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WWE Needs To Stay Away From Part-Time Veterans

The WWE will try to recreate some of its past success on January 20 when Batista makes his long awaited and rumored return to the ring and the company.

The WWE may have Chris Jericho back in the fold around WrestleMania XXX, if rumors are correct about the part-time wrestler wanting to give it a go back in the ring.

And the possibility of Shawn Michaels getting back in the ring has stirred the WWE faithful once again with rumor and possible false hope.

Three great superstars, three great careers and none of them can really help the WWE develop the way it should. A wrestling program or promotion should be built on what lies in the future, not allowing history to build its current success. For years we have had issues with former greats (Ric Flair, Scott hall, Jake Roberts, Terry Funk and others) wrestle well into their sixties because they could not get rid of the itch, needed to wrestle for money, or knew nothing else in their lives.

Although it would appear these three greats don’t have those kinds of issues and for the most part, since Batista got into the business later than most and Jericho takes time off to tour with his band and is in good shape, there is no need to exorcise demons of the past. But I caution the WWE that all the company is doing is stunting the growth of stars stuck at the mid card or have become jobbers because the space is limited and the belts are thin.

Ultimately, in my opinion, Batista comes back to the WWE aligns himself with the Authority or even challenges it in some way (which makes more sense) or he battles John Cena again at some point. The idea of Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H aligned together again brings back memories of Evolution, which might be what the Authority will become in the new year.

Michaels return to the ring only happens if it is in a program with Daniel Bryan and Jericho will return to the squared circle because, frankly, it is his M.O. and something that always happens once he has been on the road, touring and has down time before getting back on the bus (or plane). Fozzy is immensely successful because of Jericho and his band and his ties to the WWE, which helps with promotion of something outside the realm of dropkicks and arm bars.

The WWE and the WWE Universe are so worried about creating the “Next ….,” meaning the next Chris Jericho, the next Shawn Michaels, the Next Ric Flair. If that was truly the case, then Dolph Ziggler would be a world champion right now/ Drew McIntyre would have been the next Scott Hall. Roman Reigns will be he his cousin, The Rock and CM Punk would have already been Stone Cold Steve Austin. For years we waited to see if Chris Jericho could be Roddy Piper and wanted someone to fill Randy Savage’s boots.

It can’t happen that way.

And the idea of John Cena being the next Hulk Hogan is about spot on – with his ability to sell his message, sell merchandise and keep true to his beliefs as a hero, not a villain.

I preach like Mike Mooneyham and Mark Madden about wrestling’s pitfalls and wrong turns. These three wrestlers are all great in their own right but they stunt the growth of this already loaded talent roster. The need for some air is evident. I still want the company to kick around the idea of buying TNA, but that possibly has a WCW failure written all over it.

But trust me, dealing with the past to help the future will not be the reason the WWE succeeds in 2014.

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