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WWE No Way Out 2012 Preview & Predictions

No Way Out 2012Here we are again with yet another B-rated PPV from WWE. From the build up, it looks there is No Way Out of this show possibly being a mess. See what I did there? That was a supposed to be a little attempt at humor. Well, I obviously won’t be the next Phyllis Diller. Seriously, on Sunday, June 17, 2012, emanating from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, will be WWE’s presentation of No Way Out. I honestly wish there was a way out of viewing this PPV because from looking at the card, it does not look great. This is one of the most lackluster cards that I have ever seen in a long time. I do not see the show drawing a huge buyrate, but I will make my predictions, so here we go.

Here is the card, and my predictions for No Way Out:

Pre-PPV Match: David Otunga vs Brodus Clay

Do we have to see Otunga wrestle? This match is going to be a disaster.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Tuxedo Match: Santino Morella vs Ricardo Rodriquez

[adinserter block=”2″]When I found out that this filler match was announced, I just could not believe it. Then again, why shouldn’t I be surprised. I guess they have to have some kind of comedy match, but this is dopey. I guess Vince likes to get his rocks off watching someone being stripped.

Winner: I don’t care who wins, but I will say Ricardo gets the win.

Diva Championship: Layla (C) vs Beth Phoenix

I wonder how long these women are going to get to wrestle. Are they going to get one minute? Besides, where was the build up for this match? I am just amazed that WWE has women on the card that can actually wrestle, but the powers that be will just give them a few minutes, if that.

Winner: Layla retains.

Intercontinental Championship: Christian (C) vs Cody Rhodes

Where was the build up for this match? As I have said multiple times, I remember WWE pushed this particular belt very hard at one time. Now, it seemed to have lost its importance.

Winner: I would not be surprised if there was a title change here, but I am going to go out on a limb, and say Christian retains.

World Championship: Sheamus (C) vs Dolph Ziggler

Well, this is an example of one man’s misfortune being another’s treasure. World Champion Sheamus was originally supposed to face Alberto Del Rio, but Del Rio suffered a severe concussion at the June 5th Smackdown taping. WWE is trying to sell it as if Del Rio got the injury from a blow to the head by his opponent that night, the Great Khali. Anyway, Del Rio was not cleared, so this past Monday in a Fatal Four way Elimination , Dolph Ziggler eliminated Khali, Christian, and Jack Swagger to become Sheamus’ new challenger.

I have really been admiring Ziggler’s work lately. He is great technically in the ring. He is pretty decent on the mic, but that will come with time. He is already a World Champion. The reign lasted ten minutes, so Edge could get an 11th Title reign in that very goofy angle. To quickly refresh everyone’s memories, in the beginning of 2011, Vickie Guerrero, who was Smackdown’s temporary GM, as Teddy Long was out due to a mysterious attack. Well, to keep this short, Edge was the World Champion at the time, and Guerrero, as Edge was her ex husband, and Ziggler was her new boyfriend would make Edge’s life a living hell. Edge’s finisher was taken away, and eventually was caught using it. Edge gets “fired,” on the 600th episode of Smackdown, and Ziggler got the belt. Predictably, Teddy Long returns, and Vickie turns on Ziggler saying he did it. Of course, Edge gets “rehired,” and defeats Ziggler, and gets his title back, and starts on what would be his 11th, and sadly, his final reign as World Champion. I personally thought the whole thing made both Edge and Ziggler look stupid.

Back to the match at hand, I have noticed Ziggler doing a lot of jobbing lately. I don’t get it. WWE is very thin on talent, and on top of all that, they are dealing with injuries, and suspensions. WWE needs to build up that midcard. They have to build new stars, and there is no better way than seeing what someone like Ziggler can do. This should be a very good match.

Prediction: I think Sheamus retains.

WWE Title: CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Looks to me like Kane, and this is not a knock on him, but I think WWE put Kane in the match to thumb their noses at the Internet fans who went nuts over the first Punk/Bryan encounter. That is just my opinion. However, this should be a fairly decent match. I think Punk and Bran can get Kane through the match. What is very intriguing about this match is A..J. I wonder what she is going to do, and which one of the participants is she going screw over. Will it be her former boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. Will she screw over C.M Punk, the current champion, and end his eight month reign, or will Kane be the victim? This match is the only match that I would have any interest in seeing. A.J. is a very interesting character, and I love it.

Prediction: A.J. will screw someone over in this match. The winner and new WWE Champion will be Daniel Bryan.

Cage Match: Big Show vs John Cena with two stipulations for each. If John Cena wins, Vince McMahon will fire John Laurinaitis. If Big Show wins, John Laurinaitis will fire John Cena

I just hate these kinds of stipulations. WWE barely sticks by them. How many times has Laurinatis been fired, only to be saved either by interruption, or some sort of skirting of the stipulation. The first time when HHH was about to fire him, the Undertaker interrupted the proceedings. The next time was the last PPV the Big Show interfered on Laurinatis’ behalf to help the Raw and Smackdown GM defeat John Cena. The stip for that was if any WWE Superstar interfered, they would be fired. Well, on the go home show, the Big Show was fired, so how was he able to help out poor Johnny Ace? Well, the day before, Johnny Ace signed him to this iron clad contract, so there you have it.

Well, on this past Monday, Raw viewers were graced with the presence of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He was going to fire Johnny Ace at the beginning of the show, but Laurinitis convinced him to stay throughout the show, to allow him to show McMahon that he can put on a good show. After a somewhat decent show, Vince McMahon, and some bodyguards are in the ring. He calls out Laurinitis. Johnny Ace comes down, and Vince McMahon is about to fire the Raw and Smackdown GM when guess what happens? They get interrupted by the Big Show, and then John Cena. How did I know that was coming?

Big Show, Vince, Johnny Ace, and Cena cut their promos. Vince tells John that if Big Show loses, he is fired as Raw and Smackdown GM. A scuffle with the security guards ensues, and they scatter. Predictably, Show swings for Cena, and Vince McMahon gets nailed. Johnny Ace orders Big Show to the back. Vince McMahon is tended to by the trainer, and WWE is reporting “concussion like symptoms for the Chairman I have seen botches in my years of being a wrestling fan, but that swing and a miss by the Big Show took the cake. His fist did not even connect with Vince’s head. It wasn’t even close. Anyway, and this is a spoiler alert for those who don’t watch Smackdown, John Laurinitis tells John Cena on Smackdown that if Cena does not win, he is fired.

[adinserter block=”1”]Well, I don’t know what to say. I am tired of this feud. I was annoyed last year when WWE had the announcers feud. I mean, I did not like the idea of two non wrestlers in a feud when they had plenty of mid carders, or upper mid carders who could have gotten the push instead. Now, they are pushing another non wrestler, or rather a former wrestler. This is just too much. The stipulations are stupid. As I said earlier, Johnny Ace was supposed to be gone earlier, but he is still here as GM. Why should viewers believe he is going to be gone now? Vince has a concussion, so there is doubt his character will be there. John Cena has been fired before, or does anyone in WWE remember that? Did Cena’s character miss a day? No. Unless Cena is taking time off, that is the only reason I could see him losing.

Prediction: As I think this is the end of this feud, the winner is Cena.

[adinserter block=”1″]Full WWE No Way Out 2012 matches & card…
John Cena vs. The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world heavyweight championship
Christian vs. Cody Rhodes for the WWE intercontinental championship
Beth Phoenix vs. Layla for the WWE Divas championship
Santino Marella vs. Ricardo in a Tuxedo Match

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