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WWE NXT Results and November 18 Recap

The Princess of Staten Island kicks off this week’s NXT.

Carmella vs Nia Jax

Carmella looks to assume a hold on Nia but is thrown on the floor. Nia dominates as she stalks and hits a solid headbutt. She locks in the Bearhug, wearing down Carmella’s midsection. Carmella manages to pull the hold to the rope so Nia has to let go. Jax goes for a Samoan Drop by Carmella avoids it and goes on a brief attack, blocking a splash in the corner with her knees. She attempts a hurricanrana from the top rope by Jax catches her, hits a spine buster and then a leg drop for a quick victory.

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Result – Nia Jax wins

Notes – Another typical squash match for Jax. Carmella got more offence than anyone else in but still was nothing more than a jobber to Jax. Hopefully we will see more of a challenge to Jax very soon.

Alexa Bliss cuts a very good promo, saying she’s tired of hearing about Bayley’s Iron-man match and that the others in the Four Horsewomen group all left Bayley on her own in NXT. A ref appears and says that Blake and Murphy will be banned from ringside for Bliss’ title match with Bayley.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs The Ascension

The Ascension come out first, and the fans absolute love it. A huge roar of approval as their music hits. Cries of “Ya Ya Ya” sound as they make their way to the ring. Fantastic to see the Ascension are still popular somewhere. Viktor starts the match with Gable, and the crowd are already cheering ‘This is Awesome’. Great teamwork shown by Gable and Jordan including a double suplex as they dominate Konnor. Crowd well into this, and very split on who they want to win. Ascension showing some great teamwork now as they control Gable. Gable throws both Ascension members to the outside as he tries to tag in Jordan, and he makes it. Dropkick, dropkick, throw, straps come down by Jordan. Belly to belly slam. Viktor with a massive dropkick to Jordan. Gable with a senton to Konnor on the outside. Jordan tags in Gable, and with Konnor on the outside, Jordan throws Viktor in the air and Gable grabs him as he lands and covers him for the victory. Great match, and a solid victory for Jordan and Gable.

Result – Jordan and Gable win

Notes – Awesome. Amazing to see the Ascension in a relevant position again. Why they have been used the way they have on the main roster is beyond me. They proved tonight (again) that they can perform in the ring, and they deserve much more than a jobber status on the main roster. As for Jordan and Gable, well they just get better every week and are definitely on course to become the next tag team champions. Two insanely gifted wrestlers could become one of the best tag teams of all time.

Emma vs Mary Kate

Emma runs into an early forearm by Kate followed by a shoulder tackle. Emma unleashes a flurry of attacks followed by a dropkick. Emma takes her gloves off and she uses the rope to hold down Kate. Emma continuously smashes Kate’s head into the turnbuckles as Kate can’t escape. Emma hits the low corner clothesline before locking in the Emma Lock for the victory.

Result – Emma wins via submission

Notes – Emma as an aggressive heel is fantastic. She looks so convincing acting as the bad girl in the ring. It seems like she is definitely on course to face Asuka sometime soon as the commentary team kept referencing Asuka during the match. Mary Kate is yet another unknown to debut in NXT without a real introduction, but she looked like she had a bit about her. Strong, almost like a Nia Jax presence in there.

Baron Corbin cuts a promo saying he just doesn’t like Apollo Crews and that Crews is destined to fail in NXT. He challenges Crews to a match at TakeOver: London.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs Cory Hollis and John Skylar

The newly crowned NXT Tag Champs take on a couple of unknowns as it is announced the Vaudevillains will get a title rematch on NXT next week. As per, Dash and Dawson isolate one member of the other team, Hollis, and work on his leg. Seen this for a few weeks now. The two bruisers continuously exchange tags for a good few minutes before Hollis battles his way out to make a tag. However, as soon as Skylar enters, he is hit with the Shatter Machine and the champions pick up the win. Domination.

Result – Dash and Dawson win

Notes – A team of bullies essentially who just want to beat up their opponents and injure them, especially the legs. It is a simple tag team that works really effectively. It is good to see a team just go about their business and just want to fight. It’s a nice character for their team.

