WWE Monday Night RAW Reversal: December 14


WWE Raw Reversal is back again, this week on the back of one of the better episodes of Raw this year. A brilliant opening segment, a brilliant extreme rules match and the TV return of the boss, Vince McMahon, made a really special Raw at a time where ratings were beginning to drop. However, even classics have flaws within, and there was a burial, a dismal tag team match and an unintentional face turn that make this episode of Raw Reversal.

Neville vs Tyler Breeze

Two former NXT stars faced off as The Miz sat at ringside, shouting instructions down a megaphone to Neville as the match went on. Neville won a short match with the Red Arrow, fully burying Tyler Breeze, but was reluctant to accept The Miz as his mentor.

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So where could this angle have gone instead?

The Miz was right a few weeks back. Neville is brilliant but his lack of charisma is preventing him from reaching true heights within the company. As much as The Miz has declined in recent years, he still knows how to play a character with charisma, and he can definitely get someone ever (never forget Damien Mizdow, who’s character worked because of the Miz’ involvement). To book this then, I would have had Neville struggle to put away Tyler Breeze. He continuously hits some of his better moves but Tyler Breeze continuously kicks out. Neville shows frustration that Breeze won’t give up as well as The Miz still barking orders at him. Neville then lines Breeze up and hits him with a Red Arrow, but Breeze is way too close to the ropes and he manages to roll a foot under, even if it is unintentional as he is completely out of it. The Miz then jumps on the apron, and calls Neville over. The Miz whispers something in his ear, and Neville looks curiously at The Miz. Neville goes back to Breeze and hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale, the finisher of The Miz, and picks up a win. The Miz celebrates on the outside as Neville is in the ring undecided on how to feel. Neville was a very good heel in NXT, and aligning him with The Miz will allow him to become a heel that may well benefit his career more than it would seem. I’m not saying he should drop the Red Arrow and pick up a new finisher, but borrowing it here and maybe using it a few more times in the future would see him come to the realisation that The Miz could be exactly what Neville needs to move forward. The Red Arrow would still be protected but it would give him another way to finish matches if the Red Arrow was to fail. It would also give Breeze a slim blanket of protection. At this point, he is essentially buried, but showing he is at least more difficult to beat than he seemed this week might create stories for him going forward. I am far from pleased by Breeze’s booking so far, and the burial of a character that genuinely needed protecting as it came to the main roster has been completed.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

Remember last night when Becky and Charlotte had words backstage about Charlotte cheating to win matches? Well tonight, Becky happily teamed with Charlotte and even won through heelish tactics, although WWE are going to play it off that Becky didn’t see the distraction.

So how do I change this?

Simple. Don’t make Becky look like a clueless child. That seems strong, but it seems like Becky realises there is something up and ignores it completely because Charlotte says so. Why would Becky be so willing to team with Charlotte if she is seriously against the way Charlotte is acting? Instead, this should have been a singles match involving Charlotte and one other. Brie. Alicia. One of them two would be fine. Becky comes down to the ring during the match (not with Charlotte at the start) after Charlotte starts acting up again. The match continues for a few more moments before Charlotte rolls out of the ring feigning an injury. Becky walks to her, seemingly to aid her, but she realises that Charlotte is only faking an injury and rolls her back in the ring. Charlotte is enraged with Becky as Becky makes her way to the back. Charlotte uses that anger and eventually manages to win the match, winning the match with a Figure-Eight. She doesn’t release it after the match either and it takes a few referees to eventually break it up. Charlotte finally does, and she grabs her title before heading to the back without celebrating. This way, Becky doesn’t seem incredibly gullible and stupid for teaming with a woman she is struggling to trust, while Charlotte continues her new attitude. Charlotte also picks up a win still, maintaining she is a strong champion. It also prevents a very lame story that includes Becky being unaware she won via Ric Flair’s distraction that is only going to make a poor story.

Segment with The New Day

The New Day called out the two teams they faced at TLC. They claimed they respected both teams for the efforts last night and they all shook hands. The New Day celebrated but were attacked by the four men. This is surely a double turn no? The New Day showed respect for their opponents before merely celebrating a title defence, and they ended up being attacked, 4 on 3 to add. But The New Day aren’t, won’t and shouldn’t be turned.

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So how should this segment have gone down?

A sign of respect in WWE, especially after an amazing match, is more than welcome. Even as heels, I enjoyed the moment the teams came together in the ring and shook hands. After their match last night, a moment like this was more than deserved. However, the aftermath shouldn’t. The heels shouldn’t have been beaten up by men who outnumbered them. Instead, the Usos should have departed the ring, and, as they got halfway up the ramp, The New Day should have quickly taken out the Lucha Dragons. Couple of shots with the titles before the Usos realise. The Usos then come running back to the ring, but The New Day lay them out too. The New Day stand over the four men with their titles in the air. The idea behind the attacks on The New Day was because of Woods’ interference and their gloating dance. The New Day won, so they shouldn’t need to attack men they’ve already beaten. But the narrative could instead be that they were annoyed that the teams were accusing them of only winning because of Woods’ help. They would then be making a statement that they are the dominant team anyway, and could win without any shenanigans. It makes more sense that the heels do some attacking rather than two teams who are faces, because, as of right now, the Lucha Dragons and the Usos are essentially heels who attacked because they are sore losers. They acted very similarly to how Kevin Owens did earlier in the night.

Did you watch Monday Night Raw? Did you enjoy this week’s episode? I personally did. I thought it was fantastic. Let me know if you agree by commenting below or telling me on twitter @carlo_george

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