WWE Money in the Bank 2014: WWE’s new dilemma


It appears that some of the WWE’s past sins might finally be coming back to haunt them. Most notably the lack of true established superstars. For whatever reason the WWE has a pretty big gap between their main event stars and their future talents.

[adinserter block=”1″]When you look at the MITB line-up the division is clear. You have Cena, Orton, and Sheamus as your established superstars. Then you look across the ring and you see a sea of green. The future of the WWE in Wyatt, Cesaro and Reigns. There is a missing link in the WWE evolutionary chain. Where are guys who should be filling in the gap between these two groups of superstars? Where is Ziggler, Swagger, Kingston, even the Miz? They are stuck in the WWE abyss and it doesn’t look like they are coming back anytime soon.

Reports just came out that there will be a second ladder match added to the PPV which brings its own set of issues. The first issue being the exposure of the WWE’s lack of experienced wrestlers. There are not too many other wrestlers that are anywhere near ready to carry the belt. The WWE is bursting with talent yet has very little experience. Who do you put in that match? I am guessing Rollins, Ambrose, Rusev, Bo Dallas, and Wade Barrett. There is a group of names that will put on a good match but Rusev is the only one that has been booked dominate enough to face anyone from the main event match.

The second issue with this new ladder match is that it has the potential to be better than the main event. If you look at the remaining options for the second match you see they just more equipped for this sort of challenge. The younger guys will take bigger bumps from higher elevations more often. How does the veteran crew compete with the young high flying group?

Let’s get back to the issues with the original match. As far as I can tell the WWE is walking into a lose/lose situation. No one should win the MITB match and if they do, the winner of the first match should immediately cash in and take the title. Then at least it gives us a twist to talk about while the WWE gets a little time to come up with a new idea. I am disappointed that the WWE is working so hard to make this a “better” show when the fans would be pretty forgiving since the current golden boy on the shelf. Without Bryan the show is going to struggle, it’s ok. Just get Bryan back.

I don’t see many good options when it comes to the next WWE champion. Cena and Orton are most established and reliable superstars in the match but we have already been there and done that too many times. There just isn’t any excitement is seeing those guys run around with the belt. As a Cena fan it wouldn’t kill me to see him win but even I have grown tired of his gimmick. It is time for him to evolve. Orton was better as the head kicking legend killer, his latest reign at the top was almost confusing. I still don’t know if he was with the Authority or not, at times it didn’t make sense. Could Cena or Orton win? Sure they could but the backlash would be incredible.

This is the only time I will mention Alberto Del Rio because he doesn’t actually exist in this match. Del Rio in this match feel like a big FU to Dolph Ziggler. Ok so I mentioned him twice, that that is two more times than he deserves. Waste of an opportunity, I guess you need to have one sure loser in the mix.

Cesaro and Wyatt really have no business winning the title. They have not held any other WWE championships and have not been dominate in their latest feuds. I am not sure how losing to Daniel Bryan and then losing to John Cena gets a championship. I love Bray Wyatt but we need to see more, we need to see dominance, we need to see a champion. Maybe if he won his feud with Cena he could be looked at as championship material, but who has he dominated? Same with Cesaro who’s offensive arsenal is too heavy with European uppercuts. We still don’t know if we should cheer him or boo him and he is still really green in the ring. Both of these competitors are going to have incredible runs in the WWE but they really should be in the briefcase match, at least doing something to earn their title shot. Just because the fans like them, doesn’t mean they can carry the company. Also, if the plan is to take the belt off of the winner by Summer Slam will hurt or benefit either of these stars. I just don’t see either of these guy as good choices.

Can Roman Reign win the title? Sure, he has the look and the momentum and the support to win the belt. But he hasn’t been a singles wrestler all that long and we don’t know what singles matches will look like for him. Also it takes the steam out of a potential Mania match. Reigns chasing the title and finally receiving it at WrestleMania 31 is your money shot. It won’t be as cool if he has already had the belt or if he retains the belt at WrestleMania. He could be the champ now but I think that we would be cashing in to early on him.

That brings us to my choice for this year’s MITB WWE Championship match winner. Sheamus is the best choice to win this match. Now hear me out. First of all, a short title reign with a good feud will not hurt his gimmick and he can switch back to heal pretty easily. Either way, a month with the belt wouldn’t damage anything. He could still drop the belt in feud with Daniel Bryan. There is history there going back the Bryan’s 18 second loss at WrestleMania. All the pieces are already there. You have Bryan go over at Battleground and Lensar shows up at the end of PPV and destroys Bryan. He drops to Brock at Summer Slam and we are on the Lesnar/Reigns at Mania 31.

[adinserter block=”2″]Don’t want to get over board with the dream booking but I don’t think there is a smoother route. I am confident in my gut that the WWE is going to mess it up, but they will recover and Mania will still deliver. Sometimes simple is the best way to go and a Sheamus win pretty much does your story line writing by itself.

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