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WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Results: Cena and Rollins Win MITB

WWE Money in the Bank delivered the high intensity and excitement that comes with the annual stunt-show . This year’s event also served up a predicttable new WWE world champion and a Money in the Bank classic that saw Seth Rollins grab the briefcase with a little help from a friend.

John Cena won the WWE world championship and became a 15-time champion by winning Money in the Bank. The result was no surprise if you have been following the Internet or this blog over the last few days. Cena will head into SummerSlam to wrestle Brock Lesnar in a rematch of their Extreme Rules classic for the WWE world title.

[adinserter block=”1″]Stephanie and Triple H sat ringside for the WWE world title MITB match. The match started out battle royal style with everyone brawling. The crowd seemed split on Cena vs. Cena Sucks chants. Del Rio and Cesaro were the first ones to team up as they took Orton down with the ladder. Wyatt tackled both. Wyatt reversed an A.A. attempt and dropped Cena on the ladder. Reigns and Wyatt squared off. Reigns hit a Samoan Drop on Wyatt. Kane and Sheamus squared off. This one started off much slower than the previous MITB match. Sheamus and Reign sandwiched Kane between ladders. Cesaro, Del Rio, Sheamus, and Reigns all fought on the ladders. Kane cleaned house. The announcers pushed the storyline whether Kane was in this for himself or the Authority. Steph cheered on Kane. Kane picked up Orton and held the ladder for Orton, making clear he was in the match to help Orton. Wyatt cut off Reigns from grabbing the ladder. Cena then cut Wyatt off. Cesaro caught Cena with the uppercut as Cena went for U Can’t See Me on Wyatt. Cesaro and Sheamus battled on the ladder. Wyatt pulled the ladder out from under them. Cesaro held on to the titles but couldn’t pull them off. This match was much more wrestling and less stunts than the first MITB match. I wouldn’t call it safe because the guys took risk but I’d say it was certainly fought safer. Orton pulled a ladder out from underneath the ring. Sheamus and Orton brawled at ringside. Sheamus rammed Orton’s head repeatedly into a ladder. Orton swept Sheamus’ leg and Sheamus fell on the ladder. Orton dropped Sheamus with a DDT on the floor. The crowd was not nearly as hot for this as the previous MITB match. Sheamus cleaned house. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Cena. Kane eventually pulled Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro fought on the top of the ladder. At this point some of the crowd started to boo. Reigns tipped the ladder with Sheamus and Cesaro on it. Wyatt suplexed Cena on the ladder. Kane and Orton cleared the ladder. Reigns speared Kane. Reigns reversed the RKO into a Superman punch. Reigns hit another one on Sheamus. Reigns cleaned house and took everyone out but Cena one by one. Cena and Reigns squared off. They tried to get the Hogan-Warrior Rumble reaction but it didn’t work. Reigns reversed an A.A. attempt into a spear. Orton cut Reigns off as he climbed the ladder. Orton was busted open. Wyatt cut Orton off. Wyatt was probably the most over babyface in the match. The crowd loved him! Del Rio cut Wyatt off. Sheamus cut Del Rio off from the ladder and hit a Brogue Kick. Cesaro cut Cheamus off and hit an uppercut as Sheamus fell off the ladder. He took Sheamus out with a neutralizer. Orton cut off Cesaro with an RKO. Reigns cut Orton off. They brawled on the ladder. Reigns worked over Orton’s open cut. Kane chokeslammed Reigns off of the ladder. Cena gave Kane and Orton subsequent Attitude Adjustments. Cena climbed the ladder and grabbed the belts to Hunter and Steph’s dismay. Cena stared down the Authority.

This match was real disappointing. As a standalone MITB match it would have been fine. But following that blowout earlier in the night this match came up short. The guys obviously fought safe and took very little risks. I think the match needed a high-flyer or two in there to take the crazy bumps.

