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WWE Monday Night Raw: The Oversell of a Show That Fell Flat

Somehow, we all knew Nikki Bella would walk out of Monday night with the Divas Title. There was no way WWE would allow AJ Lee to keep the record for the longest reign with the title in company history.

[adinserter block=”1″]Some grudges are meant to be held for just a little bit longer. And for a night where there was an oversell of basically everything the company had to offer, there was no way the McMahon’s would be bested by the power team that continues to haunt them – Lee and her husband CM Punk. Adding to the drama of sorts is the notion, according to rumors on the Internet, Bella’s beau, John Cena had a hand in making sure the record was broken by the brunette beauty.

Dave Meltzer hinted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the outcome of the match was very much up in the air and that the winner was being tossed back and forth like a tennis match, but Cena may have been part of the reason for the controversy.

Meltzer said WWE officials have gone back and forth on a result for the WWE Divas title match between Charlotte and reigning champion Nikki Bella. It’s said that if Nikki does end up retaining, it’s fairly certain that it would be because of influence because of Nikki’s boyfriend, WWE Superstar John Cena.

As we exclusively reported last month, Cena may have been influential in getting WWE to keep the title on Nikki. As of today, she is tied with former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee at a reign of 295 days as champion.

Wrestling and politics have been bedfellows for decades. Cena’s involvement might become another reason the fans get behind the “Cena Sucks” movement, especially in how the match was played out, the fact Team Bella got involved and how it sets up for a Night of Champions rematch with Charlotte likely being the winner and new leader of the Divas Revolution.

Was there a conspiracy? This is wrestling, and hell yes I think there was a conspiracy. But this is also a soap opera of fake proportions where anything and everything is possible. Cena just adds another iron in the fire of how this “revolution” has failed so far to capture the hearts of the wrestling masses and make us all want to watch the same matches over and over again.

Another black eye on the division? Yes. A reason to get behind Charlotte in her efforts to finally end the Bella’s reign in WWE? Most definitely. But to be honest, it really means nothing unless the current roster of women in the ring, most notably, Paige, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Naomi all get involved in meaningful matches against each other with Charlotte holding the golden ticket.

Seeing the match unfold, which was decent from the start and ended in a wasteland of misery, is exactly why the Divas Division cannot succeed unless there more overhaul and more change.

[adinserter block=”2″]Monday Night Raw celebrated its season premiere last night with a huge show that was as much an oversell as I have seen in some time. There was no push, no excitement and certainly nothing that was toned down. Even the return of Sting to the ring and in the WWE ring for the first time in a non-pay-per-view event. It looked staged, felt staged and was awful in my opinion. I felt everything was forced, every match was oversold (my friend Elicia texted me in the middle of the Cena-Sheamus match to complain) and as I stopped watching, I felt Night of Champions might be more of the same thing.

I am probably right. WWE has to make the NOC the best event of the year so far. Nothing from Monday night makes me think it will happen.

Watching the highly anticipated death of a record the company is holding onto like it is the biggest thing in wrestling history has only confirmed that for me.

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