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WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Card Rumors and Predictions

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 is still a few weeks away but rumors of a potential card are flying everywhere. While the MITB match is a given, the supporting card is certainly one of the most interesting in recent memory.

[adinserter block=”1″]David Bixenspan reports on the penciled card in the latest edition of the Figure Four Newsletter. Of course all of these matches are subjected to be changed by the time we get to bell time. However, if this card stands it could go down as one of the most exciting B-shows in a long time.

The newly turned heel Seth Rollins is penciled in to wrestle his former Shield member Dean Ambrose. On paper this looks like an absolute show-stealer. I see no reason these guys can’t tear down the house other than a clueless agent putting the match together. It should be hot, it should be intense, and it should be action-packed. What more could you ask for?

We will finally get to see how Roman Reigns fares in singles competition on big shows when he takes on Randy Orton. These guys have been booked in singles matches on house shows over the last few weeks so they should have a decent match down by now. This match may be the most important of any on the show if reports about future plans for Reigns are correct. A stinker here could retard his progress moving forward. They really need to keep this one short to mitigate as much of that risk as possible.

The plan according to the report is to get the Reigns train rolling here. Reigns would then be penciled in to wrestle Seth Rollins and Battleground. His biggest test will come in August if plans proceed with a Reigns vs. Triple H match at SummerSlam. Again, a stinker at MITB could change everything.

Daniel Bryan will wrestle Kane in a stretcher match for the WWE world title if he can go. It is what it is. Quite honestly their match at Extreme Rules was much better than I expected going in. I think the smoke and mirrors of a stretcher match will really help here. I wouldn’t expect a Match of the Year but I think this one could be better than expected if they keep the action hot as you would expect for this kind of a match.

[adinserter block=”2″]Of course you will get your annual Money in the Bank match. The plan this year is for one match with the winner having the right to pick a shot at any belt. I can only speculate at this point on the MITB participants. Alberto Del Rio is the only one confirmed for the match. I would speculate that John Cena is a virtual lock for the match coming out of last week’s confrontation between him and Stephanie. Cesaro is rumored to be the winner so that obviously puts him in the match. I would expect Bray Wyatt in the match, especially if Cena is in. That leaves one or two spots open depending upon which way they go. I could see them adding Wade Barrett and keeping it as a five-man MITB match with an option to add Kane if Bryan can’t wrestle. Either way this looks like a real fun match on paper, which would have been better if Ziggler got in over Del Rio but that’s a whole other story.

Again none of these matches other than Kane vs. Bryan and the MITB are confirmed. But with only a few weeks to go I think it is safe to say that we should get confirmation on these bouts as soon as this coming Monday Night RAW.

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