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WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results: Orton & Sandow Win MITB

The WWE returned to pay per view with its annual Money in the Bank event. Damien Sandow pulled the upset to win a shot at the WWE world heavyweight champion but it was the RAW MITB winner that wound up being a complete swerve on everybody.

[adinserter block=”1″]Randy Orton won his first Money in the Bank contract and a shot at the WWE championship. The finish came when Van Dam dropped a Five Star Frog Splash on Christian from the top of the ladder in what was probably the spot of the match. RVD then proceeded to climb the ladder but was cut off by Sheamus to the dismay of the Philadelphia faithful. Sheamus then knocked the ladder over with RVD crashing to the mat. Daniel Bryan ran in and kicked the both of them to a unison of “Yes!” chants. Bryan then rammed the ladder into Orton and hit a tope on CM Punk. Bryan was a one man wrecking machine at this point. Bryan knocked Sheamus off of the top to a ladder on the floor. Curtis Axel interfered as Bryan was about to grab the briefcase and win the match. Punk hit a GTS on Axel on the floor. Paul Heyman came out and yelled at Axel and told him he wanted Punk to win. Heyman then came into the ring and knocked Punk off of the ladder as Punk was climbing. Punk was laid out at this point. RVD came into the ring at this point to climb the ladder before being RKO’d by Orton off of the top of the ladder. Orton grabbed the briefcase and won the match.

I know there are a lot of people upset that Bryan didn’t win but I like the move here. At least Bryan wasn’t buried as theoretically he was robbed by Axel and Heyman.The timing is right for Orton vs. Cena and quite frankly it’s a much bigger SummerSlam match. I would love to know whether this was the plan all along or this was an audible after Bryan’s abysmal ratings. As much as people will complain about Orton vs. Cena again, it has been a long, long time since Orton was in that top spot. He’s more than earned it and the match will have a big-time feel to it.

I have to imagine that Orton will wind up winning the championship. The whole idea of the MITB is that the winners always win the title (well not Cena last year). I can’t imagine someone as high on the cards as Orton winning MITB only to lose to Cena. That said, there is this idea that Vince McMahon is trying to give Cena an epic year. Maybe that includes beating the MITB winner?

Obviously the Punk vs. Brock Lesnar angle has hit a new chapter. I’d expect a big confrontation on RAW Monday night. Punk vs. Lesnar should be real interesting. I’m not sure who you put over at SummerSlam. The Heyman turn was a little too predictable though. Punk looks like a bit of an idiot for being the only person in the world who trusted the guy.

Unfortunately it looks like the plans for Bryan vs. Cena are dead. Granted they could still go down that road and have Orton cash in later but I don’t see it happening. The company really should take a lot of blame here for Bryan’s disappointing run here. They booked him to be a complete goof the last several months and then suddenly expected people to start taking him seriously. I say you repackage him as a serious wrestler, have him start tapping guys left and right for the next few months, win the Royal Rumble, and challenge the SmackDown champion at WrestleMania. Not all is lost with Bryan but I think it’ll be awhile before we see that big run at the top we expected.

John Cena tapped out Mark Henry to retain the WWE championship. Cena won with the STFU. Henry dominated most of the match and no-sold most of Cena’s offense. Henry kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment at one point and the fans went nuts. The Philly crowd loved Henry although Cena was more over after the match. Henry caught Cena in the air at one point and nailed the World’s Strongest Slam for what could have been the finish but Cena kicked out. Henry wound up breaking the STFU with the ropes but Cena dragged him back to the center to tap him for the win.

The announcers put this over as a classic match but I wouldn’t go that far. It wasn’t bad and quite frankly it was better than I would have expected from the two. Yet in the end I wouldn’t call it a match that you have to go out of your way to see if you missed it.

Damien Sandow won the WWE world heavyweight championship contract by grabbing the briefcase in the SmackDown Money in the Bank match. Cody Rhodes was moments away from grabbing the briefcase and wound up climbing up and knocking his partner off of the ladder to win the match. This was a real exciting match which saw interference from The Shield and The Usos. Even though Cody lost he got a big boost from the match as he was the star and the announcers put him over big during the replays. We’ll see how this plays out but Cody could actually wind up the bigger star here a year from now.

I was surprised by this one. They certainly haven’t been booking Rhodes or Sandow strong as of late. This is the problem that always seems to bite the WWE when they bump someone up in these Money in the Bank matches. They never prepare. They will book a guy to look like a goof for months, put him over for the MITB, and then wonder why the guy isn’t getting over. I don’t see it with Sandow. They have a rough road getting him strong enough to be considered as a legitimate contender in my opinion. Stranger things have happened but I don’t see it with Sandow.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE world heavyweight title. No Ricardo of course who is serving a suspension for a Wellness Policy violation. Ziggler nailed Del Rio with a dropkick and AJ came out. They argued with Ziggler telling her to leave. Ziggler was over big with the Philadelphia crowd. The story towards the end was Ziggler being distracted by AJ. They had some real nice near falls at the end of the match. Ziggler was bumping around like a 1994 Shawn Michaels at the end of the match. AJ came in at the end of the match and hit Alberto with the title getting Ziggler disqualified. The finish looked a little botched here. This was a pretty good match that got real hot at the end. Dolph yelled at AJ after the match, AJ begged for forgiveness. Ziggler left without her.

I like Ziggler a lot. He has some enormous potential as a top babyface right underneath John Cena. With Sandow winning Money in the Bank I’d expect Dolph to get the belt back at some point and move on to a feud with Sandow since Sandow vs. Del Rio makes no sense. Regardless Ziggler is on his way to big things and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him in a WrestleMania headliner sometime in the next few years.

Ryback defeated Chris Jericho with a schoolboy. This was pretty disappointing and maybe the most disappointing pay per view match since Jericho returned. I think there is still some life left in Ryback vs. Cena. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryback pair up with Vickie Guerrero or another manager to give him another run with Cena. Jericho will be leaving for awhile so this feud is probably one and done, at least for now.

[adinserter block=”2″]Full WWE Money in the Bank 2013 results & winners…
Randy Orton defeated Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Christian to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Championship contract
John Cena defeated Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship
Damien Sandow defeated Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes,Dean Ambrose,Fandango, Jack Swagger, & Antonio Cesaro to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Heavyweight Championship contract
The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) defeated The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via DQ to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Ryback defeated Chris Jericho
AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn to retain the WWE Divas Championship
Curtis Axel defeated The Miz to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

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  1. so obviously the guy who writes this blog has no idea how MITB works..why he thought the Bryan/Cena ss match was off due to him not winning MITB is beyond me. But hey..guys who write internet blogs know what they're talking about right?

  2. I hate to come here and complain but…does anyone else think the main event sucked? Not because of Orton, just how the match played out. The ring was empty about 90% of the time!!! Everyone took a bump or two and was outside on the floor the rest of the match, until it was their turn to try for the ladder. Im sorry but I expected MUCH more from all of them

  3. Daniel Bryan is not a goof, have some respect! The fact of the matter is WWE is stupid for not taking a chance for once, the only reason the rating were bad that one week was because of the NHL Championship game. I hate Orton one, he so boring and I do not want see him fight Cena again. I don't care if it's been two years, they are boring together. Daniel Bryan deserved to be champion because he the best wrestler and one of the most interesting character they have. Randy Orton needs to go home and get his life together because you sure seems this was pitty win by WWE because of the guy divorce.


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