Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura, there’s been an American Alpha, Ascension or Tye Dillinger. If the acts aren’t on TV, they won’t get over. Another idea would be to put an NXT match on every WWE PPV Kickoff Show. This would get the “mainstream” audience more familiar with the future stars.

Erick from Wyattville asked, “Jinder Mahal is referred to as ‘The Modern Day Maharaja.’ What does maharaja mean?” – Most people would tell you that a maharaja is an Indian prince. In WWE, maharaja appears to be the Punjabi word for crickets.

Nattie from Florida asks, “How does WWE decide which women get championship matches on SmackDown Live?” – Another excellent question. After watching Lana’s return over the past couple of weeks, I’d say that you have to ask. It’s better if you have very little experience.

Viktor from The Abyss asked, “What happened to American Alpha? Those guys were beasts in NXT.” – I suspect that Jason Jordan might be injured, as he only made a brief appearance on SD this week, when Chad Gable came out to challenge Kevin Owens for the U.S. title. If that’s not the case, it’s possible that someone in creative decided that WWE already has too many tag teams that feature top-flight mat skills and gimmicks that are over with the crowd.

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Brie from Arizona asks, “What was the best part about Daniel Bryan calling for another MiTB match for the SD women?” – It’s a tossup for me. Part of me wants to say that it was smart for Bryan to quell the controversy over the horrible finish to the match from the MiTB PPV. Another part of me wants to say that it was when he threatened to punch James Ellsworth in the face.

Andrew from Georgia wants to know, “What is Randy Orton’s record against Jinder Mahal? Should he keep getting championship matches?” – I’m not sure that Mahal should be getting championship matches, much less Orton. If memory serves, Orton is 0-2 against Mahal. In his defense, he’s undefeated against the Singh Brothers.

Tyler from Iowa asked, “What in the world is Bray Wyatt talking about?” – No one knows. Not even Bray Wyatt.

Jack from Oklahoma asks, “Why are Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and the Ascension on TV when Rusev isn’t?” – As anyone who reads my work knows, a lot of underutilized WWE Superstars reside in Curtis Axel’s basement. One can only assume that with the additions of American Alpha, Tye Dillinger, and Aiden English, the basement was getting too crowded.

Jack had a follow up question, “With the return of Braun Strowman, is Raw getting too crowded?” – I love Strowman, but any place that has Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Strowman and Roman Reigns’ ego is too crowded.

Tom from Boston asked, “Why is John Cena listed as a free agent?” – Clearly, somebody screwed up some paperwork after the Superstar Shakeup. There should probably be an investigation. Cory Graves might want to look into it. The good news is that, with ratings flagging headed into the summer, WWE fans can look forward to the ever-popular “All Cena All the Time” booking that we’re used to.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. If you have any WWE questions you want me to answer, send them to me via Twitter @bgarmani. Until next time, study these answers. There’s going to be a quiz.

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Bob Garman
Bob is a Writing professor in California and for a major online university. He’s been a wrestling fan since the early 80s, when he used to watch the AWA on Sunday mornings in Minnesota, where he grew up. Bob has written for AOL, Bleacher Report, and other online sports sites. Currently, Bob enjoys watching all the WWE product with his son, Jake. Bob has a BA in English from Ellis College, and an MA in English from National University.


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