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WWE News and Rumors for the Week of November 3

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What a great week for the WWE, as they’re coming off a historic Hell-in-a-Cell pay-per-view event and introducing a couple of compelling storylines that could headline Survivor Series at the end of the month. Monday Night Raw gave us an explosive appearance from Goldberg and the teasing of a possible Shield reunion.

You get the feeling that Sunday’s results have reset all of the WWE’s feuds moving forward. Here are the three biggest storylines of the week:

A Historic Hell-in-a-Cell Main Event

True WWE fans circle the date of Hell-in-a-Cell months in advance as this gimmick match is guaranteed to provide the year’s most memorable moments. Sunday night didn’t disappoint, with the outcome of the first-ever women’s title match held inside this massive structure still being on the mind of everyone who was fortunate enough to watch this spectacular main event.

The fans were quite familiar with the background behind the Charlotte and Sasha Banks feud, and fully expected it would end with an epic Hell-in-a-Cell match. Both wrestlers were up for the challenge as their ring entrances were legendary.

Charlotte was carried like Cleopatra to ringside, while Banks made a striking entrance out of a luxury vehicle. Their supreme athleticism was highlighted all throughout the match and definitely elevated the popularity of women’s wrestling within the WWE community.

Goldberg’s Return to the WWE

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Survivor Series is the WWE’s next pay-per-view event on the calendar year. After 12 years away from the spotlight, Bill Goldberg is going to step back into the ring to face Brock Lesnar in the card’s main event.

Goldberg didn’t disappoint the fans in his first appearance after the announcement of the match. On Raw, he jackhammered Rusev and speared Paul Heyman during the show’s first segment of the night. Yes, Goldberg showed some ring rust from his long layoff, but no can deny the electricity felt inside the building from his actions.

It was two weeks ago that Heyman made a televised challenge to Goldberg on behalf of his client, Lesnar. They felt it was time to settle the dispute on who was the toughest wrestler, and this led to Goldberg’s return to WWE airwaves to accept their offer.

Their only meeting was at WrestleMania 20, and it was a complete disaster. Both wrestlers were booed all throughout the match because they rarely engaged in any action. Now, Goldberg and Lesnar are on the road to redemption and hope to provide the fans with an action-packed match that replaces one of the great disappointments in WWE history.

Possible Shield Reunion

Rumors are running rampant throughout the internet that a possible reunion of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns is already in the works, especially after what took place at the conclusion of Monday Night Raw. Each wrestler is in a desperate need of a career boost, as their storylines have been stagnant for months.

The Shield were the hottest villains in the WWE, but their breakup seemed to be imminent and it finally took place in 2014 prior to SummerSlam. The surprise reconciliation took place after Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho double-teamed Reigns inside the ring when suddenly Rollins appeared out of nowhere. The crowd’s reaction could force WWE’s creative team to reform this alliance in a coming storyline…stay tuned.

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