You can’t say you weren’t warned. Although I will say that I thought for a second that Rollins was going to cash in and swerve everyone. That didn’t happen. There were posters out last week advertising Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam. That said, there were rumors late Saturday that the WWE were looking to change the finish to swerve the people who saw the poster. I thought Cena was the right choice until the match. It was clear immediately that the fans want to see Bray Wyatt with the belt, not Cena, not Reigns. Unfortunately that probably isn’t going to happen with the current plans in place.

Seth Rollins won a fantastic Money in the Bank match. This was the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins show. The emphasis was clearly on them throughout the match. Ambrose and Rollins started brawling immediately at ringside. Kofi was the first to go for it only to be cut off by Ambrose. Kofi nailed everyone on the floor with a flying bodypress as Ambrose dumped him over the top. Rollins used the ladder as a battering ram on Kofi and Dolph. RVD nailed a Rolling Thunder on Rollins on the ladder. Dolph was his usual bumping machine throughout the match. Swagger gave RVD a powerbomb off of the ladder. Ambrose gave Rollins a superplex off of the ladder. Swagger slingshotted Ziggler into the ladder. RVD cut Swagger off from grabbing the briefcase. The storyline throughout the match was that it always came down to Rollins and Ambrose. Swagger pulled Ambrose off of the ladder which wound up with Ambrose catching Swagger with a DDT. Ambrose hurt his shoulder on that DDT, the same one Bray Wyatt went after on SmackDown. The trainer told Ambrose it was dislocated. The officials made Ambrose leave the match. RVD looked like he hurt his hamstring on a bump off of the ladder. Kofi backdropped Rollins off of the top of the ladder through another. Ziggler cut him off from grabbing the briefcase. RVD got back into it so his hamstring was fine. Dolph cleared the field with all of the guys down. Ziggler hit a Zig-Zag on Kofi on the ladder. Swagger cut Ziggler off by applying the Patriot Lock while Ziggler was on the ladder. Ziggler climbed up and broke the hold. Rollins hit Ziggler with a chair and cut him off from grabbing the case. Ambrose ran out and nailed Rollins with a chair as Rollins was about the grab the case. Ambrose went crazy and nailed Rollins several times with the chair. The place went crazy as Ambrose was about to grab the case. Ambrose had trouble grabbing the case with his bad shoulder. Ambrose was about to grab the case when Kane came out. Kane kicked him off. Kane finally took him down and chokeslammed him. Kane tombstoned Ambrose. Kane held the ladder as Rollins climbed up top to grab the briefcase and win the match.

I can’t say enough great things about this match. This match was tremendous. The drama between Rollins and Ambrose reminded me of those old Royal Rumble matches where you had two rivals fighting one another throughout the match. The crowd was crazy throughout the match. It was everything you’d hope for from a MITB match. Triple H and Stephanie congratulated Rollins after the match. I’d probably put this right up there with all of the early Match of the Year candidates.

Randy Orton teased a turn when he took a dig at Rollins. Orton did a promo where he pointed out that Rollins needed help to win his match. There are already rumors of an Orton babyface turn so I would suspect that this was the first step down that road.

A side note about the event. They spent the entire night talking about how important Money in the Bank matches are and how they make careers. Yet in the first hour of the show you had last year’s winner Damien Sandow squashed by Adam Rose. If you are going to spend the entire night talking about how big these matches are, you probably should keep Sandow as far away from the show as possible.

Overall this was nothing more than a two-match show with a great opener. Both MITB matches delivered the excitement you’d expect and the tag team championship opener was fantastic. If you missed the show and plan on catching the show later I’d probably just watch the two MITB matches and tag team title match. Otherwise you’d just be wasting three hours.

[adinserter block=”2″]Full WWE Money in the Bank results and winners…
John Cena defeated Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Kane to win the WWE world title in a Money in the Bank match
Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, RVD, and Jack Swagger to win Money in the Bank
Layla defeated Summer Rae
Rusev defeated Big E. Langston
Stardust and Goldust defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel
Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow
Paige defeated Naomi to retain the WWE Divas title
The Usos defeated the Wyatts to retain the WWE tag team championship

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