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WWE Money In The Bank 2011 DVD Review

WWE Money in the Bank DVDFor this recap, I will be taking a look at the recent WWE DVD release for this year’s WWE Money In The Bank 2011 PPV. Now, don’t expect a whole lot here, for the simple reason that this event has been covered to death (that, and I already watched it the day it aired), both here on Camel Clutch Blog and elsewhere. This year’s event saw what we thought was the culmination of the hottest feud of the year between CM Punk and John Cena with the WWE Championship at stake. For those of you that didn’t see it, you missed what many consider (including myself) to be the best PPV that the WWE has put on in years. And for those of you that did see it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Honestly, this was probably the best PPV since One Night Stand 2006, and that’s saying something.

From top to bottom, the card was exceptional. While there were two definite “miss break” matches-that being Kelly Kelly/Brie Bella and Big Show/Mark Henry, the rest of the card was top notch, filled with plenty of suspense and drama, as well as at least 2 endings that surprised most fans.

[adinserter block=”2″]MATCH 1-Money in the Bank ladder match for a shot at the World Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Kane vs. Sheamus
This was definitely the superior of the two MITB matches on the card. Sheamus and Wade Barrett looked especially dominant during the match, including Sheamus powerbombing Sin Cara through a ladder, completely removing him from the match. Sheamus also proceeded to Brogue Kick the hell out of everyone during the match, which actually got a lot of cheers from the Chicago crowd. Honestly, I think this is the match that began planting the seeds for Sheamus’ face turn, as he was definitely over with the crowd here. Anyway, it looked like Wade Barrett was about to win the match with a Wasteland through a propped up ladder, but Daniel Bryan shocked the world when he not only fought out of the move, but managed to snag the briefcase and practically guarantee himself a World Championship.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan. Seeing Bryan win was most definitely a shocker, but a welcome one at that. No one deserved to win this match more than Bryan, and you could see genuine emotion on his face as he held onto the briefcase. That’s something that is such a rarity in wrestling today, and I for one always welcome it. Bryan busted his ass in the match, making everyone look good including himself. Vince McMahon happens to be a big fan of Daniel Bryan’s, so don’t expect him to be the first person to cash in and fail.

MATCH 2-WWE Divas Championship: WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly (w/Eve Torres) vs. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella)
Total waste of card space. We get a few minutes of a match, and Kelly expectantly wins the match with the K2.

WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Kelly Kelly. Waste of time and energy. Kelly Kelly is only slightly less worthless than Brie Bella, but only very slightly. Eve and Nikki added absolutely nothing to the match, either.

MATCH 3: The Big Show vs. Mark Henry
The other piss break match of the show. Basic big man stuff throughout. The only good thing about this match is the fact that Henry actually completely dominated Show throughout the match and got a clean pin after after 2 World’s Strongest Slams and 2 running splashes.

WINNER: Mark Henry. After the match, Henry Pillmanized Big Show’s leg, putting him on the shelf. This would be the true beginning of Henry as a monster, as he would do the same thing to numerous opponents after this PPV and continue his annual pseudo-push. While I have no hopes for him winning the World title from Randy Orton, this is actually probably the best he’s ever been pushed in his entire 15-year career.

MATCH 4-Money in the Bank ladder match for a shot at the WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. Evan Bourne vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth
While this one was not as good as its RAW brethren, it was still a pretty damn good match. Miz was taken out early after a fall to the floor that led to him selling to a knee injury. In all honesty, I’m surprised he wasn’t actually hurt off the fall, as his knee looked really bad. It could have just been due to some great camera work, though. He eventually returned to the match (albeit limping) and it looked as though he was going to win MITB for the second year in a row. However, this was Del Rio’s night. After pulling off Mysterio’s mask while they fought atop a ladder, causing him to focus on hiding his face, ADR knocked Mysterio to the mat, climbed back up the ladder and grabbed the case.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio. This match was a little predictable, as I didn’t see anyone else winning this except ADR, compared to the Smackdown match which was a total surprise. This match could have been better had it not been for the botched spots at the end with Mysterio seemingly falling to the mat from the ladder accidentally, as well as ADR falling from his ladder to do it collapsing as a result of getting beaten up. Aside from that, though, the match was great and truly began ADR’s ascent into being a full-fledged main eventer.