Backstage with Asuka. She is asked a question by Dana Brooke walks in. Dana challenges Asuka to a rematch next week on NXT. Asuka agrees. She said only one word in the entire segment (“yes”), and smiled as she done so, and she still looked great. Emma then walks in and Dana says she brought it. Seems the two have a plan for Asuka next week.


A contract signing is announced for next week. Joe isn’t at NXT this week, and he says it is because William Regal fears Balor would retaliate against Joe, so he told Joe to stay away. Joe calls this amusing. Joe claims he will take the NXT Championship in London.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss for the NXT Women’s Championship

Main event time, and it is the third women’s match of the night. A great night for the women tonight! “AYYYY WE WANT SOME BAYLEY!!!” Big fight feel again as the lights dim for the ring announcements. Something as little as that really makes the whole thing feel bigger. Good move. Bayley struggling to contain herself as she stomps on Bliss, but Bliss turns it around with stomps of her own. Bayley manages to get Bliss own before hitting a clothesline to her seated opponent. A lot of reversals and counters so far. Running bulldog by Bayley for a 2 count. Bliss gets out of the ring and Bayley chases, but Bliss throws Bayley into the ring apron. Bliss has Bayley grounded for a while, locking her arm behind her head. Crowd cheering for Bayley rallying her as she hits a double axe handle. A slap followed by a flip and knees to the midsection for a near count by Bliss. Bliss goes up top, but Bayley stops her from jumping and slams her down. Suplex by Bayley and some shoulder charges in the corner, but Bliss sunset flips over and rolls her up. 2 count! Bliss evidently frustrated. Bayley to Belly! Bayley retains! Great match! Music hits…. EVA MARIE!!! The crowd do not like this. Booing heavily. Fans who can be seen on camera have turned their backs and have told other audience members to do the same. Incredible! Marie tries to talk but the boos are incredibly loud. This is heat. Bayley looks sympathetic. Eva Marie keeps trying to get them to be quiet but they are actually booing over her on the mic. Even Bayley is trying to quieten them down now. This is insane! Bayley just mouthed to Marie telling her to finish. Amongst the boos, Eva Marie has announced it will be Bayley vs Eva next week for the NXT Women’s Championship. Eva leaves to end the broadcast.

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Result – Bayley wins and retains her NXT Women’s Championship

Notes – The match was very good. Alexa Bliss put on probably her best ever match in NXT, and looked good in doing so. Her frustration when not being able to pin Bayley was excellent for her character. Bayley continued to show aggression in her attacks, and rightfully defended the title. The aftermath was incredible. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. At no point have I ever seen a heel try and talk, and the face have to try and manage the crowd just so they can be heard. It was incredible heat. The crowd were incredibly against Eva Marie coming out, and I can imagine she will get a same sort of reaction next week during her title match. Seriously, this segment at the end is worth watching just to see this. I do have some sympathy in this instance, but, at the same time, there is no way Eva Marie should be in this position. A month ago, we had Bayley and Sasha Banks main event TakeOver: Respect in an all-time classic. Eva Marie should not be the one to follow this. She isn’t even close to that talent, and, for now, NEEDS to be kept away from Bayley, really for her own good.

Analysis – 3 women’s matches made up most of the matches, which was good at first glance, but two squash matches means it isn’t something to get too excited about. A third squash match for the tag team champions made the majority of the matches short and snappy, but that wasn’t a problem as it made up for two great matches. Jordan and Gable vs the Ascension was fantastic, a must see, and Bayley vs Bliss was very good. And, honestly, NXT was worth watching for the end segment alone. It was incredible!

Confirmed for next week:

Bayley vs Eva Marie for the NXT Women’s Championship

Dash and Dawson vs the Vaudevillains for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Dana Brooke vs Asuka

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe contract signing

Confirmed for NXT TakeOver: London

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship

Did you watch this week’s NXT? Were you glad to see the Ascension return home? What did you make of Alexa Bliss’ performance in the main event? And… Eva Marie… Your thoughts? Let me know what you think down below or contact me on twitter @carlo_george

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