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WWE NXT September 6 Results & Report

William Regal WWE NXTHey guys. My apologies for my absence last week; but last week was just a recap show talking about the best NXT alumni in the WWE right now. In summary: Keep an eye on Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley, and AJ. There you go, I saved you 48 minutes.

Our show this week opens with a recap of Darren Young beating up Matt Striker after Striker tried to make peace. They make sure to show Regal then running in and chasing off Darren Young as we cut to the opening. We come back for the first disappointing thing of the night, as Jack Korpela has replaced the departed (to ESPN) Todd Grisham. I have nothing against Jack, but I was hoping Scott Stanford to be the replacement. He’s not terrible, but its like they gave the job to a five year old child who just so darn happy to be there. Okay, maybe he was a little bad, but give him a break. He’s new.

[adinserter block=”2″]Darren out to start our show with generic music. He comes out and says NXT is done, which humorously gets a loud ovation. Unfortunately, he was referring to how the competition is over cause Darren has proven without a shadow of a doubt he’s the best…. How? I mean seriously, all he did was beat up an announcer. For crying out loud, he’s celebrating like he just ended the Streak!

Darren thanks Regal for coming into the ring last week, cause he would have killed Striker. No seriously; he was going to commit murder. Well, Orton hands out concussions like candy, so why not?

Regal comes into the ring… to be a nonsensical hypocrite. First he chastises Darren Young, saying that beating people up is no way to get ahead in the wrestling business. What? He also later tells Darren Young that villains don’t bully people…Its there that I start to wonder if old age has finally gotten to Lord Steven Regal. So Ric Flair and the Horsemen weren’t villains? Though his comment about having a body like a badly made bed was funny.

Darren tells Regal to shut up and to stop hogging his spotlight. Regal responds by telling him he doesn’t need it, he gets his own just fine. He warns Young that he has no idea what he’s getting into if he challenges him. Darren responds to this warning to not challenge him… by challenging him to a match. Smart guy, that Darren Young.

Regal accepts by telling him he’s doing this not for himself or revenge. He’s honestly doing this to teach Darren a lesson in respect. Nice segment in all, set up the match for later nicely, and explained both guys’ reasons for being there.

We come back for our weekly dose Titus O’Neil! 🙁

Titus O’Neil & AJ vs. Derrick Bateman

I really hate this Trio. Could WWE make it anymore obvious whom they want to win NXT? Plus the trio is just so ridiculous. You have Titus who’s just there to leech off his Pro. You have AJ, who’s in love with a midget and slapped Maryse so hard she got a hernia. And Hornswoggle, whose only crime is that he’s the most annoying thing the company has every produced. You almost feel bad for him, as he’s with 2 people who he thinks are friends but are just using him- oh my god! I’m sympathizing for Hornswoggle!

I don’t mind Bateman and Maxine, as they are getting better the longer they are allowed to be together. Derrick plays the guy who loves sex so much he’s willingly being used, and I buy Maxine as the controlling female. Plus to Maxine’s credit, her in-ring has really improved. Do I wish they were fighting somebody else, yeah. But that’s the breaks.

Annoying thing about this match is Titus dominates every time he’s tag in. No joke, whenever he and Bateman are in there, he’s just mauling him. Thankfully, Maxine and AJ are a little more balanced. Maxine has become quite the powerhouse, and holds her own with AJ nicely. AJ, to her credit, is really good. She reminds me of female X-Pac; which I mean as a compliment. Heck, she even does his patented spin kick like him as well.

This one doesn’t last that long. Titus gets his 20th hot tag, and goes to town on Derrick. After Maxine spoils a pinfall attempt, her and AJ fight on the outside. Derrick tries for a rollup but Titus just rolls through and hits Clash of the Titus for the victory

Winners: AJ & Titus

This match was good when AJ and Maxine fought, but the “Titus = Cena” parts of it weighed it down. Why is Titus the only face again? Oh yeah, WWE wants him to win. Can we just skip to the part where he wins ands ends NXT already?

