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WWE Monday Night RAW Reversal: December 21

On a night where hardly anything happened, picking decisions to reverse was almost impossible. Every match was essentially a house show match, short and scarcely developed any feuds. They all realistically should have been different, and that is why I have chosen the whole show as a whole as one of the topics to change. I have also picked two specific matches I would have changed as well.

The New Day vs the Usos

Stephanie McMahon announced in the opening segment that this would be a handicap match to punish Roman Reigns. And yet, the Usos managed to beat the New Day, rolling them up and handing the champions another defeat. 2015 really has been the year of champions losing.

So what would have changed?

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This needed two things. Punishment for Reigns and a strong win for the champions, especially a day before they are to defend their titles. To do so, this should have gone from a 3 on 2 handicap match to a 3 on 1 match. And to do this, the New Day should have laid out of the Usos backstage. The story is written itself. The New Day were annoyed at not being crowned as the tag team of the year, and the authority want to make Reigns feel pain through others. They would then sanction the New Day to attack one of the Usos, making it a 3 on 1 match, and then the New Day would simply pick apart the other Uso in the handicap match, beating him with relative ease. The champions win and look strong moving into a title defence while the repercussions for Reigns’ actions are heavily felt. It also doesn’t make the Usos look weak at all as one was beaten backstage and the other put up a resilient effort in a defeat in a handicap match. Whilst on the participants, the tag team of the year should also have gone to the New Day. No team has even come close to what they have achieved this year, winning the tag team titles twice and transforming a disaster of a gimmick into one of the best on the roster. No disrespect to the Usos, but they haven’t even been on the roster for most of the year due to an injury, and they did not deserve it over the New Day.

Neville vs Rusev

On the same night Neville was announced as the Breakout Star of 2015, he was fed to Rusev and the League of Nations in a similar beat down received by Jack Swagger earlier on in the night. Are we supposed to classify those two in the same bracket now? Also, where was Lana? Does she only appear with Rusev when he hasn’t got his mates around?

So how should this have panned out?

Of all the matches on the card tonight, this should have been the match that was given a longer period of time to run, because it could have genuinely been a great match. The whole show saw a limitation of actual wrestling all night, so why not give two of the better athletes on the roster a chance to have a great match? Neville starts by exploding out of the blocks with some rapid kicks and flying offence, trying to knock Rusev down but to no prevail. He manages to get him out of the ring and flies to the outside to knock him down. Rusev finally gets some control however, and applies a couple of submissions on Neville. He eventually rallies, and manages to hit some high flying moves that score near falls. Rusev then hits a Superkick, but that only lands him a two count. Neville manages to then ground Rusev and he goes up top for a Red Arrow, but he is distracted by the LON on the outside. Neville falls down from the top, and Rusev lands another kick. He goes to lock in the Accolade, but he gets distracted as the Miz (yes, let’s actually do something with him and Neville) is yelling at the LON. While distracted, Rusev is rolled up by Neville for the victory. The LON however are livid, and they destroy both Neville and the Miz after the match. By booking it like this, the Breakout Star of the Year gets a fantastic match in which he wins, and the LON look strong still by battering them after the bell. It also shows just how important the Miz could be to Neville’s career, giving him a big win over Rusev. No one is hurt again, and the crowd get to see a great wrestling match, something they were deprived of all night.

The Slammys

WWE’s award show dominated the entire show. It took up most of the show, limiting the time wrestling matches had and cut out almost every entrance of the night. Also, almost every single winner of a Slammy wasn’t in attendance (Sting, John Cena, The Rock, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker). It was almost pointless to have an awards ceremony with hardly any of the winners being in attendance.

So how would I have booked the Slammys?

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With so much content being passed onto the WWE Network these days, I honestly would have made the Slammys a network special. It could have ran for an hour or so, had a whole host of WWE superstars as well as fans in attendance and been dedicated to just the awards. That way, Raw could have ran as it usually would, and the fans would have seen more wrestling instead of seeing the wrestling cut short all night. Furthermore, I would have picked the nominations a lot better so the winners actually attended. Way too many winners weren’t there, and them not being there almost said “these Slammys mean absolutely nothing” even though they are meant to be a reward directly from the fans’ votes. If I knew people like Sting and The Undertaker and the Rock weren’t going to be able to make it or even be able to accept their award via a satellite feed, then I would have left them off the lists. I’m not saying they weren’t deserving of their awards, but it would have been much better for WWE to say “we have left off certain nominations due to those involved not being able to be in attendance.” That way, we could actually get a winners speech for each award and the crowds in attendance got to see the winner instead of hearing people like the Miz and R-Truth accept the awards of behalf of such huge names.

What did you make of the Slammys? And who was you rooting for in each of the categories? Let me know by commenting below or telling me on twitter @carlo_george

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