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WWE NXT September 13 Results & Report

WWE NXT September 13Howdy y’all, and welcome to the rant. This week’s WWE NXT rant takes place in Toronto, Canada. Or, as WWE likes to call it, Bizarro Land. See they call it that because it’s the only place where Cena gets booed… wait no, its really not. Well, it’s definitely the only place that cheers the heels… no. Wait a minute, we cheer the heels a lot in the states as well… Kind of a double standard you have there WWE.

We start the show in the ring with Matt Striker. He says typically he’d be starting the show off by introducing us to a challenge… that is a lie, we haven’t had a challenge on the show in months. This by the way, is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Striker then goes on and on about a hockey term for a loser (Goon) and says this is perfect description of JTG and Darren Young. Oh, I get it. Because we’re in Canada, he’s doing a hockey term.

Darren and JTG out, which begs the question: Why are JTG and Darren a team? The whole JTG interfering thing really makes no sense. As team Young Gs walk to the ring, Regal leaves the booth and enters the ring. Regal’s full of funny comments tonight, as he starts us off by asking either Striker or Darren to translating what JTG said as he came down to the ring (I don’t know, something about us hating?) Humorously, Darren has no idea either.

[adinserter block=”2″]Darren explains that this is a matter of respect for them, and that they are upset that a retired old man and a Never-Was are disrespecting them. Regal warns him against calling him an old man, as it will make them look bad when they lose to one. Say what you will about Regal, he still makes an entertaining promo. He ends it by suddenly screaming that he’s “straight up gansta tripping!” and then that’s it. Funny as it was out of nowhere.

We cut to a shot of Derrick Bateman and Tyson Kidd in the back walking. Derrick assaults a wall as we are told they will be in action against Titus O’Neil and a mystery opponent. Considering that Tyson is in Canada, I don’t like Derrick’s chances of a victory.

Derrick Bateman & Tyson Kidd vs. Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson

First I notice that Titus has his own theme music finally. It sounds like a slowed down version of Lex Luger’s theme music from Wrestlemania X. It’s all right; I’ve definitely heard worse for theme music. Second is Percy Watson… who’s gained twice the body mass that he had in season 2of NXT. Percy is not quite as goofy, though I admit that we don’t hear him cut a promo on this night. But physically, he looks as big as Titus. So they kind of look like Doom out there together… a big, goofy, zany version of Doom.

Story of this pairing is that they became friends on Season 2, and that Titus called him up and asked if he’d team up with him against Derrick and Tyson. Time out… that’s all it takes to get a match in WWE? An employee just asks you to wrestle? Not even, cause keep in mind Titus is technically fighting for an opportunity to be employee with the company. So Percy literally skipped the who NXT process by doing this… oh god, please don’t tell me Percy is on NXT now, and we’ve gone from having 2 finalists to having 4 again (5 if you count Maxine).

The match itself is okay. Percy and Titus obviously have teamed up before and they had some interesting moves. I also come to realize that if Titus dropped the stupid dog bark and mooching off Hornswoggle, I maybe okay with his existence. Percy has really gotten good. There was this one spot where he literally jumped 10 feet into the air to hit Tyson with a dropkick as he leapt off the top rope. Percy and Titus definitely have an interesting power and speed combination, and could become something good with some more seasoning and if Titus stops acting like a complete idiot.

Unfortunately, this team still needs a tag finisher, as the match ends with in standard Titus fashion; casually hitting the Clash of the Titus on Derrick Bateman for the win.

Winner: Percy & Titus

It was okay, though it still bugs me that Tyson has lost again in Canada. However, the point of this match was to show off the potential for Percy and Titus; and I have to agree its there. These two could be a nice addition to a FINALLY growing tag division. Hopefully they grow into the position.

We are then shown that tonight AJ will face Maxine, and this takes us to a little backstage segment with AJ on the phone leaving a message for Hornswoggle. Apparently, Swoggle has been gone since last week. She tells him to call her, hangs up, and bumps into Maxine. AJ thinks Maxine kidnapped Hornswoggle, which makes sense considering he’s been kidnapped twice this season. Maxine reveals that she doesn’t have him, and that he left to the Bella Twins to Palm Springs. Man, that’s an image I did not need. AJ doesn’t believe her of course, so Maxine shows her a photo. She says she doesn’t believe it, and runs off. Afterward, Maxine admits that Photoshop is awesome.

Maxine vs. AJ

I wasn’t a fan of this match. Maxine really loves rest holds, and it showed in this match. The fight was pretty much “Maxine with a power move, into a rest hold, flippy moves by AJ, and repeat.” This one should be skipped, and its definitely not as good as their first one.

Maxine wins with a Batista Bomb.

Winner: Maxine

Titus runs out to check on AJ because he’s a desperate Rookie looking for votes in anyway he can. Cole is out now, and he gets very loud boos still. Please don’t be announcing you’re wrestling again.

[adinserter block=”1″]William Regal & Matt Striker vs. Darren Young and JTG

You guys need to see this match. First of all, the match was pretty interesting. You had 4 guys with 4 very different styles, and they actually meshed pretty well. On top of that, you got Cole ripping apart this match hysterically! He rips into Matt Striker for being in the ring still, Young for hanging onto the fact he main evented Summerslam, and JTG for being JTG. By the way, Jack Korpela has no business going toe to toe with Cole on the mic. It’s not even fair.

The match is pretty humorous. There was even a spot where Striker and Regal used JTG as a battering ram on JTG. It was a really fun tag, and the one thing on here that’s worth a watch. End comes as Darren goes for what looks like an inside cradle, but turns it into a Double Knee Driver for the win. Nice!

Winner: Darren & JTG

So JTG and Darren are celebrating their victory… till the Usos enter the ring and take out the heels. Oh no, have the Usos been demoted to NXT now too?

Honestly, this NXT was okay. The tag matches were all good, and the main event was so over the top, it was awesome. The Diva’s match wasn’t great, but I didn’t hate it. Okay show, and worth a watch.

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