What the WWE Network Could Learn from Coliseum Video


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Still, this post is more about the old days of VHS and more specifically Coliseum Video. I loved the concept of most of the Coliseum Video releases, a hodge podge of different matches from different arenas. You’d get a Hogan match, but you might get a Tito Santana/Koko B. Ware match and six more matches featuring stuff from house shows or television tapings. Sure, the tapes were expensive to purchase and I only owned one Coliseum tape, but it was still fun to rent one when I hit the Buster. Also, the main Blockbuster in my area growing up has a play area until we moved and the local Blockbuster had none of that. We had a mom and pop store with the obligatory porno section, but a Street Fighter arcade machine.

Fun fact: We had two Blockbusters in our hometown, and they were across the street from each other.

I’m getting off track, but I wanted to talk about. I was reading an article on the Voices of Wrestling website about their ideas for content on the Network: http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/2014/08/06/so-goes-the-network/ and they made a point about Coliseum Video. They had an idea to do a pop-up video style show with old Coliseum tapes and I think it’s smart. The Coliseum library is just waiting to be used and it comes down to my main gripe about the Network. They have all this content from the past few decades and it’s just sitting on the shelf. Primetime, Superstars, WCW Saturday Night, The C-Shows from both companies and other WCW specials like Superstars on the Superstation and WCW All Night from 1994 are still not up.

So, I have an idea for content that’s cheap and not something like Jim Duggan in a Chippendales show. As I said earlier, most Coliseum video matches were taped at television tapings since it was a way you could advertise a guy like Hogan and not have him work the tapings. They were basically dark matches, so why not tape “Network Exclusive” matches before and after the show goes off the air? Tape a lower card match before Superstars/Main Event and then tape a match a main event caliber match when Raw goes off the air. Before the C-show even starts, have an Usos/Rybaxel match, another lower level match and when Raw goes off the air we see the team of Cena/Sheamus/Jericho take on the Wyatt Family to send the fans home happy. Do this at every Raw and Smackdown tapings and you have a good archive of content for the Network. Call it “Best of the WWE Network Vol. 1” and pad it out with a PPV match or two.

[adinserter block=”2″]After that, it would just be about putting the matches together, getting somebody in the studio to film bumper segments and record commentary. Scott Stanford is a good talent and he handles the PPV countdown shows, so he could do the hosting. Have Tom Phillips and a guy like Regal record the commentary and put it on the Network in a two hour long special. This could fill a Sunday night when you have no-PPVs.

Got ideas for original Network content? Leave something in the comments. At this point, the Network needs original content to sell people on. I do wonder if people actually use the Network for anything besides PPV’s. I use it to watch Raw from 1995 every now and then, but besides that it’s just for PPVs. Some original content whether it matches or something similar to 30 for 30.

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