WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions & Preview

WWE No Way Out 2012The WWE returns to pay per view this Sunday night with No Way Out 2012. No Way Out on paper appears to be one of the least enticing WWE events in ages. Two title matches and a main-event you have seen a dozen times will end this year’s Father’s Day.

The lackluster event really should be of no surprise to anyone who has followed the WWE over the last few years. The typical pattern in the WWE year-long cycle is a hot first quarter ending with WrestleMania followed by the most mundane quarter of the year. Hey, at least the WWE has continuity somewhere right?

John Cena vs. The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match…If Cena wins Laurinaitis gets fired, if Show wins Cena gets fired

First of all, the idea that the WWE would sell any match with a “firing” stipulation is ridiculous. Selling a match with the idea that Cena could get fired is just insulting. This is a stipulation that should never be used again by the WWE. They burnt this one out by not honoring the stipulation the last several times so expecting fans to buy a match on this stipulation alone is completely absurd in my opinion.

I can’t imagine anyone getting excited about this match. This match was originally booked to be Cena vs. Lord Tensai but the match was changed after Tensai was described as a “failure” by Vince McMahon. The match on television comes after the giant interfered in Cena’s match with John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit.

It is hard for anyone to take Show seriously as a giant monster heel. Just a few weeks before this he was beaten on television by Cody Rhodes who probably weighs as much as one of Show’s hands. Additionally, you had a full month leading into WrestleMania where fans were reminded about how big of a loser the Big Show really is yet today, you are supposed to take him seriously as some kind of threat to Cena. The WWE couldn’t have prepared for a match worse…well actually they could but I’ll get into that later.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Vince McMahon said on RAW he would be at ringside so I’ll assume he won’t as plans change by the minute over there. I can’t imagine Cena losing to Show here. Cena has lost quite a bit lately but this one wouldn’t make any sense. I envision a long, methodical, cage match with a lot of plodding and intensity and very little action. I think Cena wins and puts this feud to rest with one match and a win at No Way Out.

CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship

Can you name one good way to ruin a potentially great match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk? Yep, put Kane into the mix. Hey, I don’t mind watching Kane from time to time but this is just a big slap in the face of the fans hoping to see a Bryan vs. Punk rematch from Over the Limit. Even more fun is that the story here is A.J. and not so much the WWE title. Good times, good times.

I do think this match will be good if not very good. Punk and Bryan are bound to have some nice moments and I could see the three of them putting together some fun spots with Kane. Yet at the end of the day I think three is a crowd in this one. While normally I’d expect Punk and Bryan to steal a show, I don’t think that happens Sunday.

I never would have predicted Bryan to win until this past Monday. Punk pinned Bryan clean on RAW which generally indicates that Punk is losing to Bryan. I can’t imagine Bryan being pinned and not getting the win on Sunday. I could see a scenario here where A.J. and Kane team up and Kane gets the win to surprise the audience. Yet after Monday and seeing Vince dress down Bryan on RAW I am going with Bryan getting the win and the WWE championship in a bit of an upset.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world heavyweight championship

Remember how I said earlier that the WWE couldn’t have prepared worse for a match? Here we go. I love watching Dolph Ziggler. As a matter of a fact he is probably my favorite wrestler to watch these days and I think he deserves a big push. However, sticking the guy in a championship match after giving him two wins in about fourteen matches on RAW is probably the worst time to elevate this great talent.

That said, I think we have a show stealer here. Quite frankly I haven’t watched a match with Ziggler in ages where he disappointed in a big spot. Sheamus is hit or miss to me but is usually pretty solid when he is in there with a great worker like Ziggler, Chris Jericho, or Daniel Bryan. The only thing that could ruin this match is if the WWE brass gets cute again and gives these guys 18 seconds or something really short. Nothing would surprise me these days.

I’d love to see Ziggler go over here but I highly doubt that happens. All reports seem to indicate that the WWE are heavily committed to pushing Sheamus as the top SmackDown star. If the timing was different I would easily lean towards the Ziggler upset. It is not and Ziggler is probably better off not getting the title without a strong push leading up to the run. I predict a great match and a Brogue Kick to give the win to the “Great White.”

Full WWE No Way Out 2012 matches & card…
John Cena vs. The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world heavyweight championship
Christian vs. Cody Rhodes for the WWE intercontinental championship
Beth Phoenix vs. Layla for the WWE Divas championship
Santino Marella vs. Ricardo in a Tuxedo Match

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