WWE Monday Night RAW Reversal: December 8

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Welcome to the 2001 edition of Raw Reversal, as the ECW originals storm the WWE and the invasion is just beginning… Okay, maybe not. Maybe it’s 2015, and there’s no invasion, but there are ECW originals in WWE again and it is time for another episode of Raw Reversal. This week, a blockbuster opening bout and two gossip show segments (yep) make up the content.

The 16 man, 4 team elimination fatal four way tag team match between the League of Nations, Team ECW, The Wyatt Family and… erm… Team… Team Roman Reigns?

A very refreshing start to Monday Night Raw away from the usual opening heel promos. The League of Nations rambled until the Wyatt Family appeared and had a standoff. The Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer appeared, and they introduced Rhyno into their group. Roman led his team to the ring, and the match was very entertaining, with Roman picking up the victory for his team.

So if it was very entertaining, what would I change?

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As entertaining and different as this was, this match had main event written all over it. The Wyatts appearing to confront the League of Nations was epic, and the teams emerging in a standoff was awesome. However, I would have saved the actual match till the end, and changed the match quite a bit to make it fantastic instead. As Roman’s team emerged, and the four teams were locked in a standoff that the crowd would have loved, the Authority would emerge and make the match the main event, meaning the crowd have to wait for the chaos. The match itself would get a solid half hour, and each men would have to be eliminated as opposed to only one man. The match would start with four men in the ring, brawling. We reach the moment where Tommy Dreamer eliminates Erick Rowan. He is out and the Wyatts are down to 3. King Barrett then manages to catch Dreamer with a Bull Hammer and he is eliminated. The Usos double team Barrett and manage to eliminate him, meaning Reigns’ team are the only ones with everyone still intact.

Rhyno then manages to hit a Gore on Jey Uso, eliminating him, and Rusev eliminates Jimmy with a Superkick. At this point, Reigns’ team is down by one to the rest, allowing the commentary team to play up his underdog agenda. Roman and Rhyno have their standoff, but they actually come to blows. Bray Wyatt then appears and pushes Rhyno into Reigns before hitting Sister Abigail on Rhyno to eliminate him. Braun Strowman then gets rid of Alberto Del Rio but a 3D soon gets rid of Luke Harper. We are left with 2 on each team. Reigns and Ambrose, Bray and Braun, the Dudleyz and Sheamus and Rusev. They all stand in the ring and have another stand-off, and a huge brawl erupts. Everyone fights with everyone, and the Dudleyz go and get the tables. They bring the tables in the ring but Strowman puts Devon through one of the table and gets disqualified. Sheamus then pins a laid out Devon. After a short time with no eliminations, Sheamus catches Dean Ambrose with a Brogue but Reigns immediately hits a Spear on Rusev to level it up. Every team is down to 1. Then, in a rapid exchange, Bray Wyatt eliminated Bubba, Reigns eliminates Bray and Sheamus hits a Brogue on Reigns for the victory. Every team comes away from this match looking extremely strong, Strowman again isn’t pinned, the action would be incredible, tables would be involved, Reigns would look strong heading into Sunday and Sheamus, the world champion, would walk away from the match with the decisive pinfall. It would just take the match from a thoroughly entertaining one to an absolute classic to close out Monday Night Raw.

Charlotte and Ric Flair on Miz TV

The Miz managed to finally get Charlotte to open up about her feelings towards Paige, who was said to not be there tonight. It was a trap though, as Paige soon emerged. She slapped Ric Flair before escaping in what was an underwhelming confrontation. Also, Becky?

So how could this have been done better?

The Miz goading Charlotte into exploding was brilliant. The Miz is seriously good on the mic. Charlotte isn’t great on the mic, and her insulting the Miz’ wife was weird. That part should have been scrapped, and instead just seen Charlotte really be mean to Paige. Then, Paige emerges, and the same goes as she slaps Ric one. Charlotte gets back in the ring and the two brawl, much like they did a few weeks ago. Both women grab the special Miz chairs and begin to swing for each other, upping the brutality from their previous bout. At this point, Becky Lynch emerges. She sprints to the ring and separates the fight by getting in the middle, but she doesn’t know which side to pick. Charlotte then pushes Becky into Paige, causing a distraction, before nailing Paige with the chair and leaving her laid out. The WWE appear to be teasing a Charlotte heel turn instead of having her go out there and just beat up Becky, and this is a great way to do so. She puts her hands on Becky but not enough that she can’t make an excuse up that makes her seem a friend to Becky still. It enables Becky to become even more involved in the story but not enough for her to be considered being thrown into the title match this Sunday, and it also lets women get to show some brutal brawling as opposed to a scrappy cat fight. Whilst on that point, it amazes me that Charlotte vs Paige is going to be a standard singles match. At a time where WWE is trying to get its fans to become invested in women’s wrestling, surely it would be perfect to make this match a Tables, Ladders or TLC match so that fans can see exactly what they can be capable of given the chance.

The Rosebush

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Adam Rose hosted the Rosebush for the second week in a row, this time talking about Neville, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer. It was very weird and pointless once again.

So what should be done?

Simple. Cancel it. Abort this mission immediately. There is surely something better than can be done with Adam Rose that isn’t a strange gossip segment. Surely something? Surely, something like… Leo Kruger? I’ve been behind this idea before, and I am fully behind it now. He needs something to get back to some form of relevancy, and a change back to a sadistic heel character could be just that. Where he takes that would be interesting. A potential addition to the Wyatt Family wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world, whilst a feud with superstars such as Neville and The Miz could be a starting point for him. He needs a change as soon as possible because what they are trying to do with him right now will never, ever work.

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