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WWE NXT August 23 Results & Report

Derrick Bateman NXTWe start the August 23 WWE NXT show with an apology on my part. For whatever the reason, couldn’t load the episode in time for the broadcast. As a result my review starts violently during an in ring promo between Darren Young and Matt Striker.

Using my incredible powers of deduction, it looks like Darren is there to continue to harass Matt Striker. As I ask myself why Darren Young believes attacking an announcer is bringing him closer to his dream of being a WWE Superstar, Striker calms him down, and says there’s no point in continuing this feud. Matt admits he came at Darren with everything he had last week, and Darren beat him. He even comes out and says that Darren is better than he is. It’s actually pretty funny as Striker seems to want this feud to be over as much as me.

Young however says that’s not enough, and he wants him to admit that Darren Young is the future of the WWE, and that Striker is a washed up loser who never made it in the WWE. Striker calls Darren a man who spent the last two years working out and getting stronger, and meanwhile he (Striker) has been doing nothing since he stopped being a wrestler. He again states that he’s the better wrestler and asks that they just move on. Darren really doesn’t want to negotiate this and once again makes his demands to Striker. Striker finally says okay and calls himself a washed up wrestler, and says after this no one doubts that Darren Young has the best chance of winning NXT… how do you figure? They were good matches yes; but in the end, Darren beat up an announcer. Pardon me if I don’t see how that makes him the next breakout star just yet.

[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Striker then extends his hand, and says there ya go, you’re the man. He then asks one final time if they can let this go. Darren answers him by kicking him in the stomach and proceeding to beat the tar out of Striker. This continues… till Lord William Regal jumps in and chases off Darren Young… really? They’re going to have him go from one announcer feud to another? This leading up to a big match against Justin Roberts as revenge for getting Daniel Bryan fired? Should I just call him the “Announcer Killer” from now on?

We then go to the back to see Tyson Kidd in the back suddenly upset. Some jerk apparently got a hold of his bags and scattered it all over his locker room. I don’t understand why he’s upset. Considering this is WWE, he got off pretty lucky if the only thing to happen to him was someone emptied his bags. However, as he sets up his suit bag again, he notices the Japanese kanji scattered all over it. Spooky. Nice to know the broad Japanese stereotype is returning soon.

Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta

I was a little concern for Tyson at first. When he came out, I swear the crowd was dead. They only picked up a bit when it was announced he was from Calgary. However, as the match progressed, it became pretty loud. Good on Tyson, cause he deserved the reaction.

I haven’t seen too much of Trent Barreta, aside from people insisting that he’s a great wrestler. Going into this match, the only thing I was aware of was that his tights sucked. Really man? Flowery tights? And he’s seriously wondering why he’s a jobber right now? But I have to say, he’s very talented. He did some moves I really wasn’t expecting and if pushed right, and getting some different tights, he could really become something one day.

This match… this was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. No joke, this match was better then it had any right of being. This match felt like I was watching something from ROH; it was that good. I FINALLY saw what the big deal was with Tyson Kidd, as he looked exactly like Bret Hart fused with Rey Jr. out there. The action was so back and forth it was amazing, and the crowd was eating this up. I may have witnessed the match that finally propels Tyson higher in the card. Its one of the few times I agreed with the announcers; in 5 years, Tyson is going to be someone to look out for.

Trent looked good too. He reminded me of a young Jeff Hardy, before he started to flush his life down the toilet. One spot that I thought looked awesome was he actually jumped off the second rope and hit a Whisper in the Wind to Tyson on the floor. Trent could be someone to look out for as well.

Seriously, check out this match. It has quite a few false finishes as well, including a Sharpshooter counter and Trent escaping the Canadian Maple leaf. The match actually did a good job of making Trent and Tyson look credible. This match should have been on RAW, and not lost on this show.

The crowd is hot for it too, as Tyson is getting cheered out of the building. However… Japanese Kanji appears on the screen. This distracts Tyson, and the crowd starts to boo as they know what this means. Trent takes advantage of the distracted Tyson and nails a tornado DDT for the win.

WINNER: Trent Barreta

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This made absolutely no sense. Tyson has been putting together awesome match after awesome match… and jobbing each time. He takes on Trent, jobber to the stars, and he’s in freaking Canada! So you think okay, he definitely getting this one…. Why would you do this WWE? The crowd boos this hardcore, as that’s what you do when you want to give a guy’s hometown the finger. Its amazing that despite being the heel, Tyson is getting a lot of cheers just for his work rate. It just didn’t make sense to me as it took the crowd out of the rest of the show. Very confusing…

Apparently, the main event tonight is a replay of Punk vs. Cena, which means another snow day for me… seriously, maybe they should just relay RAW at this point?

We get a small replay of the happenings of last week with Bateman, Maxine, AJ, Hornswoggle, and Titus. They pay special focus to Maxine taking out AJ. They then announce that tonight its AJ vs. Maxine in the main event. This leads to Bateman and Maxine in the back as they stretch/cuddle? Bateman says that together they’ll be more powerful than Hunter and Steph, more controversial than Edge and Lita, and bigger than Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire (I admit, this got a chuckle out of me). Maxine is ready to take out AJ, but she is worried about Hornswoggle interfering… which in all honesty is a fair concern.

Bateman says not to worry, as he’s got a master plan to get the Leprechaun out of the way. Maxine promises him a prize he’ll really like if he does that. Spoiler – its sex.

AJ vs. Maxine

This match was okay, though really it was AJ carrying Maxine a bit there. I will give Max some credit though, she’s improved a lot from that time she was a part of one of the worst matches ever put on in the history of NXT.

Ugh. Well she’s put on some actual muscle and is a pretty hard-hitting chick in that ring. It’s a nice back and forth till finally… Derrick reveals his master plan for taking out Hornswoggle. That plan? Beating the living daylights out of him and making him humble. Really all he does is shove Swoggle to the floor. Though, Hornswoggle sells it like the Hulk shoving down a normal person, so it actually looks pretty gruesome. This distracts AJ enough so Maxine can roll her up for the victory.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNER: Maxine

Max and Derrick celebrate, as Titus suddenly runs out… for the save? Hate to break it to him but the beat down was finished when he came down. Even Regal was wondering where the heck he was. Way to be, Titus.


The show wasn’t bad, mainly due to almost zero Titus O’Neil. I would recommend the Tyson/Trent mach very highly, as that match really surprised me with how spectacular it was. Definitely check that one out, as Tyson continues to impress me every time I see him.

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  1. Trent Barreta is highly underrated as a talent. He had a great trainer in Mikey Whipwreck, and talent-wise, is on par with his fellow Whipwreck graduates Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.


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