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WWE NXT August 16 Results & Report

Derrick Bateman and MaxineHello folks, and welcome to the rant. Well Summerslam came and went. We had the biggest rematch of all time, and some surprisingly good matches. How do I feel about the show? Indifferent. Why you ask? Well, for every awesome thing I got, we got a really depressing thing to follow it. For instance, Punk beats Cena to retain/win the WWE title… but he won thanks to a BS finish. Kevin Nash came back (Sorry IWC, but I’m a Kevin Nash fan) but his first move is to attack (and I’m sure people will say “bury”) a “young rising superstar”. This seemed to be the theme of the night, and took any excitement I got out of the PPV and neutralized it. Safe to say, Money in the Bank is still PPV of the Year.

The newest WWE NXT broadcast opens up with Titus O’Neil, AJ, and Hornswoggle coming to the ring to cut a promo. Here’s the annoying thing; when Titus cuts a promo it’s always to say one of two things: “Hornswoggle is so darn cute”; or “I’m going to kick your butt.” There’s never really any imagination to these promos. Today is a “Hornswoggle is cute” one, in a promo so ridiculous that it makes me wish I could change the channel. Titus talks about how NXT is a journey for the Rookies, but says it’s been especially so for Hornswoggle. Really? Because he still appears to be an annoying runt who sucks up airtime. Titus says Hornswoggle has something important to say to AJ. Anyone have any guesses as to what it could be?


Yes, its more mumbling. Which Titus can understand fine, seeing how he has a BS in BS. He says Hornswoggle says Sweet Potato Pie… okay. Actually, if they had just ended the promo here, it would have gotten a chuckle out of me. Titus goes on to translate that that out of all the Divas, he couldn’t find one more special than AJ. This is of course ignoring that whole time he was chasing Maryse for a month or so. Swoggle then pulls out a box with a ring pop in it, and gets on one knee. No… after only 2-3 weeks of dating? Really?

[adinserter block=”2″]Titus says this is a promise ring; which I did not know you had to get down on one knee to give. Titus then cements my hatred of him by saying that by taking this ring, they will be together FOOOOOOR~EVVVVVER! (Making sure to say forever in a really high pitch voice). Titus asks AJ what does she say? AJ responds by flipping off both Hornswoggle and Titus, and hitting them with Stunners. Just kidding, she happily says yes.

Derrick comes out because he’s a heel. After asking why this has devolved into an episode of “As the Leprechaun Turns”, he tells Hornswoggle if he thinks that he will ever find love, he’s dumber than Titus looks. Titus responds with a line that includes the words kick, your, and butt. Bateman says he’s a man, and he will definitely do better than a man who follows a leprechaun. Swoggle takes exception to this and charges at him. Derrick has no problem meeting this challenge till Titus runs out as well, and he hightails it. Titus and Swoggle run out after him, leaving AJ in the ring by herself. I say this because an unknown woman runs into the ring and proceeds to make AJ humble. The woman is none other than Maxine from Season 3. I could not recognize her as she’s not only changed her hair color but is a lot more muscular too. She leaves AJ lying unconscious in the middle of the ring. The commentators don’t understand why she’s out there because they don’t follow the show… which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Their job is literally to watch the show! Anyway, if they did follow the show, they’d remember that Maxine and Hornswoggle used to be an item. I’m pretty sure this is a “Woman Scorned” angle.

I’ll admit, an interesting development. I’m curious to see where this goes.

Tyson Kidd vs. JTG

An interesting match-up here; as both are heels. The result of this is the crowd is very silent for this one, which is a shame because both guys are very good. The good news is that Grisham and Regal do a good job putting over Tyson Kidd, that despite the fact that he’s been jobbing, has been incredible in the ring and even say he’s the must watch of the show. Great for Tyson, and I’ve also noticed that he’s been appearing regularly on Smackdown as well. Hopefully, NXT is the start of better things for him.

The match itself is pretty short, nothing much more than a showcase for Tyson. This is great, considering they jobbed him out for no reason to Justin Gabriel last week. The match is really quick, and Tyson doesn’t even use either of his regular finishers (Sharpshooter or the 3 Handed Credenza) to win here. He grabs JTG’s leg in a rolling single leg crab (Canadian Crab?) for the victory.