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MATCH 5-World Championship: World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian
Honestly, Orton needs Christian. As it stands right now, Christian is seemingly the only guy who can continuously make Randy Orton look good. This match had a stipulation that, if Orton got himself DQ’ed, he would lose the title. Christian had this in mind and repeatedly tried to get Orton riled up and get himself in trouble. Eventually, it did work. Christian spat in Orton’s face, which got Orton pissed to the point that he blatantly low-blowed Christian right in front of the referee, leading to the disqualification win.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Christian. Honestly, I was a little surprised by the end result of this match. I expected Christian to win due to them harping on the DQ rule prior to the match, but considering it was only DQ that was mentioned, I fully expected Christian to get a BS win via count-out. However, Christian did pick up the DQ win and became a 2-time champion. Unfortunately, this also led to him dropping the title right back to Orton the very next month. One funny thing of note: after the match, Orton tried to RKO Christian through the announce table, but the table refused to break after 2 tries. For the next two weeks, Orton proceeded to be defeated by the same table on episodes of Smackdown.

MATCH 6-WWE Championship: WWE Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk
This was THE match of the card, and basically the entire selling point for the PPV. While it’s no secrete (at least, to those who know me), I am no fan of John Cena whatsoever. However, I have to give the devil his due. Every time he and Punk square off, he delivers. Granted, a lot of the credit has to go to Punk who can make damn near anyone look good, but Cena most definitely carried his weight in the match. He and Punk went move for move for nearly an hour, trading counter after counter and reversing each other’s finishers regularly. The fact that this was in Punk’s hometown and the crowd was roughly 98 percent behind him just added to the overall feel and emotion of the match. When you also add in that Punk was expected to leave the WWE immediately after and the drama was amped up to its maximum. For promoters wondering, THIS is an example of perfect main event booking. Anyway, after a very long, well-fought match, it appeared Cena was going to take it as he locked in the STF. John Laurinaitis ran down to the ring in an attempt to recreate Montreal ’97, but was intercepted by Cena. This distraction led to Punk immediately scooping Cena up in the GTS as soon as he got back in the ring and the 3-count.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: CM Punk. Although we didn’t realize it would continue at the time, this match was the culmination of one of the hottest angles done in years, and it ended exactly the way it should have. Although Alberto Del Rio did attempt to cash in his briefcase on orders from Vince McMahon, Punk intercepted ADR with a roundhouse to the head before leaving the arena through the crowd, although not before blowing a kiss at McMahon as he held the belt up triumphantly. There are not enough good things that can be said about this match and how it was done. On top of that, I found it to be a legitimate shocker. Everyone believed that Punk was really leaving WWE, and I don’t know of too many people who would have guessed he’d walk out as champion anyway. This is one of two moments (the other being Bryan winning MITB) during this PPV where I completely marked out and yelled as I jumped off my couch. Moments like that don’t happen very often for me anymore, so when they do, you know they are truly special.

Honestly, there is barely anything here to cover. All that there is is an interview by Matt Striker with Daniel Bryan after winning the MITB match. Bryan talks about how unbelievable winning the case was and how hard he worked to get it.

While this is a pretty bare bones DVD, I can’t recommend it enough. It was just such an overall good show that it’s well worth the money to add it to your collection. Even if you’ve already seen it or read the results the day of the show, I still recommend picking it up. I still got excited reliving parts of this show as I re-watched it for this review. You probably won’t see another wrestling PPV like this for a long time (although I hope I am wrong about that), so do yourself a favor and add it to your collection, or the very least, your wish list.

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