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WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas Predictions and Preview

Righto, here we go again with another takeover which promises to be more entertaining and predictable than the last. The brand itself has shown to millions why they are to be considered on the same platform as RAW and Smackdown, and with such an immense pool of talented superstars and divas, this is likely to continue. On the 1st of April the NXT roster will descend onto the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre ready and willing to showcase their abilities and to date there are some brilliant matches announced for the amazing card. Here I will preview every match on the card as well as predict the winner and how the match will likely play out, let’s hope for some entertaining bouts and possible title changes.

Match 1: Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

The NXT Universe was buzzing when William Regal announced the brand’s newest signing, a man known all over the globe and possibly one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time, Austin Aries. Upon making his entrance he was brutally attacked by one Baron Corbin, furious at Regal over his recent omission from the NXT Title picture. The feud itself has a good foundation and Corbin can be used in order to get Aries over with the crowd in his debut match under the WWE name.

The match itself should showcase the talent of Austin Aries, performing many of his big moves that he is known for. Considering Corbin may be main roster bound following this live special and the fact that Aries is debuting, it would be silly not to book Aries for a victory in this matchup. Aries hits the brainbuster and a 450 splash for the win.

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Match 2: The Revival vs American Alpha (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Oh what a time to be watching NXT. The Revival, two of the most gifted wrestlers on the roster and American Alpha, the two most over guys on the roster, this match could be a worthy match of the year contender. Dawson and Wilder won the belts off the Vaudevillians and since have gone on a rampage in the division destroying everything in sight, namely Enzo and Big Cass. Their underhanded, dirty tactics have made them one of the most hated teams and this is why they are so good as the current champs. Meanwhile the compatriots Jason Jordan and Chad Gable have been on a roll recently picking up wins against almost every tag team, most notably former tag champs Blake and Murphy.

There has been much hype surrounding the former Olympian and NCAA wrestler and that is why they will not be leaving Kay Bailey empty-handed. The Revival will put up an amazing fight but in the end they will succumb to Jordan and Gable’s Grand Amplitude for the 3 count. NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. This will be received brilliantly by the NXT crowd as they are the two most popular guys on the roster and it will be interesting to see not only how they progress as champions, but how The Revival will recover and possibly debut on the main roster in months to come.

Match 3: Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

This match would be one of the stranger ones on the card. Apollo Crews the powerful, high flying superstar against one that doesn’t say a word and brings a bloody guitar to the ring!! This feud of sorts didn’t have that much storyline backing so it will be interesting to witness how this plays out in the weeks following Dallas. It is evident from numerous squash matches that NXT management wish to push Samson to the very top under his Drifter persona and this may indicate the departures of many top heels, most notably Baron Corbin. Management also seem to be pushing Crews up the card but putting the two together at a live special could be detrimental to one’s rise.

The match would feature many back and forth contests as well as some huge pops as Apollo flies through the air to the outside, or kicks out of Samson’s lethal swinging neckbreaker. Ultimately it should be Samson picking up the win using a roll-up and the ropes for leverage in order to gain extra heat from the fans, and this does not make Apollo look weak at all as it would have been an excellent match.

Match 4: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn

The debut of one of Japan’s biggest stars has been touted by the WWE Universe for months and those in attendance will witness first-hand the sheer brilliance of the talented superstar. The arrival of AJ Styles and the impending arrivals of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson further demonstrates just how good the wrestlers in Japan are and the fact that the WWE wishes to sign all of their top stars, but back to the matchup. Zayn is coming of a huge loss to Samoa Joe where he lost his opportunity to become the first ever two-time NXT Champion. Overall this contest does make a lot of sense, one of NXT’s top guys against a debuting destroyer. This in actuality could be Zayn’s last match as he has participated in the Royal Rumble match and seems as if he will challenge Kevin Owens and Wrestlemania.

Nakamura will utilize many of the moves that made him famous over in Japan which will get him over with the fans while Zayn will also put in some offense as well, notably the Torpedo DDT on the outside. I would like to see the debut of Gallows and Anderson but it is highly unlikely. A more likely outcome will be the mergence and return to NXT by Kevin Owens who distracts Zayn as Nakamura hits the Bomaye for the pin and victory. This adds further animosity to Owens vs Zayn and also starts off a brilliant NXT and WWE career for Nakamura, who probably won’t stay on the NXT brand for long.

Match 5: Bayley vs Asuka (NXT Women’s Championship)

Probably the most exciting matchup on the card pits the reigning champ and professional hugger Bayley against the mysterious, colorful Asuka. Bayley has held her NXT Women’s Championship since Takeover: Brooklyn where she defeated Sasha Banks in what is now considered as one of the greatest matches of all time. It is no secret that Bayley shines on the big stage and the imposing will of Asuka acting against her will lead her to take more risks and undertake an ultimately brilliant performance. Asuka on the other hand since arriving from Japan has destroyed every member of the roster in her path as well as using her experience to get others over, most notably Emma and Dana Brooke. Her stiff fighting style utilizing many strikes and kicks is somewhat of a polar opposite to the skill set of Bayley and it will be interesting to see the chemistry between the two as they work this title match.

It is no secret that the WWE wishes to have the four horsewomen on the main roster together which could prove a brilliant feud, and this is why Asuka is walking away from Dallas as the new champion. In the final moments of the match Bayley would go for the Bayley-To-Belly but gets countered into an Asuka Lock which she has no choice but to tap out. Saddened, Bayley rises to her feet to a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance and this would also mark her farewell from the NXT brand. Being left at the top of the Women’s division, Asuka could go on to feud with Emma and Dana Brooke once more but could also face off against the looming threat of Eva Marie and Nia Jax.

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Match 6: Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe (NXT Championship)

We were first able to witness this contest at NXT’s previous live special after the duo went their separate ways following their victory in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The two put on a great match and the same is expected come April 1st in Dallas. Balor has held the title since defeating Kevin Owens in Japan and as of late there have been numerous rumors surfacing about the Demon debuting on the main roster as part of the Bullet Club. Whether this eventuates or not is another story for another time but it is very likely that he will leave NXT in the near future. Then there is Samoa Joe, the Samoan Submission Machine who has wreaked havoc all over NXT since debuting last year and doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. He has made it perfectly clear that he will be NXT Champion in the near future and maybe that could happen at Takeover.

Balor and Joe know each other so well and have great chemistry in the ring that this should be a thrilling encounter with many big spots. Joe’s imposing weight advantage will cause Balor to use an aerial assault against his opponent, with many suicide dives and top rope moves. The two would both kick out of each other’s finishers and will seem as if both men are unwilling to let go of the NXT Title. Finally, Joe hits a Muscle Buster and follows it up with his signature submission hold to which Balor doesn’t give up, but passes out. Samoa Joe is your new NXT Champion!

Following this creative could go in one of two ways. 1, have Balor challenge Joe to a rematch as he technically never gave up or 2, have Balor go up to the main roster and shake things up there. It will only be a matter of time until we find out what the WWE has in store for Balor, and what NXT has in store for its new champion, Samoa Joe.

So, those are my predictions for Takeover: Dallas. Strangely I have every championship changing hands so it will be interesting to see if this actually eventuates. Be sure to leave your own thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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