WINNER: Tyson Kidd

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Cool beans, hopefully this is a start of a push for Tyson Kidd… and as I type this, a Japanese kanji appears on the Titantron, with some ominous sounding music plays too. Regal and Grisham are astonished at this, and wonder what this means…. Really? They’re seriously going to push this as a mystery? WWE has one Japanese character in their employ, and one who has been feuding with Tyson for over a month. They really have no idea who could be behind this? Nothing comes of the sign, except for Tyson looking scared. (Spoiler: Its Yoshi Tatsu)

We cut to the back with Matt Striker in ring gear. He’s actually challenged Darren Young to a rematch, and the match is next. Striker cuts a short promo saying that he has no excuses for last week, he lost fair and square. He promises tonight however, that he is ready for Darren Young tonight. He promises tonight he’s going to make Darren Young earn his Redemption. Its actually a really good promo, which is rare for a face nowadays.

Darren Young vs. Matt Striker

Poor Darren Young. I have to give him credit, he is probably the best wrestler on the show, and his matches are getting more and more solid. In fact, his style becomes more and more hard hitting with each bout. I finally understand why they had him wrestle Titus so many times, because he made him to look good. However, he really doesn’t get a lot of attention on this show, and as a result will probably be the next guy eliminated. Huge shame. I hope WWE is smart enough to keep him after this. After all, they were dumb enough to release Lucky Cannon.

This is actually a good match. These two legit beat the heck out of each other, as Darren’s mouth is busted wide open during the match. Striker really wrestled like this was his Wrestlemania, and Darren wrestled like he was taking on John Cena. It was cool, I liked watching it. Definitely the match of the night, least emotionally.

As I mentioned we got some hard hitting moves out of this one. Darren, from his usual spot of a neckbreaker on the outside ring apron, hit a back suplex instead on the outside after Matt countered out of it. That’s actually the story of the match is that Striker apparently studied up on Darren because he’s able to counter most of his signature moves. This includes elbowing out of the Double Knee Driver, and countering with a Back Stabber. End comes when Matt tries to finish Darren with a La Magistral cradle, but Darren uses his power to stand up with him, and hit the Double Knee Driver (DKD) for the win.

WINNER: Darren Young

Darren celebrates his victory, and I was half expecting a Darren face turn and for him to shake Striker’s hand out of respect… but that would mean being interesting, so no go. The main event tonight will be a recap from RAW of Rey vs. Del Rio for the title, which means we get another short episode of NXT.

Derrick Bateman with Maxine then come to the ring. Derrick introduces Maxine as the love of his life, soul mate, and girlfriend. I wonder if that means they’re dating? Maxine then takes the mic, and proves me right as she basically says that Hornswoggle is only with AJ cause she can’t handle a real woman like her, and that she’s going to make them pay. Gee, I wonder if this is going to turn into mixed tag at some point?

Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Early Tuesday, Derrick Bateman tweeted to tune into NXT today for Derrick vs. Titus VI. I don’t know why he would type that. Nothing makes the kids want to tune into a wrestling show than a match they’ve seen 5 times now. Titus, by the way, comes to the ring by himself. I guess this is due to Hornswoggle attending to AJ, who despite being a wrestler is Mr. Glass in body structure. Nice to know that Swoggle is once again abandoning his Rookie to pursue a woman “on his journey”.

[adinserter block=”1″]

This match is all right, mainly just Titus being Steve Austin and mud hole stomping Derrick Bateman, with some power moves thrown in here and there. Though I admit, the power moves he does look good as he pulls off a shoulder breaker, a fallaway slam, and a spinebuster (though he botches the spinebuster something fierce).

The annoying thing is? I swear that Titus does that insipid Dog Bark every 30 seconds. In fact, I think the crowd was getting annoyed with this too, as they start booing the Dog Bark at one point. The finish comes when Maxine grabs Titus’ leg to distract him, which allows Bateman to get the roll up for the win.

WINNER: Derrick Bateman

Titus is pretty upset about this. Yeah, it sure does suck when outside interference costs someone a match, doesn’t it Titus? (Hypocrite)

End of Show.

This show was decent. Striker vs. Young was actually really good, and you could tell both guys were trying to make something special. The inclusion of Maxine with Bateman has potential to be interesting plot twist. However, the opener to start this show almost made me shut off my computer, and Titus continues to make me roll my eyes. He needs to stop counting on Hornswoggle so much, and start to stand out on his own. Otherwise, he will fail when Hornswoggle finally leaves him.

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  1. Cool stuff, Malcolm. Just watched this ep. of NXT, and the only one I've watched since early on in season 3…and I have to say…not bad! Especially whenever AJ gets time. Overall, a breath of fresh air. Just wish this was on television–slots on Universal have to be cheap as hell.


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