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WWE Monday Night RAW Reversal: November 9

Welcome to a new weekly column by me, George, called Raw Reversal, where I will be taking a couple of matches or segments from Raw every week, giving a brief review of what happened, and then reversing the booking by saying how I think it should have been booked instead.

Wyatt Family/ Brothers of Destruction Segment

So this segment closed Monday Night Raw, with the Brothers reuniting and standing tall to close the show. For the crowd, this moment was massive. The Brothers together, in front of a UK crowd, was huge, and they stood tall. However, them dismantling the Wyatts with such ease was a terrible move, and has damaged the allure that their Survivor Series showdown has.

So how would I have booked it differently?

The start of the segment was fine. Wyatt delivered another fantastic promo and deserved a place in the main event slot. The titantron then showcased clips of the Undertaker and Kane’s career as a tag team (they had been showing clips of them as solo competitors all night but this time they showed them as a team) and then the gong hit… and out came the reunited Brothers. Undertaker walked out and stood next to Kane, masked and everything. And this is where I would make the changes. In a promo last week, Bray Wyatt had possession of Kane’s mask. Now, Kane appears out of nowhere, and has that mask on. Unless he has a closet full of Kane masks which would be awesome, it just didn’t make sense for him to have the mask on. Kane should have emerged from the curtains without his mask to show Wyatt to be in control. The Brothers then walk to the ring, the crazy Wyatt screen appears and the Wyatts and the Brothers lock in a standoff. Keep. As the crowd told us, ths really was awesome. Then, as Rowan and Harper distract the Brothers, Bray escapes the ring. He ducks out and heads up the ramp. Rowan and Harper are beaten as they were, with the only exception being they haven’t been Chokeslammed yet, and the Brothers are left in the ring alone, one staring up at Bray on the ramp and the other staring down Braun Strowman on the apron. Strowman enters, charges them both down, they do their double sit up, and they knock Strowman out of the ring. They don’t, however, throw Strowman over the table. Rowan and Harper get back in the ring, attempt to ambush the Brothers but this time they get hit with the Chokeslams. Strowman only watches from outside the ring, but he doesn’t get back in and the Brothers don’t get out to attack him. They both face Bray on the ramp, and with Rowan and Harper laid out in the ring, Kane lifts his arms, slams them down, and tries to generate the fire on the turnbuckles explosion… Except, it doesn’t work. He goes for it again, and it doesn’t work. The Undertaker lifts his arms up and tries to summon his lightning onto the stage which he’s done many times before, but nothing comes of it. Bray told the universe that he stole their powers just a week ago, so why not follow that through? Have Bray Wyatt actually have full control of their powers, and when they try to summon their respective powers, they can’t do it. To end it, Bray Wyatt, on the top of the stage, lifts up a lantern, the lights in the arena dim, and he laughs, blows out his light and the show ends in darkness. This means that the Brothers get an incredible pop by reuniting, but they don’t get their hands on Bray Wyatt which should be saved for Survivor Series, Strowman remains strong but also acknowledges the strength of these two legends, and it continues the feud instead of almost killing it like creative done on Raw.

Triple H/ Roman Reigns Promo

This promo was brilliant. Triple H trying to get Reigns to join the authority in the wake of Seth Rollins’ injury was clever as it showed a glimpse of someone aligning with the Authority in the near future to become champion.

But how would I have booked it?

With this promo, there’s not much I would have changed. It worked fine and Triple H delivered as he always does. However, I would have had this promo NEXT WEEK. Instead, the seeds should have been put in place this week. So Reigns comes out with his wet hair and fist bumping every person in sight on the way to the ring (except that one fan who moved his hand at the last minute to make Reigns look silly), and is in a match with Big Show. He’s not an ideal opponent, but he’s bigger than Reigns, and his opponent needs to be. Show is beating down Reigns, and while no one ever believes Show is going to win this (because why would he?), he is completely in control. Just as Show sets up the Knockout Punch, J&J Security come out. Sounds strange but continue. One of the two distracts the ref, while the other distracts Show, and Reigns lands a Spear to win. He looks at J&J confused before taking them both out with a Superman Punch. Then, the promo happens next week, and Triple H says he sent J&J out to help Reigns win, and that is a sign of what’s to come if Reigns joins the Authority. This way, Big Show can turn face (because it’s been years since we had a Big Show turn right?) and do what he does, but, more importantly, it can give Reigns a chance to see how much help is available, putting the idea in his head, but still refuse the help and be the good guy. It leads to speculation that he will eventually align given he now knows help is there if he just “sells-out”.

Naomi vs Natalya

So many head-in-hands moments from this whole segment. Firstly, Natalya, please never stand in the ring and chant “We Want Sasha” like that ever again. It was embarrassing for no one else but yourself. Secondly, if Natalya has beaten both Tamina and Naomi to get a match against Sasha, why then have Sasha tap out to Natalya after Natalya has been through a match? Immediately suggests Natalya should walk right over Sasha if they ever have a match, which seems likely.

How would I have booked this then?

Apart from the obvious suggestion of making the match longer (remember, “Revolution”), I would have started with Sasha declaring herself as the leader of team B.A.D. Surely, if Naomi was the leader (as she is being portrayed by the group coming out to her music), Naomi would have wanted Natalya to go through both Tamina and Sasha to earn a match against her. But, obviously, Sasha is better than Naomi, so instead, Sasha should have sent Naomi out there so Natalya could earn a match against Sasha. Natalya should have also won the match cleanly. No roll up win, a proper, Sharpshooter submission victory. Why should she face anyone better if she scraped through this with a roll up? She should have won the match cleanly to prove herself to be a viable contender to fight the actual leader of the group. And, after the match, instead of Sasha tapping out, Natalya should have locked in the submission, Sasha holds on until Tamina kicks Natalya, and then Sasha makes Nattie tap like she did. That way, Sasha doesn’t look like an absolute jobber by tapping out immediately having not wrestled to someone who has just wrestled.

What do you think? Do you think Raw got it right? Would you book it differently to both me and Raw? Let me know down below or contact me on Twitter @carlo_george

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