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WWE Needs to Stay on Course Without John Cena

The greatest thing the WWE did Monday night was not bring John Cena back to television following Night of Champions.

[adinserter block=”1″]It was rumored that Cena would make an appearance on Raw as part of the company’s Breast Cancer Awareness promotion that the WWE has been involved in with the Susan G. Koman Foundation, all with Cena serving as the dog fighting the fight.

While my mother is fighting breast cancer and I am a huge supporter of the cause (I love you, Mom), it is good that the WWE knows when to swallow its tongue every now and then.

Monday night was not the night for Cena to appear on a Raw program and furthermore, it would be best that Cena, who is rehabilitating from elbow surgery, stay away from an arena near you for some time. The Daniel Bryan angle just got a little more crazy and Cena being added to the spotlight would only hurt the new “face” of the WWE. Besides, isn’t there some entertainment program on another cable network with Cena’s name on it? I mean Diva and Cena go hand in hand.

All kidding aside, Monday night opened the door for a revolution that we have been waiting for, led by Bryan, with Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam and Kofi Kingston added to the mix. Others like the Usos and Prime Time Players only add to what should be a festive Battleground pay-per-view in Buffalo next month.

There I go again, getting excited about something that hasn’t already taken place.

Bryan’s stand, the loss of the WWE by the popular WWE superstar, Ziggler’s Twitter battles with Triple H and his desire to hold gold again and of course RVD make for an interesting cast of characters who could all face The Shield and Randy Orton at the next PPV event.

And oh wait, there could be more.

While Bryan and Orton must remain fresh (I think this has the potential to be a Buzz Sawyer/Tommy Rich type feud, minus the blood), the added dimension of more wrestlers, notable Ziggler and Van Dam could mean the WWE is finally ready to test the waters with its newest corporate take over.

We also saw what will be a true “power couple” in Triple H and Stephanie. The fire in the leggy lady’s eyes and tone were a needed boost to the angle. Triple H and his wife may at some point face off (I will write about that in another column, but for now, go with me here), but for now, this is a true family effort in the making.

And we don’t miss Mr. McMahon, I mean how can you when Satan and the Devil are running the WWE.

My biggest questions Monday night’s turn of events are simple. How does the WWE bridge the event of the closing segment (a meaner, more defiant Orton) with the swarm of wrestlers from the back? How will Battleground be set so The Shield’s three possibly lose their titles? How will RVD’s interference affect his chance at the world title?

I’m afraid to speak because in the back of my mind, Roddy Piper is telling me, “Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions.” Yes, I am that devilish at times.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE just took another turn in the right direction with its fans and I now think we are all reunited (and it feels so good). I cannot help this is the start of something else that will huge for the company. Let’s just hope the company can stay on course, not jump the track and give us a solid PPV. The fans and the wrestlers deserve that.

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  1. I was originally pulling for Cena to return to this angle on hte corporate side but I think that Cena needs a new story all together. Give us sometime to move on from Cena so when he comes back to the title it feels fresh


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