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WWE Night of Champions Preview and Predictions

WWE Night of ChampionsWWE is returning to the City of Brotherly Love this Sunday with its first Pay-Per-View event for the first time since November of 2006 with an event which features strictly championship matches; Night of Champions. With that in mind, I figured I would run down the current card with my thoughts and opinions of what I think will happen & what I think should happen.

As of 7/24, the card is…

WWE Diva’s Title:
– Maryse (C) vs. Mickie James

These are two ladies who know how to get the crowd going. What Maryse lacks in ring skills she makes up for with her charisma and looks. Mickie James is sure to be the crowd favorite in this match, especially among the ROH fans in attendance. For fans who are unaware, before heading to WWE, Mickie came to prominence in the Philly area working as Alexis Laree in ROH and was one of the top women wrestlers in the promotion. Personally, I think either woman is deserving of representing the Raw brand as champion.

Who I Think Will Win – New Champion in Mickie James
Who I Think Should Win – Maryse to keep her going as a strong heel woman.

Unified Tag Titles:
– Chris Jericho (C) & Mystery Partner vs. Legacy

With Edge suffering a torn Achilles Tendon, WWE is in a real pickle regarding their tag team titles. The solution? Team Y2J with a mystery partner to take on Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Jericho & Edge were certain to be the best thing going in the lackluster tag team division of WWE. The mystery partner will not be revealed until Sunday night at the PPV. Who fills the slot? I’ve decided to play the guessing game & pick one superstar from each brand who could do it. From Raw – Jack Swagger. People hate this guy; from his lisping promos to his arrogant attitude. He’s the heel you love to hate these days. From SmackDown – John Morrison. This would be an interesting pairing; one heel in Y2J & one face in Morrison. WWE is known for giving us wacky tag teams that can’t co-exist, yet still manage to have succesful tag title reigns. Plus, the double team moves these two could pull off would be sick. From ECW – William Regal. Seriously; throw the guy a bone. Why is he not on the PPV? He’s easily the most underrated & under utilized talent on the roster.

Who I Think Will Win – Y2J & Mystery Partner
Who I Think Should Win – Y2J & Mystery Partner. I’m sorry; but I don’t understand why people feel DiBiase & Rhodes are the future of WWE. I just don’t see it.

United States Title:
(Six-Pac Challenge Match)

– Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Big Show vs. MVP vs. The Miz vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger
This should be a fun match. Plus, having six superstars compete for it actually makes the United States Title look important on a PPV once again. Having 4 up & comers in there highlights WWE’s youth movement. Big Show, MVP, & Carlito are the veterans (if you can even call Carlito that) who have held the belt before & are looking to regain some prominence. Swagger had a good run as ECW Champion & is definitely ready to be the top mid-card heel. I definitely smell a title change with this one.

Who I Think Will Win – New Champion in Jack Swagger. The All American American & the US Title just seem to go hand in hand.
Who I Think Should Win – New Champion in The Miz. The guy got screwed in his feud with John Cena. WWE had the opportunity to make a new star & squashed whatever he had going with the Cena machine before it even began.

Intercontinental Title:
– Rey Mysterio (C) vs. Dolph Zigler
The WWE youth movement is in full swing on SmackDown as evidenced by this matchup. Zigler had previous success as a tag team champion as a member of the Spirit Squad (remember them?) & has gotten over pretty well as a heel on Friday nights. He even has multiple wins over The Great Khali; making him look stronger in the eyes of the fans. Rey Mysterio is certain to be the crowd favorite in Philly. I personally have not been able to stomach Rey Mysterio since he skull f**ked Eddie Guerrero’s corpse all the way to a World Title run in 2006. I mean seriously. I don’t care how much money he makes WWE in merch sales. You’re gonna put a world championship on the guy who was lawn darted into a trailer by Kevin Nash? Please.

Who I Think Will Win – Rey Mysterio
Who I Think Should Win – Dolph Zigler. Yeah, I’m biased. But it’s time to make a new star.

ECW Title:
-Tommy Dreamer (C) vs. Christian

Something we never thought we would see. An ECW Original as the ECW Champion in Philadelphia; the birth place of ECW. Not since Rob Van Dam has a star from the old ECW held the strap since WWE made ECW its third brand. Look for Tommy Dreamer to be the crowd’s hero on Sunday night. And also expect another Philadelphia Screwjob of some kind. I don’t see Dreamer leaving the Wachovia Center as ECW Champion.

Who I Think Will Win – New Champion in Christian
Who I Think Should Win – Tommy Dreamer. This is Dreamer’s hardcore homecoming. Let him leave the city as champion. The fans will love it; especially the ECW faithful who STILL haven’t forgotten 2006. For those fansthough, a piece of advice. The original ECW is dead. Accept it! MOVE ON!!!

World Title:
-CM Punk (C) vs. Jeff Hardy

This is the money match & one of the best feuds SmackDown has had in a while. CM Punk is only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of as a heel against Jeff Hardy. For those of you who witnessed the Punk/Raven feud in ROH, you know what I’m talking about. The crowd reactions for this one are already intriguing me. Punk rose to fame as a member of the ROH roster in Philadelphia. No doubt the old school ROH fans are going to be solidly behind Punk. The match is loaded with drama storyline wise. A straight edge superstar vs. a man who was a drug addict & lost everything in a house fire looking for redemption. This is another I could see going either way.

Who I Think Will Win – Jeff Hardy by DQ
Who I Think Should Win – CM Punk. Keep him running as the top heel on SmackDown. The two will probably have the final match at SummerSlam.

WWE Title:
(Triple-Threat Match)
-Randy Orton (C) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Another interesting match. A lot of Philly fans have no love for John Cena. Hunter is on his way to tying Flair’s record for World Championship reigns. Randy Orton is still going strong despite a rather embarassing loss to Seth Green (yeah…you read it right) a couple weeks ago. Crowd reactions should be interesting as well just because Orton & Cena tend to get 50/50 splits for cheers & boos. Add in Hunter who will probably be the top face in the match. This is a hard one to call. But I’d like to paraphrase Triple H when I say that I don’t care who wins the match, so long as it isn’t John Cena. I am sick & tired of having this guy crammed down my throat. Yes, the guy’s great on the mic. But his matches are as predictable as Bret Hart’s.

Who I Think Will Win – New Champion in John Cena
Who I Think Should Win – Randy Orton. Keep him running as Raw’s top heel & let a younger guy who’s ready for a run with the strap beat him. Hunter & Cena don’t need the push.

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