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WWE NXT Progression November 16

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Liv Morgan – She’s still largely a prospect and needs to tone down her screaming when she’s in the ring. But it’s clear that there has been a good deal of progress lately, especially if you compare her from her challenging Asuka match to now. She’s athletic enough to pull off some great combinations, so that’s a plus. She has a high ceiling as well. And that’s also a plus. The way she speaks suggests that she should really be a heel though. But if she can make it work for her as a face and have the crowd invest in it, why change it right?

Status: Progressing

Peyton Royce – Of the two Australians, Peyton Royce is more convincing as a heel. She has a better handle on her character’s attitude and mannerisms as well. The way she saunters to the ring is great. She’s a little more magnetic as well and that’s definitely due to her Poison Ivy-inspired look. Her in-ring work is also coming together slowly but surely. If she can become a little more solid as an in-ring performer and as a talker, there’s no doubt that she’ll be pushed into title contention really soon.

Status: Progressing

Billie Kay – Not much here except for her interference. But it’s clear that she’s the weaker of the two Australians. But it’s not a huge gap between her and Peyton Royce. When it comes down to it, it’s more because of her charisma and presence as opposed to her in-ring work. Between the two, her in-ring work is a little better as she’s a lot more vicious and convincing than her ally. But like I said, Royce has a higher stock because of her charisma and presence. She needs to open up a little more or she’ll more likely fall into Royce’s shadow.

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Status: Progressing

Aliyah – Her energy seems to be her standout characteristic so far. She came in with such conviction when attempting to help Liv Morgan. Her mic work was nothing special during the backstage interview however. Like Liv, she’s still largely a prospect. But also like Liv, she has a high ceiling as well. Now that she’s getting more screen time, it’s a make-or-break scenario for her. She’ll either deliver solid performances or she’ll be exposed as the weakest worker of the predicted six ladies that will fight.

Status: Slowly Progressing

Ember Moon – There’s no doubt about it that it’s Asuka and Ember Moon, and then everyone else. In her brief moment coming to the rescue of Liv and Aliyah, she easily stole the spotlight. And there’s really nothing more I can say about her athleticism. It’s just top notch. And the way she’s able to connect moves together without having to pause is something that most of the WWE women wrestlers should be jealous of. But the obvious hindrance at the moment is her lack of direction. There was much speculation that she would go on to feud with Asuka, but it seems as though Moon will continue to be involved with Liv Morgan and the Aussie wrestlers.

Status: Progressing


Elias Samson – If there’s one thing he’s good at, its drawing heat from the crowd. With chants of “Drift away!” and “No!” it’s painfully clear that they do not like him. But that only goes so far. It’s understandable that it’s his first match back from the summer so we shouldn’t be expecting a huge difference, but it’s clear that he hasn’t made any strides in the talking department. He may have added a little more viciousness to his strikes, but he still doesn’t come off as compelling or dark when he speaks. And that’s a problem since he’s had time to figure that part out.

Status: Plateauing

Nathan Cruz – Enhancement talent. Served to Samson in order to get him some momentum. But strangely, he was more compelling than Samson. He sold Samson’s offense well and looked to be pretty smooth in the ring.

Status: Too early to tell but unimportant at the moment


Andrade “Cien” Almas – This is what Almas needed. He should have never been presented as a heel. Or maybe it was WWE’s plan to emulate what propelled Almas into his highest success outside of WWE. Almas was cocky and arrogant throughout. His striking has improved with the heel turn. Almas has also proved just how great of a performer he is with his great ring awareness and story-telling. But credit where credit is due to Cedric Alexander for also contributing to Almas’ performance as there was actually a story behind this match.

Status: Progressing

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