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WWE Must Have Women’s PPV Main-Event before WrestleMania

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Since the brand split, the women’s division has been given more time and a stronger focus on both brands. Yes, splitting the roster has severely limited what the division was capable of, but it has still worked out for the time being and the WWE need to capitalize on this. The SmackDown division has been well booked and the champion is as popular as anyone (male or female) on the roster. The RAW division is re-gathering momentum after Sasha Banks’ injury and with Paige returning soon, the star-power of the brand is through the roof.

Here are just a few reasons why a women’s main-event is a must-have before WrestleMania 33:

Match Quality/Anticipation

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the women’s division has produced more quality matches pound for pound than the men have, given the opportunities presented. With RAW possibly looking as if they’re heading towards a Sasha Banks versus Charlotte versus Bayley title match in the near future, that bout screams main-event. Whether it’s at the second RAW exclusive pay-per-view or at the end of the year, it’s the perfect match to put on last and it would certainly not feel out of place.

The Snowball Effect

Once WWE get the first one out of the way, they can happen more often. Obviously the first one needs to be special and so you can’t throw it on randomly, but once it is done, then it can happen freely based purely on merit. If they can get it done before WrestleMania, then the door is wide open for a massive 2017.

Kudos Points

The WWE have never been one to shy away from the moral high-ground, even if they don’t really deserve it and this would be another chance for them to cash-in. In the same vein as their Divas Revolution marketing, this would be a good story to go main-stream and get some pats on the back from the community. We’ll just pretend they didn’t mistreat female athletes for the 10 years prior.

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Giving them the main-event before WrestleMania makes the division an even stronger selling point for the grandest stage. Charlotte, Sasha and Becky Lynch had the best match of WrestleMania 32 and if they do go with Sasha versus Bayley for WrestleMania 33, there’s absolutely no reason why that can’t happen again. Adding the credibility of a pay-per-view main-event to it would just enhance it further.

We now live in a world where a Women’s Championship pay-per-view main-event is a matter of when, not if. Now we just need to wait for the WWE to pull the trigger and if they can do it in 2016, the sky’s the limit for 2017.

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