WWE Needs to Make The Holiday Season Its Own Rebirth and Revival


If there were the midterm exam in college, the WWE would most likely earn a failing grade – possibly a “D” but more than likely an “F”for its performance since John Cena went on hiatus, Sheamus went under the knife, Wade Barrett went MIA and the all-important “corporate angle took a bit of a nose dive from its original conception. While there is a learning curve in all of this – where there are some great things that have happened like Big Show’s dominance, the love of Daniel Bryan and the union of Cody and Dustin Rhodes, you cannot mistake failure with missed opportunities.

[adinserter block=”1″]The professional with the red ink pen is watching the company’s every move hoping to make the WWE his own private art board. Right now, not even John Cena, The Rock or the return of Shawn Michaels to the ring could save them the company from all out fall out.

Yes, I thought of that, myself. Feel free to use it if you wish in further endeavors.

The WWE could use a helping hand in trying to salvage the next two and half months of purgatory that the business has besieged itself with.

The idea of making John Cena a “Blue Brand” man is almost like admitting the WWE failed miserably and needs to be bailed out of it current situation. I am all for fixing a mega problem, but in this case, the damage was swift and serve and if you ever wanted to say to yourself or out loud, “Damn you, John Cena. You aren’t allowed to get injured because you just hurt our product,” this would probably be the right time to say that.

Yes, welcome to the WWE – the company that has just as many woes as TNA and at times, looks like is struggling as much as WCW did.

If you are willing to listen, maybe an outside voice could shed some light on what could make for a very explosive 10 weeks left in the 2013 wrestling year.

Decide what to do with the “Big” man

The Big Show Angle worked wonders at first, but has clearly taken away from the development of Daniel Bryan and the feud between Bryan and Randy Orton. I would dare say that it now looks like Show is

a bigger star in this angle – with fans waiting to see if he gets his hands on Triple H more so than seeing the same old shtick between Bryan and Orton.

And when everything is said, who will be there after this angle to face Orton? The Miz would be great. Dolph Ziggler would be great as well. Could Roman Reigns make a face turn and do some work with “The Viper?”

CM Punk/Paul Heyman angle has to come to an end soon

While I see it going on for another few weeks – who jumps in and challenges not only Punk, but Ryback. Unfortunately, right now both wrestlers need each other. Big E Langston and Curtis Axel is a nice fit. Langston becomes a true superstar out of this story.

I also like the idea of Langston and Ryback taking turns beating the hell out of each other. And for anyone who is listening out there, Langston and Mark henry would be a hell of a tag team combination.

Let the Rhodes Brothers revitalize the tag team division

Not since the Hart Foundation has the division looked so good. Let’s all hope the idea is to keep Goldust around for a while. Also, the decision must be made at some point if Cody is going to become a major player in the singles division again? Can he challenge Damien Sandow or Orton or maybe a Daniel Bryan “face vs. face” feud?

Keep Shawn Michaels around

[adinserter block=”2″]The mere idea of him fighting the good fight for the WWE is good for ratings. It also means Vince McMahon does not have to appear on television to save his company. I love the fact there is an underlying feel of “dissention” between HBK and Triple H. And in case you were wondering, WrestleMania XXX is six months away.

Give us a rivalry with Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose

The two best performers in the company face each other almost every week, tear down the house and then we never see a title on the line. Dean Ambrose could become Arn Anderson. Ziggler could be Shawn Michaels. Come on, WWE creative… give us all what we really, really want.

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