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WWE NXT September 20 Results & Report

WWE NXTHello people, and welcome to the rant. Before I get into it, Night of Champions happened… Have to say I wasn’t a fan of it. I’m not even talking about HHH going over Punk, which I was all right with. Yes, it makes no sense for HHH to go over; but I’m satisfied with the fact that it took a Truth Hurts, a Jackknife Powerbomb, and several Pedigrees to finally put Punk away. What I do have a problem with is Beth Phoenix jobbing to someone that makes no sense for her jobbing too, and John Cena winning the belt yet again. You telling me that with everyone they have on the roster on RAW, they have no one else to give that bloody title to for more than a month? Oh, I digress…

The show opens up with Percy Watson in the ring in a full on business suit. Oh boy, does this really mean that Percy is “back on WWE NXT?” Why won’t this show end? Percy Watson welcomes us to NXT, and welcomes his guest who is dominating NXT and will win it all… JTG. No I’m just kidding, its Titus O’Neil of course… who comes out to different music than Percy… So for those keeping score: Maxine, Percy, Derrick Bateman, and now Titus all have their own theme music. Meanwhile, Darren Young still has nothing.

[adinserter block=”2″]Titus is out, and he reminds me why I hate that dog bark. Afterward, him and Percy discuss how Titus has pretty much been wiping out the competition, which is true. This “competition” should have ended eons ago. You guys aware that from the last elimination to the present has surpassed the length of all other NXT seasons before it? What’s the hold up? Titus says after he wins NXT, him and Percy will go on to become the Tag Team Championships… wait, how does Titus getting a shot at a WWE contract ensure that Percy will too? Did Percy get a job with WWE? The heck did he do to get a job ahead of Titus? Other than that, I’m fine with this. Titus and Darren are actually a pretty decent tag team.

JTG and Darren Young come out to interrupt because they’re jerks. This pretty much makes it official; JTG is now Darren’s Pro. They talk about how its actually Darren’s show, which really doesn’t make sense as he’s done nothing but beat up announcers. After some bragging from JTG and Darren, Titus responds with a quote that reminds us all why he should never be allowed to hold a mic. And I quote:

”Last time I saw you guys, the Usos were bringing the wood to your asses!”

Yeah, swirl that around in your heads for a second. Anyway, The heels try to jump the faces, and that fails badly. They’re sent out of the ring, and we have our main event for the night. But first, because they’re only two Divas on NXT, here’s yet another match between Maxine and AJ.

AJ vs. Maxine

They show a replay of last week, and I must apologize for calling that Double Underhook Sitdown DDT a Batista bomb last week, my bad.

This match is definitely a lot better from their previous match up. She’s no Trish Stratus, but Maxine is developing very nicely. It’s hard to believe that she was in that match with Kaitlyn that was one of the worst Diva’s matches ever. She’s actually developing into quite the bruiser, and I’m becoming a fan.

As for AJ, she may in fact be developing into the next Trish Stratus. She is awesome in the ring, and if WWE can get over the fact that she isn’t a model, she could become something really special. However, this is WWE after all where they have Beth freaking Phoenix jobbing to Kelly Kelly; so I’m not holding my breath.

End comes as AJ squirms out of Maxine’s finisher (The Maxim?) and nails a shining wizard for the win.

Winner: AJ

We get shown a graphic confirming that Darren/JTG vs. Titus/Percy is our main event for tonight. You realize that Titus and Darren have fought in some form 368 times now?

We then get shown a RAW Rewind with the Hugh Jackman happenings. Jackman is by the way, my new favorite Raw Guest Host of all time now. It was perfect: I actually really like Jackman, he didn’t take himself too seriously (in fact, he was pretty funny), and he didn’t dominate the show. On top of this, he used his appearance to get someone over (Zack Ryder). Bravo Jackman, Bravo.

We cut to the back with a very upset Maxine walking and bumping into Hornswoggle. She sees Hornswoggle with a love letter, and insults the leprechaun. She then mentions that she saw Titus and AJ hanging out together for the entire week that Swoggle was gone. Swoggle’s face shows some anger… that means he’s actually buying this. Yes, Hornswoggle actually thinks he can believe the heel that has said on numerous occasions that she wants to break those two up… yup, Hornswoggle is smart.

Maxine walks off and interrupts Derrick Bateman talking to Tyson Kidd. Tyson walks off thanks to this, and Derrick is visibly upset as he was gaining knowledge from the Hart Dungeon… which to be fair, if I was a wrestler, I’d be upset about too. Maxine yells for letting her lose, and that he’s blowing it. Wow, Maxine is a pain in the butt. I wonder why Derrick puts up with her. They then proceed to viciously make out… yeah, that would be why.

Derrick Bateman vs. Yoshi Tatsu

This match up by the way, this was the only new match up this week as the rest were all rematches. As far as matches go, this was fine. Derrick Bateman continues to impress me, while Yoshi continues to annoy me. He just seems to find more and more Japanese stereotypes to rip-off. This week, its knife-edge chops. That’s basically his whole side of the match. Chops in the ring, chops on the floor, Chops from the top rope… I hate Yoshi.

End come when Yoshi hits the “I’m Japanese, therefore all my kicks are Bruce Lee like” for the win… or it would have been. Tyson runs in and proceeds to monkey stomp Yoshi into next week!

Winner: Yoshi by DQ

Tyson then does me a favor and hits his finisher on Yoshi, and continues to manhandle him. Gee, I wonder if this will result in yet another match between the two?

AJ in the back now looking for Hornswoggle Titus bumps into her, and congratulates her victory. He then wishes her luck on… patching things up with Hornswoggle? Wait, why does she have to patch things up? Hornswoggle is the one who left her for 2 weeks without calling her. Why does she have to make up to him? Is someone who’s going through a rough patch with his girlfriend writing this week’s episode? Anyway, AJ thanks him for the advice (for some reason) and hugs him. Unfortunately, Hornswoggle is there and immediately assumes this means AJ is cheating on him, and leaves in disgust. Its amazing how NXT makes me dislike people even more.

Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson vs. Darren Young & JTG

Again, while matches on NXT are repetitive, I can’t discount them for being bad. The four actually work really well, and gel to make a great match. As much as I dislike Titus O’Neil, I like him as a tag team with Percy. They have great size and teamwork. Granted, Titus’ moveset is still garbage as I swear he did every variation of shoulderblock known to man. However and too his credit, when he wants to he can explode with a really impressive offensive power move set. Percy continues to impress me as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]Darren and JTG really work well as a team. If this keeps up, we may have a new Cryme Tyme. Which is a good thing as we need as many tag teams as possible. This is definitely the match to watch this week, and was worthy of the main event spot.

End comes as Darren surprises Titus by clipping his leg, and picking up for not his finisher. Its like he was going to do the Double Knee Driver, but then thought “Nah, one knee is fine.” At any right, it’s enough to beat Titus.

Winner: JTG & Darren Young

The heels celebrate… till the Usos run in and jump them. The announcers make this big deal about how the Usos have made a statement to Teddy Long about getting a title shot… how? They beat up a jobber and someone who isn’t technically employed by the WWE. How does this translate to a statement?


Wrestling-wise, it was an excellent show. I can’t really say there was a bad match on here, but it’s just that NXT really needs to finish. Just give the victory to Titus, and be done with it. The fact that they need to bring back more and more old Rookies is getting ridiculous. Please NXT, just end.

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