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WWE NXT Results and October 21 Recap

A recap of last week’s number one contender battle royal for the NXT Championship opens the show this week. Asuka is the first person out.

Asuka vs Billie Kay

Asuka offers a handshake to start whilst smiling at Kay, but Kay attacks immediately and goes for the cover. Kay uses her long legs to hold Asuka in the corner. Kay holds up Asuka for an impressive amount of time before hitting the suplex. One kick gets Asuka back into it, and she follows them up with more kicks. Kay retaliates but Asuka smiles at her and locks in an arm bar. Kay manages to escape after rolling over a couple of times but doesn’t escape Asuka’s offence. Asuka hits a strong German Suplex before applying the Asuka Lock for the submission victory.

[adinserter block=”1″]Result – Asuka wins via submission

Notes – Another impressive showing by Asuka. She’s yet to not impress in NXT yet, and the crowd can really be excited by having her on the roster.

Tyler Breeze cuts a backstage promo addressing Samoa Joe and tells him that he wasn’t going to let Joe be the number one contender if he couldn’t. A match between them seems set for the nearby future.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Amore and Dawson open the tag team match with a battle of strength. Dawson takes down Amore with an attack to his knee and Dawson and Wilder exchange tags while working on that knee. Dawson holds Amore in a submission hold to work down the knee. After a short while, Cass gets frustrated and enters to break the hold. Dawson pushes Cass off the apron but the distraction allows Amore to roll through Dawson and get the three count. Also frustrated, Dash and Dawson beat down the crowd favourites after the match to make a statement.

Result – Enzo and Cass win

Notes – Not much happened in the match to really make too many comments. The beat down after the match was interesting though. Dash and Dawson have made a statement and could be heading towards a run towards a title match. The Shatter Machine they hit on Big Cass looked really impressive.

James Storm vs Danny Burch

An absolutely incredible moment. James Storm is in NXT. Another of TNA’s big names has moved to WWE. The crowd were confused at first when his music hit but his name appeared and the crowd went nuts. Burch attempted to make a huge statement by attacking early but is stopped by a hip toss. The commentary team hype up what a huge moment this is as the crowd cheers Storm’s name. Storm hits a kick to the back of the head from the apron before a running neckbreaker. Storm hits his finisher, the 8 Second Ride, to secure a debut victory.

Result – James Storm wins

Notes – Wow. Another incredible moment in NXT. Another talent the crowd will love and add more depth to a solid looking roster. The match itself was what any debut match is. A brief introduction to the newbie. Expecting big things from this guy.

Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews for the NXT Championship is revealed to be happening in two weeks, and not at the next TakeOver event, which is rather surprising.

Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce

Both ladies exchange takedowns and near falls to start the bout, while the crowd side with Royce. Bliss works like a heel, standing on Royce before slapping her in the face. Bliss works down Royce’s arm in the centre of the ring, slowly lowering Royce closer to the mat. Royce delivers a sequence of big kicks to take Bliss off her feet a couple of times. It works temporarily though as Bliss throws Royce into the mat. Knees to the mid-section before delivering a Sparkle Splash gives Alexa Bliss the pinfall victory. Bliss followed the match by mockingly congratulating Bayley once more before claiming she will end Bayley’s championship reign.

Result – Alexa Bliss wins

Notes – For the time they had, both women put on a good match. Royce looks like she could develop into a good wrestler, while Bliss’ actions recently suggest a title match is coming up, which works given she is a heel and has slowly gotten better in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs Tyler Breeze is announced for next week.

Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

The two powerhouses collide again, this time main eventing this week’s NXT. Corbin lands a huge early blow to the head to gain an advantage, but it only awakes Rhyno who goes on an immediate attack with kicks and chops. Corbin rolls out to gain a few seconds, but it doesn’t stop Rhyno until Corbin launches Rhyno into the steel steps. Corbin delivers some strong Irish Whips to punish Rhyno. Every time Rhyno attempts to work a way back into the match, Corbin overpowers him and stays in control. Corbin attempts to throw Rhyno into the steps once again but this time Rhyno reverses and throws Corbin into the steps instead. Rhyno hits a big spine buster for a near fall as the two men show signs of tiredness. Rhyno ducks a clothesline…. GORE BY RHYNO! TWO COUNT! Corbin kicks out at two after hitting his finisher. Rhyno lines a second Gore up but runs straight into End of Days by Baron Corbin. Corbin secures the victory.

Result – Baron Corbin wins

[adinserter block=”2″]Notes – Great match between the two. Considering their very similar styles, these two monsters have good chemistry and have put on another good show. Baron Corbin is still fighting critics but he is still getting better. He works best when he’s on the attack though, stalking his prey like a wolf. Rhyno adds another solid bout to his collection, and I would still like to see him have another run on the main roster, even if it is just for nostalgia effect and he puts over talent.

Analysis – In terms of wrestling, it wasn’t the greatest show NXT has had recently. Short matches were placed in between longer video packages and advertisements. The main event got time and it was a good match. James Storm arriving makes that segment of the show a must watch for many. Two matches, Balor vs Crews and Joe vs Breeze, are announced for upcoming shows when both would easily slot onto a TakeOver card, so they will be matches to look forward to.

Did you watch the show? Do you agree with my views? Or do you think the show was better than how I saw it? Comment below or contact me on twitter @carlo_george and let me know your opinions!

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