WWE NXT Results and November 11 Recap


We start WWE NXT with a recap video of the NXT Championship match from last week between Finn Balor and Apollo Crews. The number 10 appears on the screen, meaning Tye Dillinger is opening this week’s show.

Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

Corbin comes out and stands in the ring, staring out to Dillinger. APOLLO CREWS!! Crews flies into the ring and unleashes a beat down on Corbin, the man who cost his the title. Punches and a spear and Corbin literally sprints away from the ring. Apollo stands and barks words at Corbin who has now vanished. Crews is absolutely livid.

[adinserter block=”1″]Result – match doesn’t start

Notes – Great character development for Crews here. He has always been smiling and happy when coming out, but he legitimately looked angry when standing in the ring. One thing confused me though. If Crews is really that mad, why didn’t he just chase Corbin and continue to beat him up? It has always baffled me why superstars are essentially stuck in the ring and can’t chase someone to fight them.

Bayley and the Hype Bros vs Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss

Murphy starts the match up with Zack Ryder, the crowd more than ever behind the faces. Bliss tags herself in, and the crowd cry out for Bayley as she tags in too. Alexa rallies and bangs Bayley’s head into the turnbuckle, but Bayley shrugs it off and does the same to Alexa. Bayley goes for the finished but Alexa escapes and tags herself out, the men now entering. Ryder has control of Blake but a distraction by Murphy allows the heels to begin a wear down in the corner on Ryder. After a while, Ryder manages to make the tag to Mojo Rawley and he goes on the attack on both Blake and Murphy. Bliss breaks up a pinfall attempt and Bayley flies across the ring to attack her. Alexa Bliss then steals the NXT Women’s Championship which momentarily distracts Bayley. She then breaks up a pinfall attempt by Blake and Murphy before hitting a Bayley to Belly on Murphy! She chases Alexa Bliss and leaves Ryder and Rawley to pick up the victory over Blake and Murphy.

Result – Bayley and the Hype Bros win

Notes – fun match to watch. The crowd were well into it and it furthered the feud between Bayley and Bliss ahead of an impending title match. I’m glad Blake and Murphy are wearing different bottoms now. When they were both wearing tights, it was tricky to tell them apart, but Blake sported trunks instead which made it easier.

GREAT NEWS! The Ascension have accepted the challenge and they will be back on NXT to face Jordan and Gable. It will be a fantastic match but it is just great to see the Ascension coming back. Of all the NXT call-ups, the Ascension are the ones that WWE screwed up the most. Great to see them come home.

An interesting segment takes place backstage where Eva Marie stops Nia Jax on her way to the ring and speaks to her off camera. An alliance forming perhaps?

Crews delivers a short backstage promo on Baron Corbin’s actions. It was brief, but was effective, and Crews delivered it well. Crews isn’t done with Corbin.

Deonna vs Nia Jax

The 250th unknown diva to appear on NXT (I’m exaggerating but not even by much) as Deonna makes her bow against Nia Jax. Huge Samoan Drop to start as Jax strolls and stalks her prey. Splash in the corner after a viscous headbutt. Jax hits a spine buster followed by a leg drop and secures the victory. It is announced that Carmella will take on Nia Jax next week.

Result – Nia Jax wins

Notes – Great showing by Deonna. She got a total of 0 seconds offence time. A squash match to highlight the strength of Jax. It has worked for years and worked here. Jax continues to look strong as she edges closer to a first feud.

Bayley is backstage hunting for Bliss. She finds her, and Bliss drops the title and runs off. Bayley picks it up, turns… NIA JAX! Jax stares down Bayley and Bliss attacks Bayley from behind. Jax lifts up the title, looks at it for a moment and drops it to Bayley before walking off.

The Vaudevillains vs Dash and Dawson for the NXT Tag Team Championships

The Vaudevillains start on the front foot here, exchanging tags and showing nice team work to wear down Dash Wilder. The tag to Dawson didn’t do too much to change the control. Only a distraction by Dash and a chop block by Dawson manages to swing the match in the challengers favour. The Mechanics take it in turns working on the leg that Dawson attacked as they show their bruiser style of wrestling. A slingshot suplex off the rope gets a 2 fall for the challengers. Gotch is finally unleashed and goes on the rampage with a flurry of attacks. English is tagged back in as the champs look to set up the Whirling Derbish but another chop block to English stops that. Both Dash and Dawson attack Gotch on the outside, sending him into the steel steps. Dash jumps off the top rope onto English’s knee, the same move that took out Big Cass a few weeks ago. Dawson applies a submission to that same knee… WHAT? NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS! ENGLISH HAS TAPPED!

Result – Dash and Dawson win and become the neeeewwww NXT Tag Team Champions

Notes – NXT has proven time and time again they know how to book champions. They have been remarkable at it. This time, they have been abysmal. The Vaudevillians must now hold the worst title reign in history. They won the titles in August in Brooklyn to a huge pop, yet I’m not convinced I’ve even seen them on television since. The fact the tag champs had little impact on a tag team tournament last month was strange booking, but having them drop the titles on their first appearance since winning the titles two months ago is ridiculous. The Vaudevillains are an entertaining act as well. One can only jump to a conclusion of some issues behind the scenes, but this was a terrible reign. Dash and Dawson will make great champions with their fighter styles, but it all just doesn’t add up.

Two matches are announced for next week on NXT. Jordan and Gable vs the Ascension. Bayley vs Alexa Bliss for the NXT Women’s Championship. Two intriguing matches that should make for a good show.

The final segment of the show is Samoa Joe addressing the NXT universe to explain why he attacked Finn Balor last week. The crowd seemed a bit confused as to how to react to Joe coming out. Joe says that Balor approached him to be his partner in the tag team classic tournament last month. Joe says he carried Balor through the tournament and they won because of him. Joe says he asked Balor for an NXT title match but Finn put no actions behind it despite giving Joe his title match. Balor’s music hits and Balor walks to the ring in a hurry. Refs swarm the ring immediately. It finally breaks into a fight when Joe flings a ref into Balor before locking in the Coquina Clutch until Balor is knocked out. Joe leaves the ring and the show ends with Balor down and out in the ring.

[adinserter block=”2″]Notes – it served its purpose. Joe explained his actions and the two men had a teaser of what’s to come when they finally lock horns. My question from last week was answered though. We are heading towards Joe vs Balor and Crews vs Corbin instead of a fatal four way between all of them.

Analysis – two entertaining tag team matches and a squash match made up the wrestling side of the show. The night though was solely based on furthering feuds than anything. Crews and Corbin furthered their feud. As did Bayley and Bliss. And Joe and Balor. Nia Jax looked strong again. And fantastic news. The Ascension are coming back. This week’s show wasn’t a fantastic showing, but it had its fun moments, and it definitely set up what should be a thrilling show next week.

Did you watch this week’s NXT? Can Alexa Bliss become champion next week? Will Joe become champion in the near future? And what really went wrong with the Vaudevillians? Comment below with your thoughts or contact me on twitter @carlo_george

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