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WWE NXTLast night’s ending of Monday Night Raw reminded me of why it’s fun to be a wrestling fan & of something wrestling has been lacking lately; unpredictability. NOBODY expected the 8 rookies of NXT, which has pretty much been a ratings bomb, to not only show up on Raw, but ruthlessly take out the WWE Champion and utterly destroy the ringside area while shocked fans and crying children looked on. This is one of those rare perfect moments in wrestling where you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. They were hooked & the raw emotion (no pun intended) showed how into it they were. Some have even probably said “I know it’s fake…but that right there…that was real.” Perfect. Pandora’s Box has officially been opened. Now where do things go from here? Let’s look at possibilities.

1. This was obviously done to create interest for a strong opener for Season 2 of NXT, which starts tonight. I’ll definitely be following to see the fallout from Raw.

2. Suspicious by his absence…Michael Cole. He seemed to get the Hell out of dodge as the mayhem started. Will he be a target of NXT, or will WWE serve us & have Cole aligned with the group in some form? Perhaps as their voice…killing off the “vintage” announcer & turning Cole into an effective heel manager? Cole has really seemed to come into his element on NXT in getting the fans to hate him more than normal. This could be his moment to shine.

[adinserter block=”1″]3. Recruiting of NXT Season 2 rookies. Among the talked about topics of season 2 are the renaming of the sons of Curt Hennig (the late Mr. Perfect) & Mike Rotunda (IRS) as well as Kaval (Low Ki) being teamed up with Michelle McCool & Layla. Will the new faction attempt to add to their numbers or let the show progress as normal? (Personally, as long as I can see Low Ki use his 2 “mentors” as toothpicks, I’ll be good.)

4. I’m going to call this right now. NXT is responsible for the storyline “vegetative state” of the Undertaker. Storyline wise, when is the last time one man has been able to take down ‘Taker? Now 8 men, especially after the beating they gave Cena, makes this believable in the eyes of the fans. If their beloved champion & the Phenom can be dismantled by NXT, it leaves them wondering “who’s next”.

5. IF done right, & as we all know, this is a HUGE IF, this COULD be the beginning of the Survivor Series (yes ladies & gentlemen…it’s back on). Teams of WWE Stars vs. teams from the NXT Brand. If done though, NXT needs to assert dominance or at the very minimum, be made to look like they’re ready to take the reigns.

[adinserter block=”2″]This looks to be the beginning of something special in WWE & something that NEEDS to be done; the establishment of new faces & talent as major players on the roster. Last night was a great first step. I’m definitely looking forward to see how this one plays out.

“YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!” – Bryan Daneilson after kicking John Cena’s head in, Raw 6/7/10.

Quote of the night. Someone had to say it. Lol.

Until NXT time!

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  1. I am tempering my excitement, because we all know how WWE can f*ck up a good thing (see: InVasion). However it's hard not to be pumped for the summer after last night. Everything about that turn was great: it was shocking (yet logical) and it was executed perfectly. I am realy hoping that last night represents a move towards a more creative and unpredicatible product from the WWE.

  2. Be interesting to see how things shake out — that was the most interesting closing to Raw in some time.

    God Shane's been crammed down our throats enough for sure, but if somebody's got to lead a new stable it might as well be him. Who else fits? It sure as shit ain't Cole.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. When I saw Wade Barrett walking down the aisle I was all "ho-hum he's going to distract Cena so Punk will get the roll up win". But then the camera cut to Michael Tarver at ringside and all of a sudden I sat up and went "something big is about to happen". My son was watching also; I know I know, he was up late on a school night, and he was shocked. We watched NXT together and he couldn't believe that they all turned heel. My hats off to the WWE on this one. They took a bunch of guys that no one really cared about and in a single ten minute beat down segment made them relevant and interesting.

    And I too noticed Cole was missing. Don't be surprised to see him step out from behind the mic to lead the group. Like Bischoff with the nWo or Paul E. with the ECW invasion angle.

    • Oh God, please no – "Don’t be surprised to see him step out from behind the mic to lead the group. Like Bischoff with the nWo or Paul E. with the ECW invasion angle."


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