We then go to the back were Derrick and Maxine argue about the loss. They have one of the most comical fights I’ve ever seen a couple have. They talk about how Derrick could have beaten Titus if he watched more Roadhouse, how Bateman spends too much time giving his hair a perm instead of training, and whether Maxine is “real”. Finally they decide to focus their attention on getting Hornswoggle and proceed to make out. I liked this segment, as it explained Maxine and Bateman’s relationship pretty nicely. They are using each other to get revenge on Hornswoggle… and for sex. The thought of sex frightens Jack Korpela by the way… which is sad.

Regal heads to the back to get ready, and Matt Striker replaces him. Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring to cut a promo, and oh my god, what happened to his tongue? I don’t know what happened, but Tyson has a huge lisp right now. Jack Swagger is in the back going “Damn, that’s a big lisp.” I’m sorry, but wow its distracting.

Tyson points out the obvious, in that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is behind these strings of attacks that he’s been hit with… I still can’t believe they had Tyson job to Trent Baretta in Canada. Trent Baretta? Really? I apologize, I got off topic there.

He rambles on and on about his lineage, and how that makes him the best wrestler on the roster… while ignoring the fact that his win-loss is worse than Yoshi Tatsu’s. He then challenges Yoshi to a match.

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Now sometimes in the life of a professional wrestler, one needs to re-invent himself. One’s persona can get stale, and it’s important to basically hit a reset on yourself to reintroduce yourself to the new crowd, and even better your career. Look how good that heel turn went for R-Truth. So Yoshi Tatsu had a really good chance here to do this… and trust me when I say he flushed that opportunity down the toilet.

So Yoshi comes out, and he’s dressed like a Jonin from Naruto. His theme music starts with that weird Japanese symbol and some ominous music before leaping right into that weird Super Mario music of his. His blonde highlight in now red, and he walks to the ring instead bouncing around like an imbecile. He takes off his ninja garb and now half his face is painted like a kabuki. So in summary, his reset was to become more of Japanese stereotype than he already was. No joke, the only thing he could do at this point to become more of a stereotype is join the Yakuza and ride a tentacle monster from a hentai to the ring.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd

This feud has pretty much turned into the reason to watch NXT. You know, so when your talking to your friends and they start to laugh at you for watching the show; you can at least say “Well, Yoshi and Kidd had a really good match.”

So yeah, for those who never heard me talk about these two in the ring; great chemistry, very innovative moves, and very faced paced action. In fact, I’d say its thanks to these two guys are the main reason HHH sees money in the cruiserweights again. However, and this will always be the problem with it, it’s a story about two grown men fighting over a toy. Its so stupid it makes this great match look like garbage.

Nice back and forth here; its definitely worth a watch. End comes as Yoshi blocks a frankensteiner from the top rope and counters with an off the top rope spin heel kick. Now this is one of Yoshi’s finishers, and something he’s done a million times on NXT. However, the announcers decide to sell it like they just saw Hogan slam Andre.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

End result? I somehow dislike Yoshi even more. Which takes us to our Main Event.

William Regal vs. Darren Young

[adinserter block=”1″]Prowrestling is the only sport were old dudes can destroy someone twenty years younger than they are and several times stronger than them. This was pretty much a squash match, a pretty frustrating one at that. Don’t get me wrong I love Regal and all, but how does this help Darren? This is what this show is supposed to do, right? Showcase the young guys and make me buy that he deserves a spot on the main roster? You don’t do this by having him get beat up by a guy who typically jobs on the main roster, and also is an announcer. Makes no sense.

Regal has the Regal Stretch locked on and Darren is about to type. Suddenly JTG tries to run in… for no reason really. Striker starts cursing and takes out JTG because Announcer/Wrestler rule. Regal gets up and causally hits the Knee Trembler for the win.

Winner: William Regal


This show was lousy this week. Two matches that felt like a squashes and one good match… that we’ve see 20 times now. This one really made me wish that this season would just wrap up. We’ve known for months that Titus will win this one, and it’s just delaying the inevitable. If anyone from WWE is reading this, please just end this season!

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  1. I still have no idea why this season is going on this long, especially when the winner of the season still has to go on to compete in another season. You think they would've rushed through this one because of that.


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