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WWE NXT Results and October 28 Recap

Two matches are announced for later on tonight. Enzo and Cass will take on Dash and Dawson in tag team action, and in the main event, Samoa Joe will go one on one with Tyler Breeze.

Emma vs Shazza

Emma starts with a shoulder block as the commentators play up to the fact that these two have squared off in the past but this is a completely new Emma. Emma stomps on Shazza by the ring ropes as she keeps Shazza grounded. Emma stands on Shazza’s hair while pulling her up by the arms as she stretches her body out. Every time Shazza tries to break away, Emma stops her, this time throwing her to the floor before launching her into the corner. Shazza finally gets out of the corner but she is thrown straight into the second rope, before Emma hits Shazza with the crossbody into her opponent in the corner. Emma Lock is applied for the submission victory for Emma.

[adinserter block=”1″]Result – Emma wins via submission

Notes – Emma looked really aggressive as she looked to make a statement. The commentary team played up the history between these two Australians really well while also reminding of Emma’s recent change in character. Emma is convincing as an aggressive heel, and it will be fun to watch as she heads towards a collision with Asuka.

It is announced that next week’s episode of NXT will see Apollo Crews get his title match. Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews for the NXT Championship next week on NXT!

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa

Gable and Ciampa kick off this tag team bout. Incredible sequence of moves by both men as they lock on to each other and show strength whilst Ciampa hits knees to Gable’s mid-section and both men attempt pins. Ciampa holds on to Gable as he gets up, but Gable counters and counters again before tripping Ciampa over, much to the delight of the crowd who have been chanting Gable’s name since he came out. Jordan in and goes for the cover after a double team hip toss. The crowd are already chanting “This Is Wrestling” as they clearly are appreciating the work of Jordan and Gable. In a flash though, Ciampa tags Gargano in and they take control, Gargano grounding Jordan with a headlock. Gargano attempts to leap over Jordan but he’s caught and thrown into the corner. Gable is back in and the crowd continue to chant his name. Incredible events as Ciampa dodges Gable after being Irish Whipped into the rope and he rolls out of the ring, and at the same time, Gargano flies into the ring from the apron with a spear on Gable. Gargano applies an abdominal stretch on Gable, and tags in Ciampa, who assumes the same move, before Gargano hits Gable with a dropkick while he is locked in the stretch. Gable finally tags in Jordan and he explodes in with dropkicks to both opponents. Spear into the corner. Suplex variation by Jordan but his pinfall is broke. Jordan is launched into the corner, and, as the ref is distracted, both Gargano and Ciampa hit him with a dropkick, before Gargano jumps over the top rope and plants Jordan with A DDT. Gable breaks the count this time. “This is Awesome” chants begin. Jordan avoids being hit with a double suplex before setting up Ciampa for his and Gable’s combination finishing move. Jordan and Gable win.

Result – Jordan and Gable win

Notes – Phenomenal match. Absolutely incredible work by both tag teams. The crowd were insanely into this match which says how good it was. Jordan and Gable are probably the hottest tag team right now, and they have to win the titles soon. These two teams combined had staggering chemistry, and would both do wonders for the main roster tag team. Worthy of a TakeOver match.

Kay Lee Ray vs Nia Jax

Nia Jax is back for her second match in NXT. Kay Lee Ray attempts to move Jax but is hit with a huge headbutt. Ray gets Jax in the corner and manages to land an offence, but a flying move misses and she is grounded where Jax falls hard with some elbows. Jax gets Ray over her shoulder and continuously jumps to do damage to Ray’s back. Ray gets Jax down and into a roll up, but Jax powers out and soon has Ray locked in a bearhug. A leg drop by Jax soon ends this match.

Result – Nia Jax wins

Notes – I’ve recently made the comparison between Nia Jax and Braun Strowman. Jax isn’t athletically gifted in the ring, but she is strong and powerful, and has the ability to be built as a monster in the division. She has serious strength.

Enzo and Cass vs Dash and Dawson was meant to be the next match up, but the latter attack the former as they are approaching the ring. Enzo is pushed off the stage while Dash and Dawson obliterate Cass’ knee in the ring. Statement made.

Tyler Breeze vs Samoa Joe

Before the match, highlights from Smackdown where Tyler Breeze made his main roster debut and attacked Dolph Ziggler. Breeze rolls out of the ring three time before starting this match, winding up Joe in the process, who eventually chases him but is taken down by Breeze. He then does his signature pose in the corner, but Joe has had enough and hits Breeze with his rapid fire punches. Breeze is back on the outside, BUT JOE LAUNCHES HIMSELF THROUGHT THE MIDDLE ROPE AND ONTO BREEZE. WOW! Breeze fights his way back into it with a huge backbreaker, but Joe quickly kicks out. Joe tries to fight out of a corner but is hit with a massive dropkick. He grounds Joe for a few minutes, locking him in a submission hold on the mat. Joe breaks away with a big boot and a senton. Joe slams Breeze into the mat before screaming “is this what you wanted?” showing clear emotion at being cost his title match. Breeze set up for a Muscle Buster but rolls through and hits a Supermodel Kick for a near fall. Breeze tries to roll up Joe again but is countered into a Kokina Clutch and Breeze is forced to tap.

[adinserter block=”2″]Result – Samoa Joe wins via submission

Notes – Fairly solid main event. Joe continues to look strong and impresses in the ring again. If this is to be Breeze’s last match on the NXT roster, then it was a shame he didn’t move on with a victory. I’m a big fan of Breeze, and I hope he excels on the main roster and doesn’t get buried amongst the waste. He’s exceptional in the ring and has done tremendous to get himself so over for so long with the NXT crowds, so I really hope it isn’t all in vain. Another one of the superstars who brought attention to NXT leaves, and I’m sure he will be missed.

Analysis – Another good show, but good at best. The main event was a good match but by no means a classic. Nia Jax was booked well again. Emma looked impressive as she continued her aggressive side. The in-ring quality this week was solid for every bout excluding one. That one was the tag match between Jordan and Gable vs Gargano and Ciampa. Fantastic match, fantastic performances all round and a fantastic crowd to go with it. That match made this show worth watching alone.

Did you watch this week’s NXT? What do you make of Nia Jax in the ring? Where will Samoa Joe go next? And what did you make of THAT tag team match? Let me know below or on twitter @carlo_george

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