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WWE Money in the Bank: John Cena Won the Match, Kevin Owens is Winning the War

When is the last time you saw a John Cena match and thought it might have been the best matches on the card if not THE best of the night?

[adinserter block=”1″]Thank the good lord for Kevin Owens.

Forget the ending and the “Happy Days Moment” which really had no place after he pinned Owens. (I am so glad Cena got planted) Cena showed he can still put on one hell of a match. Owens and Cena have now fought to a 1-1 draw, where you know there will be at least one more match before this feud is over.

And we as fans welcome the chance to see the same action in the ring as the two matches before provided.

Bravo, Woot Woot! Give us more.

Owens took Cena to the limit and back many times over. And for once, maybe the Cena we are all witnessing is the Cena we should have been seeing all along. For years, many of us have thought Cena has been rigid, unwilling to sell and did not want to sell principle for a chance to give others a spot at the top of the mountain.

For the past two months, we have seen Cena in a new realm. The United States Title is the strap by which wrestlers get over with the help of the 15-time world champion. Yes, times are changing in the WWE. And frankly, Cena has earned more of my respect. I am not a Cena fan for his in-ring performance (while I think what he does for Make-A-Wish and cancer research is pretty freaking awesome), but the change in his attitude and demeanor has brought me to understand that Cena’s role with the company is one of mentor not just moneymaker.

One of the things I appreciated about Ric Flair more than anything was his ability to sell for his opponents and help them make money. He did that for Sting, Barry Windham, Lex Luger and others throughout his career. Maybe some of that “Woooo!” is rubbing off on “Everyone’s All American.”

There is no doubt there will be another match between Cena and Owens and no doubt it might be better than the performance we saw Sunday night. It will be hard to top, but Cena makes Owens a better wrestler and vice versa.

There comes a time in every athlete’s career where they realize there are others who are better or more charismatic or they have that “it” factor that will make them great. Owens, in a very short time, has proven he can take arguably the greatest to ever wrestle in this promotion to the limit and to a place I thought was only reserved for the likes of CM Punk. I was wrong. Kevin Owens is on par with John Cena – there is no doubt about that.

[adinserter block=”2″]But once the magic is gone, meaning Cena is no longer the object of Owens anger, who takes his place? Which WWE superstar will be pared with the NXT champion? Will it be someone like Randy Orton or will the company as Dolph Ziggler to do the honors? A loss tonight did not hurt the momentum Owens has created – especially after he assaulted Cena after the match. The WWE must be careful how they package Owens and book him after the Cena feud. He cannot just go back to NXT and be the forgotten foe. This will certainly test the creative team in Stamford to give Owens the platform to continue to jump off of.

In this case, losing to John Cena is not the end of the world for Kevin Owens. In fact, the loss tonight got him over more with the fans and like the current US champ said, he belongs in a WWE ring. Let’s just hope he does not become a forgotten man once he leaves the ring with the man who helped put him over in the first place.

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