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WWE NXT Results and January 27 Recap

WWE NXT kicks off with the American Alpha heading to the ring for a matchup. This week is the triple threat number one contender’s match between Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin.

American Alpha vs Blake and Murphy

Jordan starts the match against Murphy. Murphy attempts to sweep Jordan’s leg out while holding the other up, but Jordan counters it and plants Murphy. Gable comes in and demonstrates his ability to move around on a mat, countering offenses from both Blake and Murphy. Gable goes up for what looks like a Salida Del Sol which would have been epic, but instead he landed in front of Blake and dragged him down. Gable continues to impress, particularly with a great jumping head scissors to take his opponent down. Murphy appears to land awkwardly on his knee and calls for the ref’s attention, and while the ref is distracted, Blake distracts Gable. This gives Murphy the opportunity to magically recover and take down Gable. This leads to a period where Blake and Murphy are able to dominate Gable and work him down. Gable finally manages to tag in Jordan, who immediately takes Blake and Murphy to Suplex City. The straps come down, and he hits a flying shoulder tackle into the corner, before setting up the assisted suplex known as the Grand Amplitude for the victory.

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Result – American Alpha win

Analysis – Another great showing by the American Alpha, and another tag team of former champions knocked off. It can only be a matter of time before they stop facing former champions and get a crack at the actual champions. The match was a decent match, Blake and Murphy playing the cheating heels very well.

Emma confirms in a background interview that she will be facing the number one contender to the NXT Women’s Championship, Carmella, next week on NXT. We also then see a video package promoting Asuka and her time in the company.

Nia Jax vs Liv Morgan

Morgan is literally treated like a rag doll from the start as Jax flings her around the ring. She traps her by wrapping her arms around the rookie’s neck and holds her there for at least a minute until Morgan finally breaks out. She lands a couple of dropkicks too, and tries to lock in the guillotine move that Bayley beat Jax with in London. Jax, with ease, hits a sidewalk slam on Morgan before delivering the Leg Drop for the victory.

Result – Nia Jax wins

Analysis – A short, squash match that reasserted Jax’s dominance in the women’s division. Morgan got two or three moves in but Jax destroyed her. What was great was seeing Morgan try and use the same move Bayley used to knock off Jax. That was fantastic continuity that the commentary team should have played up to more.

Bull Dempsey vs Alex Riley

A RY!!! Alex Riley is back in NXT for the first time since the spring of 2015. Riley gets an early offense in, taking Bull down with a leg sweep. Riley locks in a headlock on Bull as he has control on his return. Bull soon comes back into it with a flurry of punches, but Riley hits an impressive looking spinebuster on the big guy. The high knee gives Riley a victorious return.

Result – Alex Riley wins

Analysis – Another squash match tonight. Riley wins on his return. Quickly and without much response. Nothing great to see here. Except that spinebuster. That was pretty epic.

Elias Samson vs John Skylar

YESSSSS!!! THE DRIFTER IS HERE. BOW DOWN. Sampson opens the bout with a vicious assault, delivering a big uppercut followed by a jumping stomp. The Drifter then slither into the corner and sits and waits for his opponent to recover and, after a brief response, hits a flying knee and a neckbreaker for the victory.

Result – Elias Samson wins

Analysis – Three squash matches in a row. The Drifter continues to pick up victories and we still know nothing about him.

Backstage segment with the Hype Bros talking about the girls they pick up and what they wear when they sleep. Absolutely vile segment. The Hype Bros need to go. They announce a match next week on NXT against the Vaudevillians.

Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

(This was a live reaction to this match as I do for every big match)

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MAIN EVENT TIME. CORBIN. JOE. ZAYN. GREAT MATCH COMING. The two heels corner Zayn to start with, but Corbin strikes Joe. Corbin heads to the outside, and, as Zayn readies to jump over the top, Joe pulls him out and the two are brawling on the outside. Joe hits a boot to the chest on Corbin and a headbutt on Zayn as the action remains on the outside. Joe brings Zayn back in the ring. Corbin gets back in and jumps Zayn from behind as Joe takes a breather. Joe and Zayn exchange blows, which Joe inevitably wins, but Zayn is finding his feet and he sends both men to the outside. HERE IT COMES! He launches himself over the top rope onto both men on the outside. Joe hits a big boot on Corbin, lays Zayn on Corbin and hits a senton on both men. He then gets a near fall on Corbin. Zayn is cornered by Joe and is being pummeled with strikes and chops. He has looked impressive thus far. Joe is setting up the Muscle Buster but Zayn is fighting out. Joe hits a kick to the head and Corbin comes back in, takes down Joe and meets Zayn on the top rope. Zayn breaks free, jumps over Corbin and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Corbin for a two fall. CLUTCH! Out of nowhere, Joe has pulled Zayn from the ring using the Coquina Clutch and has completely laid Zayn out on the outside. He now has Corbin isolated. NO! END OF DAYS! ON JOE! 2 FALL! ZAYN IS BACK IN! Zayn breaks the fall after Corbin hit his finisher on Joe. Corbin is livid and is battering Zayn in the corner. This is absolute passion by Corbin! But he’s hit with an Exploder Suplex in the corner! HELLUVA KICK! ANOTHER 2 FALL! This time, Joe breaks up a pinfall attempt after a finishing move. Joe is soon sent into the steps by Zayn for his troubles. WHAT! Zayn has just locked in a sharpshooter! This is new! AND NOW JOE HAS THE CROSSFACE! AND CORBIN HAS TAPPED! BUT BOTH ZAYN AND JOE HAD A SUBMISSION HOLD LOCKED ON. WHO WON? Confusion as both Joe and Zayn believe they have won. Put it this way, Corbin is not the new number one contender. He tapped and is now nowhere to be seen. Here comes William Regal, hopefully with answers. Both men are pleading their cases. Triple Threat coming perhaps? Restart the match? Zayn vs Joe? Regal is saying he will have to go and review the tape. Fans are chanting “We Can’t Hear You” as they are arguing off the mic. They continue to argue as the show ends… and we end the show with no answer.

Result – Erm. I don’t really know. Zayn and Joe won I suppose. But what happens next is a mystery.

Analysis – The match itself was decent but in all honesty, it wasn’t as great as I was expecting. It just seemed a bit too slow and lacked a bit of oomph. The false finishes added a bit of excitement but only partially. The ending was a bit strange, but I liked it. Ending the show without an answer makes me, and I assume many others, want to tune in next week to see what happens next. It creates suspense and was done well. Even if the fans in attendance couldn’t hear.

Analysis – 3 squash matches made up some time on the card, and the main event didn’t do enough to save the show. The show wasn’t bad, but NXT has definitely seen better. Jax, Riley and Samson all walked through their bouts with tiny amounts of retaliation. The opening tag bout was solid enough and the main event was good, but neither were classics. The intriguing ending of the show creates suspense for the next episode, which also contains some great matches.

Confirmed for next week’s NXT

Emma vs Carmella

Hype Bros vs Vaudevillains

Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews in a non-title match.

What did you make of this week’s NXT? Did you enjoy the main event? And what do you want and expect to see happen after the end of the match? Let me know by commenting below or on twitter @carlo_george

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