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WWE NXT Results and December 23 Recap

WWE NXT naturally begins with a highlights video of the NXT London event from one week ago, showing clips from every match on the card. NXT also comes from London this week. The show being taped prior to the TakeOver event, except for the main event, which was taped after the Balor and Joe match which caught some fans out as they had left straight after the TakeOver main event and missed this bonus match.

The Vaudevillains vs The Hype Bros vs Blake and Murphy vs Jordan and Gable

Vaudevillains? Massive cheer. Hype Bros? Booed heavy despite the fact they are meant to be faces. Blake and Murphy? Booed but not too bad. Crowd didn’t care that much. Alexa Bliss got cheered though. Jordan and Gable? WOW. WHAT A POP. These guys got the best crowd reaction of the entire night, better than anyone even on the TakeOver card. Gable and English started this match, in front of a crowd all in favour of one team. Gable contested some chain and mat wrestling with both Vaudevillains to start the match. Mojo tagged himself into the bout at the expense of Gable, much to the crowd’s displeasure. He quickly tackled down Gotch. “WE WANT GABLE” rung around.

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The action became uncontrollable as all the participants entered the ring, throwing somebody else out of the ring. They all ran in the ring at once, locking in a standoff. What was comical was seeing Simon Gotch standing way out of position, meaning the Vaudevillains were the only team not standing together in the standoff. Gable tagged himself back in, instantly putting a nice combo of moves together. Blake and Murphy got a go in the ring, but Gable took them both out immediately. Gable locked in an arm bar on the ropes to Murphy, but Blake stomped on Gable as the ref was distracted by Bliss. English, having tagged himself in, attempted a senton from the second rope but Gable got knees up. Jordan finally got in, and immediately took down every man with a flurry of suplexes. Suplex City was well and truly visited. With the Vaudevillains on the outside, Ryder flew over the top onto them. Mojo found himself on the outside too, and Jordan hit a belly-to-belly on Murphy to the outside on top of the two teams. A spear into the corner before landing the finisher secured their victory.

Result – Jordan and Gable win

Notes – Completely over and now on the road to becoming NXT Tag Team Champions. The crowds will be fully behind them as they will no doubt win the titles, before defending them in incredible matches. I’m still baffled why the Vaudevillains have fallen so far and so fast, especially as the crowds are firmly behind them and they, especially English, are very good in the ring. It was also interesting seeing the Hype Bros get booed louder, especially as they are meant to be faces. Goes to show not all crowds are behind this one dimensional gimmick, including me.

Sami Zayn Returns…. TONIGHT!!!

We then see a highlights video of NXT’s tour of the UK from the UK. An incredible tour it has been, as it can be seen. Fans loved it. The superstars loved it. At one point, William Regal appeared, and it was a real shame he wasn’t able to attend TakeOver in London. Still, his health comes first, and I would like to wish the man a speedy recovery and hopefully he manages to tour with NXT fully in 2016.

Bull Dempsey vs Elias Sampson

I was personally rather upset with how the crowd reacted to Sampson. I personally am buying the new character, and I cheered rather loud when his music hit. However, the rest of the crowd watched almost in silence as he made his way to the ring. It was sad that the crowd had given up with Sampson before even giving it a chance. Hopefully American crowds respond better. In a rematch from their match in Brooklyn, a match that Dempsey won with complete ease, Sampson reversed the order and won the match quickly with considerable ease, withstanding jabs and shoulder takedowns to hit a big knee and a flying elbow to win the match.

Result – Elias Sampson wins

Notes – There was about 4 moves in the match, so there isn’t much to go off. However, Sampson needs to be given a chance. This could really work. Also, is there any relation between Sampson and Seth Rollins? They seriously look alike.

Tye Dillinger vs…. SAMI ZAYN!!!

He’s back! Sami Zayn is finally home! Dillinger cleverly began the match by going straight to work on Zayn’s recently recovered shoulder. The shoulder looked great though as Zayn performed two arm take downs to Dillinger. Zayn then teased flying over the top, but, as Dillinger moved, Zayn simply jumped on the rope and bounced off it, back into the ring. Smooth. Dillinger managed to push Zayn into the ring post, and he had control from there as he worked on that part. Zayn eventually rallied, and, after a Fisherman Suplex, did hit a flying flip over the top rope to Dillinger on the outside. Zayn hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall, before Dillinger hit a huge Superkick for a near fall of his own. Dillinger attempted a move in the corner, but was hit with a Suplex into the corner and a Helluva Kick as Zayn inevitably won on his match back.

Result – Zayn wins

Notes – Absolutely amazing to see Sami Zayn return. He has been missed hugely, and will be a great addition to the NXT roster. It will be interesting to see who he will first feud with though. The match itself was fairly decent considering the result was only going one way. It is also worth noting that the crowd were not only chanting Tye Dillinger’s “10!” during this match but it was also repeated all night. Whether or not is was just a chant the crowd enjoyed, they seemed to be buying into his gimmick. Put that together with a fine performance and Dillinger may have a strong case for a decent push coming soon.

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Analysis – The show was unsurprisingly short of actual wrestling, instead being more focussed on showing the highlights of the TakeOver event from last week. That’s not a problem at all, mind. Jordan and Gable did manage to impress again in a packed opening match, seemingly moving into a number one contenders spot for the tag titles, Elias Sampson made his return to NXT, and Sami Zayn finally returned in a decent match.

Nothing has been announced for next week’s episode of NXT as of yet, and there probably won’t be an actual showing of NXT as nothing else was taped in London and the stars of NXT are probably winding down for the holiday period. It will probably be a highlights show of the past year. Speaking of which, as this will be my last article before Christmas, I would like to wish all contributors to and readers of the Camel Clutch Blog a very Merry Christmas.

As always, any further contact can be made by contacting below or on twitter @carlo_george

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