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WWE Monday Night RAW Gets A New Managing Supervisor

The WWE should really consider changing its slogan to “leave your logic at the door.” That would be the only way to make any sense whatsoever out of the newest authority angle on Monday Night RAW. AJ is out, Vickie Guerrero is in, and none of it makes a lick of sense.

[adinserter block=”2″]The big angle of the night on the final RAW going into Hell in a Cell is that RAW will have a new woman in charge. AJ Lee is out and Vickie Guerrero is in as a “Managing Supervisor.” What exactly is a Managing Supervisor? Don’t ask Vince McMahon because he doesn’t even know. If the Chairman of the Board doesn’t understand it, how in the world are you?

It all went down when AJ announced her resignation in front of Vince McMahon inside of the ring. She said she was resigning due to rumors about her fraternizing with a member of the roster. I am sure you can figure out who that “stud” is although it’ll probably turn out to be Michael Cole or Mae Young because we all know how “funny” these writers are. She denied the rumors but apparently it wasn’t enough to save her job. Paul Heyman entered the ring and it got a little more interesting from here.

Heyman campaigned for her job to Vince. Vince took great pleasure in saying no to the former ECW general. Vince then announced Vickie Guerrero as the new Managing Supervisor of Monday Night RAW. Stop me if you heard this one before. In her first order of business she refused Paul’s request to cancel the Ryback vs. CM Punk HIAC match. She followed up by announcing Sheamus vs. CM Punk in a lumberjack match. The segment capped off with a Vickie-AJ brawl that will probably spin into a match at some point.

So let me get this straight for a minute. AJ is being fired for a rumored affair and replaced with a woman who was not only married to a WWE star during her run as SmackDown G.M.? Even better, AJ is being replaced for a rumored affair by a woman who is outright fraternizing with a WWE superstar in Dolph Ziggler? Wasn’t Triple H fired for brawling with wrestlers? Either this fictitious WWE Board of Directors is just the dumbest (have fun with that stock) bunch of decision makers a company has ever seen or creative is more clueless than even CM Punk will admit!

Pro wrestling fans want a good story but it has to be somewhat logical. There is absolutely no reward for continuity if you are a longtime WWE fan. WWE fans have watched numerous storylines play out with no regard for the past. Maybe and this is just a hunch, maybe that is why so many people have tuned out of the WWE product? It is just ridiculous!

I used to expect better from Vince McMahon. I haven’t always liked his storylines but most of them not only made sense, but filled in any holes from previous stories that would conflict. This has not been the case for at least the last several years. One week Kane is terrorizing Eve, the next week they are hanging out and I could go on, and on.

[adinserter block=”1″]CCB contributor Tom Holzerman has called for the end of these authority figure characters for quite some time now. I couldn’t agree with him anymore. It really shouldn’t be such a hard character to fill yet the WWE has gone from Triple H to John Laurinaitus to Hornswoggle to AJ to Vickie in a matter of months and we probably aren’t even close to seeing the last of them.

If the head of the WWE tells the audience he doesn’t even understand the role of the new authority figure, how do you expect anyone else to?

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  1. i thick Vicki Guerrero and Ag fight at the hell in the cell this sunday i thick Ag shouldn't got fired because she was having a bussiness with John cena they where just eating and talking so i thick Ag should have here job back

  2. I was hoping Heyman or McMahon himself would take over last night. McMahon is the most believable because he really is the boss. With reports that Heyman is gaining some creative control, he would be a good pick. Like you said, its not logical. Continuously replacing GMs just makes it less believable. WWE needs to put a believable character in charge!


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