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More WWE Night of Champions Predictions & Preview

Triple H CM PunkTomorrow will be the WWE Night of Champions PPV where all titles will be on the line. However, with this particular PPV, for reasons unknown, there is a match that has NOTHING to do with a title. I guess you can say it is not a TITLE BELT (I know we are not supposed to say “belt,” but this is my column so I’ll say whatever I want.), but this match is for a person’s corporate “title” if that makes sense. The build up to this PPV has been decent, save the fantastic go home show on Friday Night SmackDown featuring the “Cutting Edge.” Anyway, here are my picks for the Night of Champions PPV.


WWE has continued to do a great job in building up Mark Henry as this unstoppable monster. I am really enjoying Henry in this role. In the ten plus years he has been with the company, I feel that this is his best work to date. He hasn’t been the greatest worker, but I love how they are presenting him. They should have done this with him a long time ago, instead of that skit with Mae Young, or that “Sexual Chocolate” junk. Anyway, as for Orton, we all know he is, at least in my opinion, the most protected star in the company. Yes, I said it. WWE protects Orton like Patriot Coach Bill Belichick protects information on the Patriots.

[adinserter block=”2″]PREDICTION: As much as I would like to see Mark Henry have a short run from now till Survivor Series, even though we can not forget about Christian who is STILL campaigning for another shot, I don’t think Henry will win the belt. Orton will retain the belt. I do not see a clean finish though.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. John Cena

This match has not gotten a lot of build up due to Raw concentrating on the Punk/HHH match (more on that later), but they have had Del Rio winning his matches clean, which is a good sign. Cena is cutting his stupid, corny jokes as usual. I am really not at all interested in this match, even though I like Del Rio a lot. Del Rio does come across as a star on the mic. His promos have been very good.

PREDICTION: The question here is will John Cena be willing to lose, or will WWE brass have Cena, lose a THIRD PPV in a row? I am going to think probably not. I am thinking Cena wins the MATCH, but not the TITLE, so Del Rio retains by DQ.


Here is the match that has gotten pretty much all of the focus on Raw. Why Hunter and Punk are even TOUCHING before Survivor Series, and why this is being rushed to a B show, I don’t know. Of course, now with the news of the Rock and Cena teaming up at Survivor Series, I guess that MAY be the reason. I don’t know for sure. I am just speculating. Anyway, I think most fans are familiar with this storyline. Like WWE’s Creative usually does, it starts out great, and then they drop the ball. Why they do this, I have no idea. Anyway, enough griping. We all know that Hunter and Punk, and Kevin Nash all have been shooting promos at each other, and talking a lot of “inside” stuff. Many of the younger fans are likely oblivious to what the hell they are talking about. Even I had to look up stuff, even though I knew about 90% of what they were referring to.

Anyway, all this has culminated into a match where HHH has told Punk the match is NO DQ. Punk put out an interesting stipulation. If Punk wins, Hunter has to resign as COO of the company. PREDICTION: There are rumors that Vince McMahon may return at the PPV or on Monday. That would be very interesting IF THEY ARE TRUE. Word has it that Kevin Nash is expected to make an appearance. If anyone remembers, Nash was fired by his “friend” HHH, but Nash also has signed a contract with John Laurinatis, and has been seen meeting with Laurinatis.

All this looks like it is highly likely that Nash would come and cost Triple H his job. I don’t know. It looks too predictable that it would happen like that. I am going to just go with the opposite. Triple H goes full blown heel, and Nash helps him win. Since Nash is going to make some movie, HHH, Laurinatis, and Vince would form a heel faction. Too close to call as it could go either way, but that is what I am predicting for this match.

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WWE DIVA’S TITLE : Kelly Kelly (C) vs. Beth Phoenix

Well, there is not much to this match. It is pretty simple. Beth Phoenix and her friend Natalya Neidhart have both turned heel.and are attacking the “pretty barbie doll” divas as they both say. Beth Phoenix won a #1 Contender’s match and is the challenger to Kelly Kelly’s Diva Title.

PREDICTION: The PPV is in Buffalo, NY, which is Phoenix’ hometown, and it is possible that Beth may not win, as we all know that WWE loves to have the competitor lose in his/her hometown, especially since Beth is a heel. However, Kelly has had the belt for awhile, and I am thinking they will do the title change here. Beth defeats Kelly Kelly, possibly with help from Nattie that the ref doesn’t see, and becomes the NEW Diva Champion.

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Cody Rhodes (C) vs. Ted DiBiase Jr.

You mean to tell me that the WWE HAS an Intercontinental Title? Could have fooled me. This once proud title, that was used to elevate guys such as Triple H, HBK, Edge, Jericho, Orton, etc, etc is barely pushed. Hell, it is hardly defended on Wrestlemania much anymore. When a guy won the Intercontinental Title, it was a sign to wrestlers, and fans that this was the guy who was going to be the next top guy. Now, it is just another title. Anyway, Cody and Ted have been having some sort of feud. Of course, then again, it looked thrown together. This match was just announced too.

PREDICTION: Cody Rhodes retains and remains Intercontinental Champion.

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (C) vs. The Miz & R-Truth

So WWE wants to make tag teams more important? Wow. Let’s see, just throw together two singles guys and make them the champions instead of building up tag teams like the Usos? Alrighty then. I do admit that it is good that Bourne and Kingston are FINALLY getting some sort of push. However, throwing together Miz and Truth? Let’s see, wasn’t The Miz just wrestling at Mania 27 as the MAIN EVENT with John Cena? Wasn’t R Truth just in a MAIN EVENT match at a PPV with John Cena as well? I know there is the expression, “The bigger they come, the harder they fall,” but this is ridiculous. I know they all can not be at the top, but really. Anyway, the feud between these two is just ok. I hardly feel that it is about the titles at all. Truth and Miz come off as more of a comedy team, and that bugs me a bit.

PREDICTION: Bourne/Kingston retain, and remain WWE Tag Team Champions.

[adinserter block=”2″]UNITED STATES TITLE: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison

This is another match that just came out of the blue without a lot of build. There is tension between Ziggler and Swagger, as Vickie Guerrero who is supposed to be managing Ziggler, is interested in adding Jack Swagger to her group. She and Ziggler have also had a small falling out as well. Anyway, the match for Ziggler’s United States Championship is on the line with Swagger, Riley, and Morrison as challengers.

PREDICTION: Someway, somehow, Dolph Ziggler retains as United States Champion.

On paper, the show looks alright. Rhodes, and DiBiase could be the sleeper as far as match quality. Punk and HHH should have a good match together. Hopefully, it is not too overbooked. Enjoy the show.

Full WWE Night of Champions 2011 card and matches…
Alberto Del Rio vs.. John Cena for the WWE Championship
CM Punk vs.. Triple H in a No Disqualification match; If CM Punk wins, Triple H resigns as COO of WWE
Kelly Kelly vs.. Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship
Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) vs.. The Miz & R-Truth for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Randy Orton vs.. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs.. Jack Swagger vs.. Alex Riley vs.. John Morrison in a Fatal four-way match for the WWE United States Championship

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