2010 WWE Money in the Bank Preview and Predictions


WWE Money in the Bank This Sunday marks the first annual WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view. World Wrestling Entertainment has taken one of the most popular WrestleMania matches and turned it into an annual event. Like WrestleMania, the winners of the MITB matches will get WWE title matches. Unlike WrestleMania, the MITB matches will feature elite WWE superstars.

One of the draws of the annual Money in the Bank match is the idea that the match will elevate a WWE superstar. Winners from Mr. Kennedy to CM Punk to Edge to Jack Swagger were elevated a notch or two due to the win. The big difference in the MITB matches on this show is that wrestlers like Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and The Big Show will be in these matches and these are all guys who are already established WWE main-event wrestlers. In that sense, the match loses a little bit of the high energy it gets from its youthful participants.

In addition to the change in the MITB match participants there will be two MITB matches. Part of the fun of MITB is that you never know what WWE champion the winner will choose to target. Jack Swagger is a prime example coming off of this past WrestleMania. A day after teasing that he would challenge John Cena, Swagger swerved the WWE Universe by surprising Chris Jericho and taking the WWE world championship from him. This year it is already established that the wrestlers fighting in the RAW brand MITB will challenge for the WWE championship with the SmackDown MITB match winner going after the WWE world title.

In addition to the Money in the Bank matches, the WWE Money in the Bank event will feature two big world title matches. Now that you know the background, let’s take a look at some of the key matches and possible winners in the 2010 WWE Money in the Bank preview.

[adinserter block=”1″]RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match – The winner of this match will undoubtedly hope to surprise the winner of John Cena vs. Sheamus at some point for a WWE championship title match. This match features a ton of WrestleMania Money in the Bank veterans. Evan Bourne, Edge, Chris Jericho, and John Morrison return to the MITB while former Legacy partners Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, The Miz, and Mark Henry fill out the match.

This is an interesting match right here. On paper this match has the potential to blow away some of the past WWE MITB matches. Evan Bourne will likely be the show stealer, while Chris Jericho and Edge have had some pretty cool MITB moments in the past. Randy Orton is an awkward choice for the match as he really doesn’t come across as a guy who takes the daredevil risks that most MITB participants do. Not to mention, with Randy Orton’s propensity for injury (I’m not calling you fragile Randy) I can’t even fathom why the WWE would even risk putting him in this situation.

It is clear that Evan Bourne should be the guy that wins this match. Evan Bourne looked to be on the rise about a month ago, yet the WWE seems gun shy on pulling the trigger. Bourne is way over right now with the crowd and the timing is perfect to make the move. Bourne vs. Sheamus for the WWE championship would not only be a fresh match, it is a match that could turn Bourne into one of the biggest babyfaces the company has elevated in years. Unfortunately as I stated earlier, the WWE seem hesitant to fully commit to an Evan Bourne push. The WWE seems more content on pushing guys like Randy Orton down the fan’s throats even though the fans don’t seem to care. That said, as much as I’d love to see Evan Bourne win MITB and challenge Sheamus (or Cena…now that’s the way to go), I think the WWE play it safe and go with the Viper.

SmackDown Money in the Bank – This match resembles something closer to the WrestleMania MITB with a lot of guys returning in this one. Unfortunately those guys will be saddled with the task of creating an entertaining MITB match with the immobile Big Show. Christian, Matt Hardy, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston all return from the WrestleMania 26 MITB match.

This match definitely has a more youthful feel to it, even with the presence of the Big Show and Kane. Christian and Matt Hardy have put together some awesome MITB spots in the past, so look for these guys to come up with something spectacular. Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler really need to come up huge here or just stay home. There aren’t many more chances that these three guys will get to show off their talents and elevate their game on a big stage. Kane wasn’t terrible at WrestleMania and he has been in a few of these, so I don’t expect him to disappoint.

The winner of this one is a lot tougher to call in my opinion. It would really be nice to see Christian finally get out of the doghouse for his TNA run and get a big push. I think everyone has waited long enough for that one. I don’t think Matt Hardy is ever getting that spot so count him out. Drew McIntyre had been rumored to win the WrestleMania MITB but for a variety of reasons never got it. Dolph Ziggler seems to be on and off of the WWE radar more than a UFO on NASA’s radar. Kane could be a dark horse here with the renewed push coming off of the Undertaker storyline. As much as I’d like to see Christian take this one, I think the WWE goes back to Plan A and rewards Drew McIntyre for his patience and new visa.

[adinserter block=”2″]John Cena vs. Sheamus – WWE championship in a Steel Cage – This is an odd match coming off the Nexus vs. John Cena feud. I never liked seeing someone involved in a WWE title match involved in another feud. It takes the steam off of the title match and makes it look insignificant. That said, I think that Nexus somehow or another plays a role in this one. I look for Sheamus to retain with a little help from Nexus. I started writing this before Monday’s WWE RAW and well, let’s just say the finish of the show only confirmed my suspicions on where this angle is going.This is almost as obvious as a TNA turn.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger – WWE world title match – Speaking of Money in the Bank, how well it turned out for the WrestleMania winner is still a matter of conjecture. At this stage it looks like Jack Swagger may be the biggest flop as champion that WWE has had this century. I blame the WWE for this one. The booking of Swagger since WrestleMania has been atrocious. Putting him in matches with the Big Show and Randy Orton were about the worst matches you could make to elevate him. The WWE continue to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to elevating new talent. While they will give guys like CM Punk, Sheamus, and Jack Swagger a push, they refuse to allow them to go over clean on all of the top guys. Either they lose or matches end on a disqualification thus making these guys continue to look like they are out of their league. Swagger’s run as champion was a prime example of this.

Rey Mysterio should have been an opponent right out of the gate for Jack Swagger. For one, he would have given Swagger great matches. Two, he is a top guy that Swagger could have beaten that wouldn’t have been hurt by a loss, yet also making Swagger look like the real deal. This match is two months too late in my opinion. For all of the reasons above, I see Rey Mysterio taking this one. Swagger winning makes the most sense with the Undertaker coming back next month. That’s why I don’t see it happening and look for Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE world title and face off with the MITB winner at SummerSlam.

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  1. Wasn't Drew McIntyre "deported" meaning he wouldn't be able to participate in MITB or did I miss something on another episode?

  2. "Randy Orton, The Miz, Mark Henry, and Ted DiBiase make their MITB debuts."

    Actually, Orton was in the 2007 MITB and Henry was in 2009.

    You were just testing us right, seeing who was paying attention.

    What do I win? đŸ˜‰

  3. No predictions for the TWO awesome divas matches at the PPV? What's up with that? It's almost as if you and no one else gives a crap! đŸ™‚


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