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WWE News & Rumors: Pat Patterson Explains Role In Montreal Screwjob

via WWE
via WWE

Pat Patterson spoke to Newsweek about his new book. In the interview, Patterson discussed his role in the “Montreal Screwjob” and how it affected his life and his relationship with Bret Hart.

“I really did not know (it was going to happen). I was so mad when I found out. I grabbed my briefcase and I left the building. I went to the hotel, had a couple of drinks, and I didn’t know what to do—I thought I was going to quit the business. I then had another cocktail and said,“Wait a minute, it’s like I’m hiding.” I went back to the arena and I went right to Bret Hart. He and I get along so good and I helped him in his career. It was hard for him to believe I didn’t know [because of my friendship with Vince]. For a couple of years, he didn’t speak to me. I would bump into him and say: “Bret, all these years, we were so close.” I wanted him to shake my hand and he finally did it.”

Read the entire interview here.

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