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WWE NXT Results and December 2 Recap

With just two weeks to go until WWE NXT invades the UK for the first time ever, Baron Corbin is the first to enter Full Sail this week as he is set for action.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

Corbin watches intently as Dillinger dances around with his ten symbol. Corbin delivers a huge backdrop to start this affair before landing a splash in the corner. Corbin is getting a pretty negative reaction this week but he is reacting to it brilliantly as he decimates Dillinger. He holds a knee on Dillinger’s head as he winds up the crowd. Every attack by Dillinger is met with cries of “10” as he floors Corbin with a kick for a near fall. Corbin catches Dillinger in mid-air and plants him with the End of Days for the victory.

Result – Baron Corbin wins

Notes – a dominant squash match for the man heading for a high profile match at TakeOver: London. Nothing exciting but it was effective to show Corbin to be a force.

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Announced in a backstage interview with Apollo Crews is a tag team match next week on NXT, the last before TakeOver. It will see Crews teaming with NXT Champion Finn Balor to take on Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe.

Nia Jax vs Blue Pants

BLUUEEEEEEE PANTSSSSSSSSSSSSS is back. As usual, the crowd loved seeing her appear. She appeared to new, slower music this week as well. Pants avoided collision with Jax a couple of times but got caught with a clothesline. Jax then just threw Pants across the ring a couple of times by the head. Jax floors Pants after a very brief fightback and drops two big elbows. A Samoan drop followed by a leg drop ended the match, Jax getting the pinfall victory by putting her foot on Pants for the cocky cover.

Result – Nia Jax wins

Notes – a similar concept to the opening bout. A squash match for the person moving on to a high profile feud, seeming as Jax is heading towards a match with Bayley.

Announced for NXT TakeOver: London – Dash and Dawson vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Adam Rose vs James Storm

James Storm returns to NXT this week, taking on a darker Adam Rose who cut his party music off immediately as he came out. The fans continued to chant it as he made his way to the ring anyway. Rose attempts to get a cheap shot in but is smacked for his troubles. Rose manages to gain an upper hand however, and locks in a hold as he keeps Storm grounded. Rose hits a clothesline, and he is now being booed. Great athleticism from Storm who rebounds off the ropes and hits a clothesline. He lands a kick to the back of Rose’s head before hitting a running neck breaker while he shouts “goodnight”. A super kick allows the cowboy to pick up a second win in NXT.

Result – James Storm

Notes – while lasting slightly longer than the previous two bouts and Adam Rose got some offense in, it was essentially the third squash match of the night. Storm picks up another victory to look strong, but only time will tell how much of a player he will become on NXT.

Backstage segment between the Vaudevillains and Jordan and Gable. Vaudevillains express their disappointment at last week’s defeat while Jordan and Gable claim they will become champions one day. Both claim they will win their match tonight, and they shake hands in a sign of respect ahead of that match.

The Vaudevillains vs Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Gotch and Gable open an exciting looking tag team bout between two popular teams. Nice takedown by Gotch as he tries to apply an early armbar on Gable. Gable rolls through and picks Gotch’s ankle as he takes him down. Jordan and English enter the field. Jordan catches English and attempts to run him in the corner but English rolls through and gets a near fall. Jordan then plants English on his leg and Gable works on the same leg as he comes back in. Gable is soon flung over the top rope by English, landing hard on the outside. Gable is worked by both Vaudevillains for a period of time, but once Jordan tags in, he manages to reverse the control. He hits a viscous spear in the corner before setting up the assister belly-to-back finisher that ends with Gable bridging to pick up the victory. Jordan and Gable show respect after the match, offering their hands, but the Vaudevillains walk out.

Result – Jordan and Gable win

Notes – Not an absolute classic tag team match but a good match between two exciting teams. In the scheme of things, the correct team won, as Jordan and Gable continue to ascend to the top of NXT. They deserve it because they are fantastic. However, I will never understand the abrupt halt in the Vaudevillains’ momentum. They are good in the ring with an interesting gimmick, and yet they have fallen so far down the pecking order. It is bewildering to say the least, but hopefully the frustration they are showing is a sign of a different direction instead of a break-up of the pair.

Emma vs Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan… She looked familiar immediately, and it turns out she appeared weeks ago on NXT under the name Gionna Daddio. The gloves come off immediately for Emma, and she smashes Morgan into the turnbuckle before locking in the tarantula on the ropes. She lands the arm smash into the corner before standing on Morgan’s hair and lifting her up by her arms. Morgan rolls Emma through and lands some punches before a nice dropkick floors Emma. Emma counters a pinfall by bridging up before slamming Morgan to the mat. She stomps Morgan’s face into the ground before securing a victory with the Emma Lock. Emma celebrates, but Asuka appears on the screen and says she will see Emma in London.

Result – Emma wins

Notes – Did I mention how much I am loving heel Emma? She truly is fantastic in this role. She will probably lose in London against Asuka but this shouldn’t damage Emma too much. There is serious potential if NXT take this forward.

Bayley is interviewed backstage, and says she is willing to accept any challenge after being asked about Nia Jax. Jax then appears, stares down Bayley, before smiling and walking past. Jax returns and throws Bayley through a door, leaving her in a heap on the floor.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Samoa Joe

Ciampa shoves Joe in the face after Joe forces Ciampa into the corner. They exchange chops, Joe’s proving to be more effective. Joe holds Ciampa’s arm behind him but Ciampa quickly escapes. He is immediately smacked back down. The two exchanged brutal slaps to each other’s face. Wow. Joe originally hits a flurry of attacks but a mistimed corner splash allows Ciampa to get back in it. Another big slap by Joe. Another big slap by Ciampa, followed by another and another. Ciampa locks in a sleeper hold before a Kimura Lock but Joe throws Ciampa into the corner and lands a brutal kick. Scoop power slam by Joe. Crowd loving this match. Ciampa dodged a running kick to the head in the corner but is slammed down for his troubles. Ciampa is lifted to the top rope, and hit with a Muscle Buster. No pin, instead Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch for the submission victory.

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Result – Samoa Joe wins

Notes – This match was physical. Some heavy slaps and heavy chops make this look really strong. If Joe performs like this against Balor, with this aggression and destruction, then NXT can look forward to a fantastic main event in London.

Analysis – A show dominated by squash matches as they look to build those who are headed for big matches at NXT TakeOver: London. Dominant wins for Nia Jax, Baron Corbin, Emma and Samoa Joe strengthened their presences moving forward. James Storm returned in another quick match. The Vaudevillians and Jordan and Gable played out a decent match but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Joe and Ciampa contested the match of the night in a hard hitting affair. Nia Jax again added some allure to her character by laying out Bayley backstage. The show done well in advancing its feuds this week.

Confirmed for next week:

Apollo Crews and Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin

Confirmed for NXT TakeOver: London-

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

Dash and Dawson vs Enzo and Cass for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Emma vs Asuka

Did you watch NXT this week? What did you make of the short, squash matches? Did they work to push the winners, or would you prefer to see more good wrestling matches that swing back and forward? Let me know by commenting below or contacting me on twitter @carlo_george

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